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Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker, Grey

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Very Practical and Portable Device w/ Durability
+Surprisingly durable for such a small device (quality rubber)
+Excellent size/weight for this type of device
+Very quick and easy to pair/synch to many devices
+Very long battery life
+Very quick to get a full charge with supplied 2 foot plus usb cable
+Simple to use (just three buttons: on/off, volume up and volume down)
+In a pinch can be utilized as a speaker/microphone for something such as a Skype call. I just got caught without my go to webcam and needed to do a quick Skype and this did the trick (not the best sound quality from the other end, however, nice that it has this functionality).

-Range is not the 30 feet advertised, however, I get about half of that and heck we are generally pairing other portable devices to this portable device so that is not a big issue.
-There is no volume indicator light so it is hard to tell how the volume is set, however, it does give an audible beep when you have achieved max volume.
-For the true audiophiles, this might disappoint, weak bass and can sound not the clearest at times, however, to be fair and realistic, for what this device is it does an excellent job.

Logitech X100
I love this mobile speaker. It is quite rugged in manufacture style; yet simple in design. Controls are few and easy to use. The sound quality is quite good. The device comes wtih a suspension strap that can be hung on a bike, pack pack or just about anywhere. I haven't tried the shower, but it looks able. I think I will skip the shower It also includes a color coordinated USB cable. it looks like it would make an excellent hockey puck!

Logitech X100 really delivers!
I've tried a Zooka clip-on and an HMDX Burst with my iPad; the formal failed, the second one was very tinny even at normal volume. This lovely speaker serves my purpose superbly. I need a nice strong rich speaker for my audiobooks in my car. Although it's pricey (and I paid even more at BB), there's nothing to break, nothing to tangle, and the sound!! It's huge! And it's a handsome little thing - even has a toggle you can use to hang the speaker: I hung it on the cup holder of my 2001 Subaru. I hated spending so much, but it's really a terrific speaker, with a strong rich sound. Even at max volume, it doesn't get tinny (and I don't need to raise it NEAR to max even while highway driving). I'm keeping this one!

Works really well.
I had the 'X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker', from Logitech, out of it's packaging and paired up to my iPhone 5s without any difficulty at all. It's essentially a 3 inch diameter speaker, encased in what seems to be hard rubber that fits in the palm of my hand. It comes with a 26 inch USB cord for battery recharging and has 3 separate, embedded, controls for both on/off and volume (minus/plus).

The speaker sound is a bit heavy on the bass, which is fine for what I listen to, and I found it surprisingly loud, on high volume. It's rated for a 30 ft distance with wireless bluetooth connectivity and I found it worked perfectly anywhere in the house, on any of three levels, and as far from the phone as possible. Works well, too, as a speaker for the phone.

It seems rugged enough to survive any understandable mishandling and is equipped with a means for securing it, too. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this wireless speaker and I even like the orange front color that was delivered as that makes it easily found if misplaced.

This wireless speaker arrived today and as I was unpackaging it my 10 year old son showed up and took over. He had it synched up to his IPod and was playing music in less than a minute without reading any instructions. He then took it outside and used it for about two hours while he and his brother played. So, I guess i can confidently say it is very easy to set up and configure, even without looking at the instructions.

The sound quality was very good, better than I expected from such a small unit. We tested it for about four hours and it was still going strong, even outdoors at a higher volume than I would use indoors. Later on I plugged in the included charging cable to a USB charging block and left it to charge. Seems pretty simple, sounds good, and I think I may have lost it because my young sons love it and I get the feeling they will be using it in the yard often.

Great sound. Easy to use.
Logitech's mobile speaker is a fantastic little device. It fits in the palm of my hand, has excellent sound output, reasonable battery life and is very easy to pair and use.

The speaker is about 3" x 1" in dimension. It's lightweight with 4 buttons on the side for power, volume +/- and pairing. The pairing button can also function as a play/pause button when pressed. When held for 5 seconds, it sets the speaker as discoverable so a bluetooth device can pair with it PIN-free.

The device performs exceptionally well. Pairing is like a 7 second process. Once the device is paired and then powered on, playing music is as simple as pressing the bluetooth button (assuming your phone or tablet is already configured to play music).

The sound quality impressed me for a single speaker device of this size. The sound is rich and, at max volume, there is little distortion. Max volume is also sufficiently powerful to entertain guests in your back yard.

The build quality is pleasing as well. A rubberized coating surrounds the device providing protection from drops. There's also a loop to hold a rope or chain -- of which a rope is included in the package. The buttons are encased in the rubber so they are water resistant.

Overall, this is a really great device for outdoor use -- camping, the beach or whatever. My biggest complaint is that there's no way to do more advanced controls beyond play/pause. I'd like to be able to skip songs, for example, but either I haven't figured it out or it's not supported. Hardly a deal breaker. I highly recommend this product.

Good price
Good sound

Five Stars
Great item I really like the way they sound real loud

I LOVE this lil thang!!!!!!!
I cannot get over how much PUNCH it packs for it to be so small. I use it to listen to music and audiobooks while I am cooking and love how easy it is to use. Just turn the thing on, pair it and rock out! It is also super portable so it would also be nice to take on a little picnic or anywhere with you in case of an emergency. LOL You will NOT be disappointed in this awesome speaker.

I didn't have high expectations for this little speaker, but I have been pleasantly surprised. It has strong, clear sound and it easy to use with either bluetooth or with an auxiliary cord (which we have). The compact size is a real plus especially when the sound is so good.

It's lightweight with good sound and good battery life, all of which makes for a solid portable speaker we'll be using regularly.


Technical data

  • Great acoustics with clear highs, mids and bass
  • Compact portable design with wrist and backpack cord
  • 30 ft. wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Control volume & calls from mobile phone
  • Built-in 5-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery


Product Description

logitech 984-000353 X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker, Grey
Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker

Rocking Sound—Built To Roll. There are times and places when you want to play and share your music out loud. This go-anywhere portable speaker has the sound quality and volume to rock the road trip or house party. Press one button to wirelessly connect the speaker to your smartphone or tablet—and you’re set to rock at home or wherever you and your friends roll.

Rocking, crystal clear sound you can take anywhere
View larger 30 ft Bluetooth wireless music streaming from phones & tablets
View larger One-touch volume, Bluetooth and call controls
View larger Doubles as a speakerphone with built-in mic
View larger Rechargeable battery powers 5 hours of non-stop music
View larger Head-turning durable design in 5 bold colors
View larger

Connect & Play. With simple Bluetooth wireless pairing, X100 makes it easy to control music, volume and calls from your mobile phone—and hear it all in clear sound with surprisingly strong bass. Pump up the volume to enjoy rocking sound anywhere.

Product Highlights
  • Great acoustics with clear highs, mids and bass
  • Compact portable design with wrist and backpack cord
  • 30 feet wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Control volume & calls from mobile phone
  • Built-in 5-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Compatible with popular Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets

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