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BioPEDIC UltraFresh Anti-bacterial 4-Pack Bed Pillows, Standard Size, White

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Product Reviews

fluffy pillows
I don't understand why the description for these pillows state "great for a guest room". They are my primary pillows and I love them. They are very fluffy and soft, I recommend using two per person.

Good to know that someone realizes some of us actually like a softer pillow you can rest your head on without getting a headache. Ordering more of these!

BioPedic pillows jumbo white
I put these in a couple of shams from Ralph Lauren and they fit nicely. Firm enough to hold shape and look good.

Stay at home Mom
Should have bought them sooner! Really a great buy!
I recommend them highly! No matter what they hold the shape! I love that!
There not to firm or to soft, such a plus!
This is my first time not having feathered pillows
and I doubt I'm going back!
After a long day it's nice to crawl into an inviting bed
with these ultra comfy pillows!!!!!!

Perfect Puffy Pillows
I had initially bought my teenage daughter four other cheaper pillows.

After a couple of weeks, she said she hated them because they were so flat that she couldn't even lean against them to sit up and read.

I did more research on OnlineShopDealer, read reviews, and ordered these pillows. I have heard no more complaints. My daughter is very happy with these pillows. And the dog is very happy to have the other ones.

Nice pillows
My wife and I added these to our wedding registry, and we have enjoyed them ever since they were purchased for us. They shrink down--as any pillow will do--but we haven't flattened them in the way that a lot of other pillows do within the first few months. We're on month 6 and the pillows are still quite fluffy.

Love the pillows
I love the pillows, 4 pillows for the price of one, I have read other reviews that state the pillows are used in the guest room, and I use them for myself, They are plush yet conform to your head like they should. A great buy, I have had them for over 3 months and so far the durability is very good, I would recommend. I plan on purchasing more for family members.

Great Pillows, Especially for Shams
I sleep using a memory foam pillow and bought these pillows to use with two shams. For that purpose, they are excellent -- very large, plump and firm, they fill up my pillow shams completely. But surprisingly, they are also quite comfortable. The fact that they are machine washable and fairly inexpensive are great bonuses. Highly-recommended.

Soft & comfy pillows!!
These pillows came smashed into a too small box but fluffed, but still they should've used just a bit bigger box imho. They are soft, not firm, just the way I like them. Have them on top of an extra firm queen size pillow & they work perfectly together. The firmness of the queens & the softness of these standards makes my head melt like butter into slumber. Couldn't ask for more!!! Be interesting to see how long they last before they become lumpy & unusable, but for the price, can't be beat!

Sooo Comfy!!!!
These pillows are sooo comfy! If you have a king bed you are going to need 3 or 4 of them to go across the bed and you will need only full size cases. I am still giving this 5 stars because these pillows are wonderful.


Technical data

  • ultrafresh pillows can aid in relieving symptoms associated with asthma
  • All-natural 100-percent cotton shell is generously filled with our Ultrafresh anti-microbial polyester fiber fill
  • Sold in packs of 4; each standard size pillow measures 20-by-26 inches; also great as extra pillows, sham stuffers or in the guest room
  • Conveniently machine washable to keep them fresh and clean; Ultrafresh 2-pack jumbo pillows also available on OnlineShopDealer
  • Made in the USA


Product Description

UltraFresh 4-Pack Standard Size Pillow – everyone has different sleep styles and needs. The UltraFresh pillow line was designed for the individual sleeper to custom fit those styles and needs. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, the UltraFresh pillow can aid in relieving symptoms associated with those conditions. The all-natural 100-percent cotton shell is generously filled with our UltraFresh anti-microbial Polyester Fiber Fill. Sold in packs of 4, each standard size pillow measures 20-by-26 inches. For added convenience these pillows are machine washable. Made in the USA of imported materials. UltraFresh 2-Pack Jumbo size pillows also available on OnlineShopDealer.

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