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Yamaha YAS-152BL Soundbar Speaker with Bluetooth

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Yamaha YST-152
Recently decided to give my older but very decent Onkyo 5.1 HTIB to my son. Still wanted a good sound system for the 11'X17' TV/den room. After reading probably far too many reviews I decided to give this one a try. Did so based on the number of positive reviews of the 2011 released Yamaha model number 101 sound bar. For those of you that own the 101
I understand your appreciation for that system. And, if you are looking for an nice upgrade, this newer, basically a replacement for the 101 should more than suffice. I purchased this model at Costco and it is badged ATS-1520. I unpacked the unit carefully in case the sonics were not up to my liking. The fidelity exiting the sound bar is better than I expected. I am guessing the extra sub this one comes with helps with the overall richness of the sound. The sub from the Onkyo 5.1 was sitting on the floor and I was never tempted to check it out with the new sound bar. The bass was extremely sufficient. With the nice width of this sound bar the spatial aspect, which mostly stays up front was also very nice and full.
Do not judge this sound bar by way of broadcast TV. Make sure you test it with a blu-ray movie and go ahead and check out the easy connecting bluetooth feature. My Android phone hooked up without a hitch. My only slight complaint is I wish they would have kept the two optical inputs. This 47incher has one optical, coax cable, and RCA analog inputs.
Could have used one more optical in.

I love this sounds bar!!! I have hooked to my Samsung 60" smart TV and the sound difference from not having it is 1000% better hands down. As far as sound bars go, realizing The wife variety and cost, if your looking for something nice with great quality and that relativity inexpensive, then this is the sound bat for you. Personally, I like that is all in one unit; the bass box, surround sound, blue tooth...etc!
I've connected my phone and played the music from my phone and it sounds AWESOME!!
Once you hook it up and start playing with the remote, try listening to the differences in sound in the different settings. The one that works for us is putting the bar on surround sound and then turning on the clear voice setting. ..WOW!!
Either way you decide to go you can't beat this sounds bar for the money and is simple install. One plug in wire and your done. Just make sure your TV volume setting is all the way down to zero, you'll be doing all volume control from the sound bar now. Another cool feature is the uni-volume. Take a channel like FX, there movies are at a lower volume then their commercials come on and your blown away, this stops that from happening.
I hope I've helped make your decision a better informed one. Enjoy!

Excellent Soundbar.
I already own the YAS-101. I absolutely love that one as well. I needed another soundbar and discovered this model. Bluetooth being the key feature that the 101 doesn't have, I chose to go with this one.

Beautiful piano black finish, mesh speaker covers, and features (i.e. Bluetooth, Surround, etc.) subtly labeled on top corners. The remote control looks very nice as well.

Easy. Plug in power, plug in provided optical cable, and it's ready to go. Bluetooth is easy as well. I just pushed the bluetooth button and it was connected to my phone right away.

Functionality and features:
The remote is simple and has the necessary buttons to do whatever you need to do. Also, the Yamaha app on App Store is cool too. I can be in another and it works. Can control most settings with app. The lights on front shut off when not being pressed. Volume and subwoofer levels are displayed through the lights as well. Univolume, Clear voice, and "Surround" features are all pretty nice and do what they are supposed to do. Although leave "Surround" off because it's not truly surround, just simulated. Additional inputs for connecting various ways are handy.

Audio quality:
Fantastic! I come from using fairly high quality surround systems most of my life and this single soundbar really performs. The volume is incredible. I'm in a 2 story, 1600 sq ft house and when this thing is cranked up, I can hear it clearly in any part of the house as well as clearly out front and back (with the doors open). The highs are nice and clear. There are no settings for adjusting treble or midrange, but I think it's not needed. The bass is solid. At lower to mid volume the bass can be kicked up and it sounds great. If you have the volume all the way up you hear the low end fall off, but not to the point of it sounding like speakers will blow. It has a subwoofer output. I don't think it's needed unless you plan on loud volume with music that has lots of bass, then get an external sub to help increase the internal speakers lifespan. The clarity of this soundbar is excellent. I really can't say enough about the audio quality of this thing.

Bluetooth range:
Very nice. In my house it can be used anywhere without cutting out when connected to my iPhone 5. I can also go out front without any issues.

Yamaha sells this as 55" or larger, but I have it under my 51" Samsung and it's the exact same width as the TV.

Overall, the price, quality, compact nature, and features all add up to a fantastic speaker. I'm done with having all the surround sound speakers and wires all over the place, but I was a little weary of such a small speaker having to fill those big system shoes... But I think it did amazing. Lots of power in a small package.

exactly what I was looking fo - works beautifully
Wow. This is exactly what I was looking for. Previously I had a Vizio sound bar and I had only one word for that: "Really?" I tried that one out to save money and back it went. I paid about $170 for this and the difference between this and the $100 Vizio one is night and day. With this Yamaha sound bar, you really do feel like you're in the movie theatre. I also opted to spend about $30 more and get the larger sound bar with the second subwoofer. Glad I did. Set up was brilliant. Very easy. One tip: all wires were connected properly and still no sound. The manual does not tell you to go into your TV's audio settings and make sure that you are sending out a digital audio signal. That setting was off, hence no sound. Once I turned it on, voila. The Clear Voice tool really works well too. Finally, I can understand dialogue in movies. I was a it reticent to buy a refurbished item, but it was $80 cheaper over the new one. It has a 1 year warranty so I took the risk. Very, very pleased.

Best sound bar I've heard for less than $500
I was shocked at how much bass this sound bar has. But if it's still not enough for you, you have the option to hook up an external subwoofer. The sound is very clean and crisp. If you're a hard core audiophile, it won't replace your 7.1 system, but considering it's using 7 fewer speakers, it's amazing. Wish list for Yamaha: (1) Forget about the coaxial digital connector, (2) At least 2 optical digital connectors or ideally 4 of them would be perfect, (3) Make the audio inputs auto sensing so I don't have to turn the bar on/off, and (4) add a calibration feature to the iPhone app.

