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CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA890 Desktop (3.3 GHz AMD FX-6100 Processor, 8GB DDR3, 1TB HDD, AMD Radeon HD6450, Windows 8) Black/Blue

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Great upgradeable build for beginners!!
I bought the machine knowing I had to replace the power supply and I knew the graphics cards was pretty low end. Other than that I threw a R9 280x and a cooler master 600 watt power supply in it and it's a beast. However, the pc stock out of the box is blazing fast. The cable management cyber owed did was excellent and I made sure to test the original psu for at least a week, for obvious reasons. I had no issues whatsoever. So any, doa stories or pus burnouts are a rarity. The gpu will run bf3 in 720p at around 25 fps which isn't bad for a stock 40$ gpu. The machine is a little bit noisy but maybe it's because it has 6 fans between everything inside of it. Keyboard and mouse are kind of s***ty, work fine, but s***ty. Delivery for prime members was pretty speedy and I'm just enjoying my new computer.

Hope this review helped some of you, great beginners pc for upgrades.

bf3- low 720p 23-35 fps. Enjoyable
Outlast - low 720p 20-35 fps enjoyable.
Planet side 2- low 1080p 25-45 fps enjoyable
Cs:go- ultra. 40-56 fps. Fun
Skyrim- medium 1600x900. 35-63 fps. Fun
Fallout new vegas - high 720 p. 60-75 fps
Smite- ultra 1080p. 60-89 fps
Dayz - low/medium. 45-57 fps
Mine craft- high w/optifne 80-100 fps

Love IT!!!!!
I LOVE IT!!!! this is probably one of the best computers i ahve ever used. it is lightning fast and response time is like a heartbeat. i play a lot of games including: Minecraft Boishock, BF4 BO2, etc. it runs like a charm. (i did upgrade my graphics card cause the one it came with was pretty weak) but besides the point the 6 cores give it tons of speed and power. i use it for rendering sokme of my videos and it does that VERY FAST. all in all it is an amzing computer with a price u cant beat and it looks amzing too. only problem is the graphics card. very weak.

good value
I received the system promptly. It performs very well - fast good game graphics with even the newest games. Cost was low for a good product. Everything works. The flashing around one of the USB ports in the back was a little bent up, but causes no problems. I would recommend amd would buy again.

Good Buy
Usually I spend big bucks for custom built PC's, but this one had so much for a reasonable price. This was a good PC to get for a teenage son who games.. world of warcraft... star wars old republic... works great.
When the Computer showed up, it had no audio. I called the support number on the case and the person was American and clear spoken and quickly guided me to find a small plug not seated all the way into the motherboard. Plugged it in, and it's worked great ever since.
I would probably buy another PC from this outfit.

They have changed
I read most of the other reviews and I was afraid but I knew I could fix whatever broke.
However nothing did! I love this computer.
The leading cause of that is the computer shipped with a 500 watt psu instead of the 350 that was causing most of its problems.
So the only fault with this one is the spec info is old.

Take a chance with this one it will pay off.

Great for hardcore gamng
This computer has been a great addition to my man cave i now have the best gaming PC out of all my friends 2 of witch are sacking there old ones for one of these bad-boys. It meets all my expectations and above it handles all steam games (That I play, witch is quite allot) without lag. Best of all it is the essayist of all my computers that i had to overclock, all-around best computer for its price.

Great buy!
I wanted to replace an old XP computer that I used for internet browsing and checking email with a new Windows 8 computer so I chose to go with this PC due to spec and price. Once I unboxed the computer I quickly set it up and was impressed by the performance of the computer. My daily common tasks were being done much more quickly and youtube videos seemed to buffer and playback more quickly and fluid as well. I’ll admit that I wasn’t happy to hear about the appearance difference of Windows 8, but I actually am starting to enjoy it. Change is good and although it takes time to get familiar with the new layout, I am happy to see some change made that makes this experience enjoyable and a lot difference then previous versions. The AMD processor packs a punch and I’m really happy that I bought this computer. I hope this helps others like me know that this is a great buy.

Good PC
This PC is very good, fast , nice looking , good graphics.... i bought call of duty 2 and the graphics are soo cool !! :)

Great buy for the price
I recommend it.
I have had it for 3 days and I have tested it for gaming.
First I noticed the room gets hot due to the fans extracting the heat from inside, so I purchased a room fan to keep the area cool , everything smooth after that.
I use CPUID monitor software to keep track of the temperatures as well as Speed Fan software to chart the Graphics card temperature during gaming. The most it reached is 75 degrees C which is Ok for the graphics card.
The processor is AMD FX 6300 from the box and comes with a 500W Power Supply ( I guess Cyberpower changed it due to critical reviews on the 350 W PSU)
Video streaming in 1080 is smooth
Gaming is good if you tweak the properties until you get a decent FPS/ Image quality balance
Sim City : Runs well on high at 1280x1024 with the lighting at min and shadows off.
Crysis 3: Runs at 15-20 FPS at low resolution 1024x768 with most parameters on low , still enjoyable and the graphics from the game are still awesome.

This gaming PC should be able to handle Battlefield 4 or Titanfall on Ultra with an upgraded Graphics card and PSU upgrade.

Brand New Gaming PC
I have always been a supporter of AMD cuz they provide powerful cpu's at a very affordable cost. This is my first 6core AMD cpu and this thing is a lot quicker than my phenom2 computer. Im a league of legends player and I enjoy gaming on this pc. I think my next upgrade is going to be a larger monitor (using a 19inch at the moment) the computer also has a 1tb of space and I think im going to add another 1tb hard drive for my media storage and backups. I opened up the pc and also noticed everything wired so neatly which is going to make cleaning the pc of dust a lot easier. There were also no extra unwanted programs installed on the computer! Was extremely happy to see this on first boot.


Technical data

  • AMD FX-6100 Zambezi / 3.3GHz (Max 3.9GHz)
  • 1TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive
  • AMD Radeon HD6450 1GB Dedicated Video Memory
  • Windows 8


Product Description

CYBERPOWERPC gamer Ultra GUA890 with AMD FX-6100 CPU, 8GB DDR3, AMD HD6450, 1TB HDD, 24x DVD+-RW & Win 8 64-Bit; 1 Year Limited Warranty & Lifetime Toll Free Tech Support Services/ Technical Support E-mail: / Technical Support Hotline: (888) 937-5582

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