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Vitagene DNA Test Kit: Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Test Kit - Diet + Exercise + Food Sensitivity + Vitamin for Health Assessment

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  • Learn the right diet for your DNA. What are the right macro nutrients for you? How can you lose weight?
  • Discover the types of exercises that are right for you. Are you a strength or power or sprint trainer?
  • Gain actionable knowledge about which vitamins and supplements your body needs based on your DNA.
  • Uncover your ethnic mix and learn what your genealogy tells you about your origins and ancestry.
  • Drop your cheek swab in the prepaid return mailer and fill in your questionnaire. Results available in 4-6 weeks.
  • Raw data available to use with 3rd Party applications.


Discover exactly what your body needs! Find out how your body deals with carbs, fats, micronutrients, exercise, and the secrets to natural weight loss. DNA is not just ancestry - it also influences which foods you prefer and which foods and exercise plans work best for you! If you're ready to uncover your complete health Genetics + Ancestry DNA, you're ready for vitagene.

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