Great price and great sound
Great price and great sound. For where I am using it, the bass sounds good so I don't think I will be needing a subwoofer.

Note that this is in my den/office where I primarily listen to the markets on TV along with news. In the living room and watching movies, I think a subwoofer would add to the enjoyment..............but this does pretty good on bass.

Lastly, it connects with my iPad and Android phone for streaming music via bluetooth. Great deal for the price.

Wow great features! Great sound!
I am so impressed with this thing. First of all, out of the box there's just about no setup at all. Unlike traditional systems, with running cables and lines to other speakers, this thing has everything right there, ready to go.

I plugged in my TV, Xbox and also have been able to stream effortlessly from several phone in the house. VERY easy setup and great sound.

I love the remote-repeating feature, just in case this sits in front of your TV, whatever you point at it (Infrared) will repeat behind it. That's a very clever way to get around the issue that some people would have with this sound bar.

One little note, is that one of my favorite features is that you can visibly see (with the lights) when you turn the volume up or down. Sometimes while watching TV it's hard to tell by hearing if you've actually changed the volume, so I love that visual notification on the panel of the device that lets me know.

What Incredible Sound from such a small Device.
I can't believe how incredible this bar sounds, I haven't even connected the subwoofer yet and it completely fills the living with crystal clear sound. I've connected my TV, PS3 and 3 devices via Bluetooth in about 30 minutes. Just playing with it and I'm very impressed.So glad I chose to add this to my home theater and stereo system.

A Nice Soundbar for $300
This Yamaha 152BL is the second soundbar in my house and I've used it for about one month. My first soundbar that I use in my basement AV setup is a Sonos so that it is connected wirelessly to all my other Sonos speakers (totally awesome by the way). But Sonos commands a big price premium for their strong wireless technology so the Sonos soundbar set me back about $700.

So now I'm using this Yamaha on a second TV and it's a nice unit, particularly for $300 and sounds about the same to my layman ears as my Sonos soundbar. The Yamaha was very plug-and-play easy for my situation - just plug the optical cable from the soundbar into the tv and that's it (other than also plugging it into a wall outlet). The Yamaha and tv are then in synch on audio except the soundbar speakers are much better / more powerful than the wimpy stock speakers that need to fit inside a flat panel tv. One tip I almost always forget after setup - once you're using the soundbar be sure to go into tv menu and turn those speakers off so they don't muddle the bar's superior sound.

Like I mentioned I think the Yamaha's sound is good as far as soundbar's go (ie; way better than stock tv speakers). Soundbars will never be the true 7.1 surround sound because the soundbar is physically only in front of you. Most soundbars will attempt to extend some surround sound aspect and I think this Yamaha does as decent a job as any (eg; when I'm watching some scenes I do hear some sound coming from far left or far right of tv). And while soundbars will have better bass than stock tv speakers they will also never replicate the bass of a 35 pound dedicated subwoofer. BTW, this Yamaha soundbar (like my Sonos) has a jack for a dedicated subwoofer for the true bass-heads. Also this soundbar has other output speaker jacks so several rear speakers could be connected to increase surround sound aspect.

As for bluetooth, I tried it with my phone to see if it worked and it did as was fairly easy to use. But I have a bunch of bluetooth speaker devices and I've given up on the hassle of fiddling with them individually (hence the inspiration for me to blanket my house with sonos speakers that can all play in synch with one touch).

Overall in summary I think this Yamaha soundbar is a solid value at $300 and I've had a good experience with it thus far - 5 stars from me in consideration of price/value.

but I am so happy with the purchase
I purchased this sound bar a couple months ago because we needed one for our new TV. The reviews were very favorable and I couldn't pass up the deal OnlineShopDealer had one day when this sound bar was a Deal of the Day at $139.99. I was at first a little apprehensive because the sound bar was "refurbished", but I am so happy with the purchase! The sound bar arrived on my front porch packed very well and looked brand new---no scratches or anything and everything else that the sound bar was supposed to come with was packaged nicely in the box.

I am by no means an audio nerd, but this fits our audio needs very well. We watch a lot of football and hockey, as well as regular shows on satellite TV and an occasional movie on Netflix. This sound bar replaced an 11 year old 5.1 Sony surround sound system we had that was starting to crap out on us, and I think this sound bar sounds great, and the bass response is very acceptable from the built-in woofers in the bottom of the sound bar. We mounted the sound bar on the wall above our new TV and it looks great----it is definitely meant to pair with the larger screen TV's and really looks nice above our new 60" LG.

You cannot go wrong with this sound bar---you will not be disappointed!!


Technical data

  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming from your smartphone or tablet
  • Size and design matched to 55" or larger TV's
  • AIR SURROUND XTREME provides powerful surround sound
  • Dual Front Speakers And Dual Built-In Subwoofers
  • UniVolume(TM) keeps programs and ads at a consistent volume level


Product Description

Designed to match the look of 55 and larger TV's, the YAS152 features dual built-in subwoofers for deep, rich bass and Bluetooth, wireless technology that lets you quickly stream music from your smartphone, tablet or computer. General information manufacturer Yamaha corporation general information manufacturer part number YAS152BL general information manufacturer website general information brand name Yamaha general information product model YAS152 general information product name YAS152 speaker system general information packaged quantity 1 general information product type sound bar speaker miscellaneous package contents YAS152 speaker system mounting template digital optical cable miscellaneous compatibility TV smartphone tablet computer warranty limited warranty 2 year physical characteristics depth 5

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