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Jarv NMotion Sport Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Earbuds/Headphones with Built in Microphone , Black

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

Best Value
They work great. The initial battery life was about 6 hours.

The Fit has been the best part. Very snug and secure

Amazing Wireless Earbuds
Love these ear buds. Wanted to get a pair of wireless ear buds that I wouldn't rip out of my ears from the long cord. I am very active and move around a lot so the cord would get tangled or pull out of my ears. These solved the problem! They have the latest Bluetooth so they will automatically connect to your phone / device when Bluetooth is turned on. These are comfortable in the ears and come with optional ear hooks but they are not comfortable.

The description is correct as the battery will last 5 hours while I'm listening to music at work but the charge time is also very fast. If I charge it up in the morning when I get in, I can be listening to music within an hour or two. The charging port is a Micro USB and is very sturdy. Sound quality out of these is fantastic and range is also awesome. I sometimes forget my phone and walk ~ 30 ft away until I realize I left my phone. I have also been 2 rooms (2 walls) over and can still listen.

There is a built in Microphone as well so you can take calls and use this like a Bluetooth earpiece. I have had no issues taking calls / listening to music. Music comes right back on after the call ends.

Been wanting a solution for wireless ear buds for a long and these fit the bill! Fantastic price, Prime shipping and awesome product! Definitely recommend and if you can't tell how much I've raved about these so far!

These are great. Idk what everyone else is complaining about. The pair with all me devices. They never fall out with the ear clips even when running. They never skip. Have a great battery life and I use them every day. I would buy these again.

Sound is very good and the battery is awesome! and also it fits very well to my ear! It is very benefit compare than its price!

The quality is good and they have never lost connectivity
Unfortunately, the first set of these earbuds lost sound in the right earbud. I called the company, and they quickly sent out another set completely free of charge. No problems with the replacement set. The quality is good and they have never lost connectivity. For $36.99 and a company that backs up its sales with a fast, no-hassle replacement, these are a great deal

Great for my Android phone
I was having trouble with my wired headphones so these are a great replacement. Battery life is good and pairing with my phone was quick and easy. Perfect for long bike rides or working out.

High Quality Sound and Sturdy Product
These earbuds have been great. After trying several types, I've found these to be best suited for my needs. Others I have used had fragile buttons and did not last very long. The design of this product was well researched, they are very easy to use and hold up well with normal usage. Including the stabilizers in the purchase is genius as it helps in uninterrupted enjoyment through many activities. I am so pleased to have discovered these earbuds.

gotta have these yall!
Great buds! Love not being "attached" to my ipod or phone. And without spending crazy money! Great job! I'll never be without them again!

I like that there are no cords to get in the ...
I got these from Groupon. Accidentally ordered 2 pairs. I gave one to me boyfriend. He has trouble with earbuds falling out. He said these stayed in all day at work.
I wear mine while riding my bike. I like that there are no cords to get in the way. I use them with my ipod nano 7 that has no hold button. If I put it I. Sleep mode with regular ear buds, there is ko sound. If it do it with these, it still plays and doesn't skip or turn off in my pack.
We ordered a 3 pair for our boy.

Good clear and light.
They are a good fit. Sound is clear and very good, responsive buttons, and there light. The battery is lasting well past 5 hrs. Streaming music for 6 hrs at work and 3 hrs of movie streaming and it was still going strong. Good selection of ear bud sizes, ear lobe hook, and behind the east lobes for the perfect fit.

However, the blinking light can be annoying at times but a little electrical tape does the trick


Technical data

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Earbuds, Enjoy your Music Tangle Free [NOT IDEAL FOR RUNNERS]
  • Built in Microphone and Controls for Music,Volume,Play/Pause and incoming Calls
  • Wireless Sound Isolating buds -Produce Rich Stereo Sound
  • Pairs with ANY Bluetooth Device


Product Description

Jarv Nmotion Stereo bluetooth Earbuds are the perfect choice for people on the go! No wires. No cables. The NMotion wireless Earbuds use Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP technology to connect to your Tablet, Smartphone, Computer or MP3 and are perfect for listening to music, watching movies, playing video games ..all the while being ready to accept incoming calls. [ NOT IDEAL FOR RUNNERS ] Built in Li-ion battery works for up to 5 hours of listening playtime or 100 hours of standby time. With the NMotion Bluetooth Earbuds you are always ready to go. Noise Isolating Earbuds with high quality drivers provide deep bass and clear treble. The inline microphone reduces background noise keeping your calls sound quality clear and crisp. The Multi-function control unit has built in Volume, Play, Pause and Answer functionality. Three sizes of ear bud tips are included (small, medium and large) as well as a set of sport ear hooks for added support and a handy carry pouch. Charging through a standard micro USB cable (included). One Year Jarv warranty, visit manufacturer's web site for details.

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