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First Rate Car Windshield or Dashboard Adjustable Swivel Suction Mount for iphone 4, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, / Samsung S3, S4, S5 / HTC One M8 and Other Smartphones with Displays up to 5" w/ Low Profile Car Kit Holder - Updated Version

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

Pretty good
I have been using this for a week now, and it's pretty decent, especially for not being specifically designed for the Droid DNA. The suction cup sticks to my windshield as it should (have not tried the sticky mounting pad). The grip is spring-loaded and the inside of the grips are padded, but not as non-skid as I was hoping they would be, but the phone hasn't fallen out yet. Minor quibbles, but otherwise works well.

Very impressed
Quality construction, suction cup is super strong. Holds any device very snug. Five stars! I had an actual HTC brand mount for my old phone and this mount stays on the window better.

Perfect Fit for Droid DNA
Took me a bit to find a holder that was fit for my Droid DNA and this holder met my needs. A friend tested it with her Microsoft Nokia Lumia and the holder was a perfect fit as well - adjusts to varying phone widths. It was easy to rotate holder w /phone attached from portrait to landscape without the phone slipping from the holder. I have only used the "suction cup" for the windshield and with its size the larger Droid DNA did not result in the holder disengaging from the windshield. I highly recommend this holder.

works at least as well as anticipated
Was expecting to use Motorola/Griffin Car Dock, but since unavailable, gave this a shot. The expected negative is that it doesn't automatically trigger car mode, but that was easily remedied by sticking an NFC tag on the dock. Sticks easily to my dash and stays stuck (I previously had affixed a base plate to the dash). The phone also is not hard to insert and remove, although two hands are prudent.

I debated giving the fifth star because you need to manually insert the car charger micro-usb into the phone each time you use it (unlike the model specific car dock that I had for my prior phones). Given that I use the dash mount and charger a minimum of twice a day, this gets inconvenient and raises issues of long-term wear and tear on the receptive port of the phone. Inherent in a "one size fits all" dock though, and not an issue for an occasional user; thus, the hesitant fifth star.

Droid DNA Mount
I loved this product. Very handy in the car and secures my phone with great ease. I would suggest this to anyone cell phone user.

It works great with Moto X and Iphone
It does well what it is supposed to. I got it a week ago. I use it with Moto X and my wife uses it with Iphone 4 and we are happy with the purchase. It is very flexible and you can have the screen any angle you would like. Thank you vary much

Works great with my LG G2!
I wanted something to mount my LG G2 in when using navigation that would hold my phone tightly and be strong enough to support it well. I like that you can either suction it to the windshield or mount it to the dash. I have it mounted to the flat part in the middle of the dashboard of my 2005 Ford Escape and it sits perfect and doesn't budge. I have the Diztronic Pink GlitterFlex TPU Case for LG G2 on my phone and my phone fits great in the holder with it on. It's a bit tight, but it's supposed to be, and I don't find it difficult to put my phone in it at all.

it's a very very good product I would recommend anybody needs a product like this. For your cell phone awesome in the car.

Good and cheap
This doesn't have to be specifically for the droid dna, but that's what I have and it works well with it. I really like it. It was nice and cheap.

Excellent item, holds up under Florida heat (3 weeks and counting)
This phone holder adheres great to the windshield of my Prius, where I have placed it just below the rearview mirror for minimal obstruction. This requires nothing but the suction cup. I live in South Florida, it's the raging summer right now, and it's yet to come off in the heat unless I give it a good wrench. At this point, I've been driving around with it for approximately 3 weeks.

The grip on my actual phone, an HTC One, is very sturdy. I'm never concerned it's going to slide or fall out. In fact, it's so sturdy that sometimes getting my phone out is a little tricky, and I've accidentally pulled the whole clamp/vise off the ball-joint in an effort to free my phone a couple times. However, that's easy enough to fix. I'm glad I have a good case on my phone, for sure; I have no idea what that level of pressure would do to a fragile touch-screen. To remove your phone, press your thumb against one of the clamp/vise's tongues just to lift it a little out of the way, and kind of peel/roll your phone out into your hand.

Would buy again!


Technical data

  • Ultra low profile holder with mega grip action to fully secure your device
  • Swivel cradle holder for use with or without a case or skin protector
  • Allows 360° rotation for positioning in both portrait or landscape view
  • Ideal for turn by turn navigation and hands free calling
  • Easy hassle free no tool required installation


Product Description

Ultra low profile holder with spring grip action is ideal for nearly all smartphone, with or without a case or skin. Allows 360° rotation for positioning in portrait or landscape view, ideal for turn by turn navigation and hands free calling. Installation difficulty level | Easy, no tools required.

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