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McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Series 4 The Governor Action Figure

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Package arrived without defect
This review is based on not taking the item out of the packaging. I bought this item for collecting purposes so I am thankful that the items packaging arrived undamaged. The paint and attention to the characters detail was excellent. The governor is a nice addition to my walking dead figure collection.

Looks exactly like the television character.
I love this figure of The Governor. It looks just like the actual television character to me, and I thought the changeable head idea was awesome. As far as the other complaints about the head breaking off when they tried to change it, I can't comment on that. I collect these figures and do not dare open the package. I think it would be cool to set them up, however the collection is worth more unopened.

Perfect resemblance of The Governor! READ BEFORE SWITCHING HEADS FOR SOLUTION!
This figure of The Governor looks exactly like David Morrissey, in my opinion! It captures his likeness as good as an action figure can.

I read a lot of reviews before that complained about the head breaking off, leaving the peg inside the neck.

There is a solution, at least it worked for me.

Before attempting to remove the original head (without eye patch), turn on the water and leave it run until it gets as hot as possible (don't burn yourself, be careful!).

Hold the figure's head and neck area under the hot water for a while, while checking to see if the plastic is getting somewhat softer. Within one or a few minutes, it should be possible to remove the head much easier.

When the head comes off, quickly insert the other head (with the eye patch) into the neck. Run cold water over the head and neck area to cool and lock the head in.

It would be great if McFarlane Toys would fix this issue, but in the meantime, this quick solution/fix should help.

You have to love to hate him!
Attention to detail is the word here! There's only so many ways to say " I can't find a reason not to purchase these". Weather you are going to leave them in there packaging, thinking they are a nest egg, or you pretend to be fighting the Walkers as Rick, Carrel, Andrea..... Ether way, they are way cool!

Switching heads caution
I love this action figure, however when I was trying to switch off his standard head to the one with the eye patch the attachment inside broke off. The little black plastic thing inside the head broke into two pieces. I'm in the process of trying to remove the broken half from the neck so I can pop in the head with the eye patch. I think I just pulled to hard when trying to remove the original head. I do love the figure though. Great features.

I grabbed this so I could have David Morrissey sign it in June. Now that he's cancelled Phx Comicon, I'll have to wait until next year, but the product is great. It was packaged well and there is no damage.

Great Value
Bought as gift. He absolutely loved it. Highly recommend it. Great price. You cannot go wrong. Love the series. Must buy.

For all Governor fans!
This is a must buy for all Governor fans of The Walking Dead!
I got mine brand new in the box. Comes with his silver pistol, machete, a small knife and a attachable head with the eyepatch on.

Great product
My son is a collector of The Walking Dead and I have gotten him all of the so far. He is more than pleased.

walking dead
perfect love it it's our favorite show on tv . great fast friendly service thank u so much appreciate it .


Technical data

  • Figure is approximately 5 inch scale
  • All figures from The Walking Dead TV Series 4 are based off of 3D scans of the actors from the AMC TV show
  • Includes alternate head without eye patch, pistol with hip holster, hunting knife with sheath and large knife
  • Figure has 22 points of articulation
  • Figures are based on characters from the most watched drama in basic cable history


Product Description

The charismatic leader of the seemingly utopian town of woodbury, the governor plays the role of stern, but just, leader--a hero and source of confidence and hope to the people he protects. but, the role he plays and the man he truly is are too very different things. beneath his well-meaning facade is a man capable of acts of violence and dread that could make even a walker's skin crawl. this action-figure includes 22 points of articulation, an alternate head without eye patch, pistol with hip holster, hunting knife with sheath, and large knife.

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