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Duofold Men's Original Mid Weight Union Suit, Red, Large

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The Real Deal
Current synthetic and merino wool cold weather underwear are, in my opinion, the way to go for serious outdoor activity when the wearer needs garments to dissipate perspiration and remain warm when wet, neither of which cotton-content models like this Duofold do well. Nevertheless, this union suit is a great base layer garment for relatively sedentary activities around the house, running errands in town or general outdoor activities on cold days (zero degrees Fahrenheit/-18 Celsius at sunrise the day I originally wrote this!). They feel cozy, come in a bright red that looks great in the open neck of your shirt and are great sleepwear for cold nights. So put them on in November and don't take `em off till the end of March until we're sure this global warming thing is for real.

Why a union suit? A one-piece outfit has no bulky double layer of fabric around your middle so clothes fit better, and there's no shirt tail to come untucked.

Why Duofold? They may be a bit pricier than other brands but they use superior fabric with partial merino wool and nylon content the others lack so they provide more warmth and shape retention. And Duofold's Salvadoran employees make a beautiful garment with high quality buttons and strong, straight seams.

Be advised these run large. I'm 6' tall and wear an XL in most items but this Duofold union suit in size L is more than big enough, with 34" sleeves and about 33" inseam. After one washing - using gentle cycle, Woolite soap and delicate drying - they came out fine with no significant shrinkage.

I first used Duofold products in 1973 when they set the quality standard for cold weather long johns. And, subject to the limitation described above, in 2006 they still do. Highly recommended.

Duofold Men's Mid Weight Union Suit, Red, Large
Excellent product. Extremely warm, nice high neck. I have tried other brands of these suits, and this by far is the best! It has a nice high neck line, and retained its size after washing. The material is warmer and thicker than the other brands. I wear these to work outside and when riding my motorcycle in cold weather. I will be buying a couple more.

Nifty Santa Claus suit helps keep the elderly warm and toasty
Like many persons of advanced age, a now 91-year-old male member of my family more or less always feels cold, even when the thermostat is set to a more than adequately high temperature.

Well this Duofold Men's Midweight Union Suit has completely solved the problem!

Whether it's due to the pleasingly bright red color which naturally makes you feel just a bit warmer or - more likely - the quality construction of the soothingly soft material in two layers with 100% cotton on the inside and a cotton/Merino wool/nylon (65/25/10) blend on the outside, all sensations of persistent chilliness have now been banished for evermore.

The poor afflicted old man who once was cold to the bone now can only proclaim "shiver me timbers" in utter astonishment at feeling warm once again.

He also has a Carhartt Men's Midweight Union Suit which although it yields comparably effective, cold-banishing results is made of stiffer and more bulky 8-ounce 100% cotton. The Duofold uses notably more pliable and body-conforming two-layer construction and it is the Duofold which he has come to prefer in the meantime.

The more unyielding nature of the 8-ounce 100% cotton material used by Carhartt is most easily experienced when stepping into the underwear, putting it on over each foot and advancing it onto the lower legs. This is a much simpler task to accomplish - especially for an elderly person - with the Duofold Union Suit. The Carhartt Union Suit also appears to be somewhat tighter around the midsection than the comparably sized item by Duofold.

It is for this reason that I have given the Carhartt Union Suit (see my review) 4 out of 5 stars and why I have recently exchanged it for a second pair of the Duofold Union Suit reviewed here which I rate 5 out of 5 stars.

With the recipient being 5 ft. 10 in. and weighing about 190 lbs, I purchased the XL version of this Union Suit and it provides a comfortable, somewhat looser (but by no means too large) fit around the waist and chest as desired.

For those desiring a more form-fitting, if not skin tight experience, I imagine that size L also would be a feasible option at the aforementioned height and weight. Proper sizing ultimately depends on your own personal preference. You might also elect to try the aforementioned Carhartt Union Suit which does seem to deliver a tighter fit overall.

As an added benefit - and just in time for the holiday season - I now have a spitting image of Kris Kringle happily sitting and ambulating throughout my house all day long.

Purchase one of these Duofold Men's (certainly also for women!) Midweight Santa Claus Suits soon and you too can have your own personal Secret Santa, just in time for Christmas.

duofold union suit red
these are great for an inner layer or sleepwear in cold season. wearing layers mkes lots of waistbands feel uncomfortable. i belive duofold makes the best one. it has a wool blend outerlayer which will make it warmer and help keep its shape. sizing. these will shrink a little. i am 6 ft 2 in and about 190lbs. the xl fit great

Warm from head to toe
Had these years ago and loved them. As a construction inpector I spend most of my day outdoors. Glad I bought these again.

The comfiest.
I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas. It's so comfy cozy; he loves it! Very soft and warm. It shrinks a little the first time you put it in the dryer, so alot for that when choosing a size.

It's cold this winter in Minnesota!
If any of you reading this are fool enough to live in a camper like I NEED this union suit! (I'm not shucking mine until spring).

First off is the sizing, it is 'true to size'. Anyone who claims it is too small has not taken their measurements and/or is bigger than they like to admit to being. The back-end opening is plenty wide enough for us women.There is a button but I never notice it. You can expect your union suit to be THE SAME SIZE as the one you wore before you put it through the laundry. I wash warm and dry on medium heat. No shrinkage that I could detect after multiple laundering.

The fit is comfortable, easy to live in. The fabric is stretchable giving a feeling of looseness without ever stretching out of shape. The unions suit seems to float beneath my other layers unnoticeable to me except for the soft feel of the fabric and the warmth that it gives me while I am in it.

I only have one complaint...
"MEN'S UNION SUIT"?? Absolutely not. This is not just for men, this fits nicely as a unisex union suit. Don't let the labeling fool you ladies! Snap one up, wear something warm and comfortable!

Warm and cozy!
I bought this for my husband who works outside in freezing weather. He loves it! Says it is the warmest and most comfortable unionsuit he has ever had! I've washed it a few times and it washes beautifully. I do not put it in the dryer though so I don't know what the strinkage would be. I highly recommend this item.

Shrunk one size, so if you are an XL, get the 2XL. Super warm, cozy, etc. Definitely worth every penny. Seller shipped shockingly fast. Thinking about getting a second one (maybe in a less traditional white or black :)

Highly recommend!

Favorite winter gear
I'm a Wyoming woman who loves to wear long flowing skirts when possible this union suit allows me to do that all winter long. I have absolutely no complaints about this clothing article..fits great, warm, nice looking, price is excellant, washes well..hasn't shrunk through several wash and dries, nor faded. I also bought a couple of these for my husband who is a big guy and works outside....he's sold on them also. If we weren't fulltime rv'ers we would probably buy more. Neither one of us bother to use the back flap but if we would I can see there would be no problem. This clothing article is very well made and holds its shape through many uses and washes. I'd recommend these union suits to anyone who spends time in the cold weather or wants some comfy pajamas !!


  • Long-sleeve coverall in two-layer thermal featuring full-button placket and crew neckline with tagless label


Duofold originals created the base layer category with the first bi-ply thermals soft cotton against the skin and paired with the natural warmth of merino wool for superior thermal insulation, perfect for a wide range of low-impact activities

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