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Yubi Power Desktop Power Charging Station - Mobile Device Holder - With 2 USB Ports and 3 AC Surge Protected Outlets

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A very useful device for home and office

Length:: 2:24 Mins

When our house was built in the mid-1970s, no one anticipated how many electrical and electronic devices people would be using in the 21st century, so the house doesn't have enough electrical outlets, which we make up for with AC-powered USB chargers and power strips in several rooms of our house. Yubi Power has come up with a nifty charging station that helps to consolidate some of those chargers and power strips with a single compact device that includes three surge-protected AC outlets and two USB charging ports.

The three AC outlets are rated for a total output of 12 amps (1440 watts). This is sufficient for most electrical and electronic devices, but may not be adequate for very high wattage devices like hair dryers. The AC outlets are surge-protected with a clamping voltage (also known as the let-through voltage) of 500 volts. According to Underwriters Laboratories ratings, that's not the highest level of protection for a surge protector, but it's acceptable.

The two USB charging ports deliver a combined maximum current of 2.1 amps. For most mobile devices, that's enough to charge two devices simultaneously, but some devices like the iPad may require the entire 2.1 amps for the fastest charging.

The Yubi Power desktop charging station is compact, measuring 4.75"x3.25"x2.80", so it doesn't take up much space on a shelf or table. The AC power cord (3-prong grounded plug) is 48" in length, giving you some flexibility in locating the charging station. As useful as the charging station is in the house, though, I can really see its use when we're traveling. Many older hotels aren't very accommodating for charging phones and tablets, plus outlets for laptops, so the charging station would be especially useful in those situations.

I give the Yubi Power desktop charging station 5 stars for a very handy and useful device.

Note: About the same time I was evaluating the Yubi desktop charging station, I was also trying out another Yubi product, the Yubi Power Compact Power Strip Surge Protector with 4 port USB/4.8A and Dual Plug 100-240V outlet. Both products have similar functions, but they vary in form factor and the number of AC outlets and USB charging ports.

The Yubi charging station was provided to me for evaluation. I did not agree to post a review, but I stated that if I did review the product, it would be an honest, unbiased review.

Very convenient and a true surge protector
J. Chambers' November 4, 2014 review provides the complete specs that are missing from the product description at the time of this review as well as a helpful video. I will not repeat his information and encourage you to read it.

Like him I received my station as a review sample. What I like about this versus other surge protector solutions is this one actually has features that protects against electrical surges and spikes and provides the specs to back them up. That may sound like a no-brainer, but I have reviewed 'surge protectors' in the past that were really power strips with no real protection.

What I especially like is the small, convenient footprint. That, plus the three outlets (one what is spaced to accommodate wall warts), and the convenience of two USB charging ports. I will say that the charging ports are slow. On my Galaxy Note 3 phone using a high speed wall charger I get a 1% per 2.5 minutes charging rate. It's over 5.5 minutes with this station, but for overnight charging is not an issue for me. Do factor that into your purchase decision, though. Another thing to take into account is the slide out holder for phones is 7/16 inches fully extended and may not accommodate most phones unless you remove them from any protective case. I charge my phone flat on my desk top, so it's not an issue for me, but if you want to take complete advantage of this station's features you should measure your phone's thickness in its case.

Bottom line: I am totally pleased with this station despite some of the noted limitations. The convenience to me outweighs the compromises, which I cited to ensure that you are armed with enough information to make a purchase decision.

Being a confessed neat freak I was delighted to come across this small but effective desktop power station. Now, instead of having items strewn across desk and nearby table I can easily simultaneously recharge what we have now come to call our necessities. Saves clutter and does the job with 2 USB ports and 3 AC surge protected outlets.

Hope no one makes a mistake I made by trying to plug this into an extension rather than directly into the wall power outlet. Doesn't work! (Not reading directions thoroughly is one more of my flaws,) but I couldn't wait to try it.

We are very pleased with this unit and would recommend to all.

Disclosure: Item was provided.


Technical data

  • Convenient all in one charging station- 2 USB ports and 3 AC plug outlets
  • With built in slide open holders to cradle your cell phone or tablet or MP3 player while charging
  • Less clutter by keeping your devices plugged in one location
  • Surge Protection and Fireproof using MOV technology
  • Built in green LED surge protection light


Product Description

yubi Power Desktop Power Charging Station - Mobile Device Holder - with 2 USB Ports and 3 AC Surge Protected Outlets

This Yubi Power Desktop Charging Station with device holder is the answer to your power supply needs in one convenient charging station. This desktop design charging station comes equipped with dual USB ports and Three AC outlets for maximum usage in one convenient location. The slide open holder makes it easy to charge your device comfortably and safely on your desk. Plus the Charging Station has three AC plugs outlets so you can use three electronic devices all at once for greater convenience.

The Yubi Power Smart Phone Holder Charging Station has a dual 2.1A USB ports and three surge protected AC outlets . With 540 Joules surge energy rating plus a built in EM/RFI noise filter for less interference. And The Yubi Power Desktop Power Charging Station is built with the most advanced MOV technology available today. Plus it's patented designed high temperature isolation casing is capable of preventing fire during abnormal surge conditions. And it has built in green LED surge protection light so that you know its protected.

This is the ultimate solution for your charging needs. Make this your daily surge power and USB charging station. Why use multiple outlets when you can have them all in one neat and convenient place directly at your desk.

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