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Unbreakable Wine Glasses - 100% Tritan - Shatterproof, Reusable, Dishwasher Safe (Set of 4 Stemless) by D'Eco

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

These wine "glasses" are fabulous
I ordered these glasses for the large gathering of folks at Thanksgiving. I used them on the table and they looked fabulous. They looked very real and everyone was quite surprised they were plastic. I love the utility of them, especially the dishwasher safe quality. I do not like doing dishes...especially 20 wine glasses. I ordered 2 sets and both were perfect!

Can't tell they are plastic!
We have a couple sets of Reidel "O" glasses, but wanted something similar for bigger parties (where we don't want our expensive glasses broken). When these are sitting on the counter, you cannot tell they are plastic. Very clear and smooth, with a light smoke color.

Classy looking and unbreakable
This is a fantastic product.

It really was difficult to tell that this item is plastic. This item will not break easily in the least.

I too felt that this was a great item to have when having a variety of guests over. Nobody can notice the difference between this and glass and the cleanup is somehow effortless.

My Mother in law drinks way too much wine and I was hoping to buy her some of these. She definitely breaks her wine glasses often and thus will cut down on the number of accidental foot lacerations.

If you are considering this product then it is definitely a worthwhile purchase.

6 months of regular usage and no scratches!
These are thick and feel just right in your hands. The best part is that after using for several months (and regular dish washing) they still don't show any wear at allunlike the Giovino ones from Target they replaced.

Love these! Originally bought them for cottage/boat
Love these!
Originally bought them for cottage/boat. They did not make it down there. They are very attractive and I pulled them out for a graduation party, expecting that there would be many casualties to my better wine glasses. Many people did not even realize that they were not glass. Light weight, high quality. They did well in the dishwasher - no etching or cloudiness. I'll keep these around for entertaining, especially BBQ's

Great product
Beautiful glasses. Nice they really look, feel and weight like real glass. They glasses are not as thin as crystal but still nice feeling when drinking. No plastic or any other smell present besides the wine.

love love
well I must say they are marvelous,stylish,light,looks just like glass,iam soo glad that u had what I was looking for.rita

The best on the market
These glasses are just what the doctor ordered -- I was so tired of breaking kitchen glasses but always thought shatterproof glasses heavy, clunky, and ugly. Well, these glasses not only work by not breaking but they look good too. In fact, they are so versatile that I use them not for just entertaining and serving wine, but for everyday use as well.

I love these glasses. They are super great looking. We use them for everyday glasses. They feel nice in the hand, hold lots of liquids and are dishwasher safe on the top rack. They come out of the washer looking just as good as new. I wished they had regular tall glasses like these. Would replace all my glasses with them. Buy them you will like them!

If you want to impress people, look elsewhere. If you want excellent function and value, look here.
After many broken red wine glasses made of glass, this is a relief. Some of us are clumsy. That happens. Broken glass is a danger to pets, toes, babies, etc... These do not shatter and pose a problem for tender skin. Very happy.


Technical data

  • 4 stemless wine glasses per set
  • Durable, yet elegant
  • Each glass is made from Tritan, a plastic type material that looks like glass, but won't shatter or break like glass.


Product Description

Unbreakable Wine Glasses: Unbreakable, Reusable, Dishwasher Safe (8 Pack) by D'Eco- Our wine glasses allow you to have the look and feel of real glassware without worrying about breaking or shattering them. They are an elegant way to entertain.Each glass is made from Tritan, a plastic type material that looks like glass, but won't shatter or break like glass. These crystal clear, extremely durable glasses are top rack dishwasher safe and made from BPA free materials. Great for parties, picnics, pools, or anywhere that you want carefree entertaining. This set includes 8 glasses.

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