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UBANTE Professional Quality TDS, EC & Temperature Meter, Water Quality Test Meter,0-9990ppm.Accurate and Reliable Water Test Meter. Ideal for Drinking Water, Aquariums. Premium Protective Leather Case

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Just what I needed.

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Easy to read, accurate measurements and works as described. Great product.

Great little piece of kit.
Having moved to a new (ancient) home with its own water supply, I found that following the local farmers high usage for his fields the water appeared cloudy and definitely needed examining for drinking quality purposes. The property has been here for a long time and so with no history of water related incidents of note, I felt that this was only a minor contamination issue! The testing proved this to be the case and the levels were checked and read within the acceptable limits. All in all a piece of equipment well worth having.

good product , fast shipping !
This meter was perfect for testing the performance of our newly installed reverse osmosis water filter. The meter gives accurate readings within seconds.5-star ratings fro


  • TECHNICAL SPECS: Accuracy: ± 2%. Range:0-9990ppm, 0-9990 µs/cm, 0.1-80.0°C, 32.0-176.0°F.
  • MULTIPURPOSE WATER TESTER: Use this mini device to test the water you are planning to use for hydroponics or to fill your aquarium. It can also be used as a TDS meter for coffee or a TDS meter for drinking water to ensure your H20 is clean and healthy!
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Made out of the the finest quality materials available, our ATC meter is much more durable than any other affordable TDS meter currently on the market.
  • EASY TO USE TDS METER: Each one of these TDS water meters is equipped with a digital display that makes it easy to read levels, know when it's time to change the filter and adjust settings are needed.
  • COMPACT, PORTABLE SIZE: The small, slim size of our high range TDS meter allows you to take it with you to test water on the go.


Professional quality combination ubante TDS Meter, TDS EC Meter and Temperature Meter

The TDS EC Meter is a professional level water test meter that fits in your pocket!
Ideal for all water quality testing, water purification applications, waste water regulation, aqua culture,
hydroponics, laboratory and scientific testing, pools & spas, ecology testing, colloidal silver, water treatment and more.

* Lock function - makes it easy to read and record, press HOLD button then remove from test solution.
** 4 Display modes: press SHIFT button: TDS - ppm & °C, EC - µs/cm & °C, TDS - ppm & °F, EC - µs/cm & °F.
* 5 minute Auto Shut Off feature, so battery won't run down.
Measurement Range: Conductivity: 0 - 9990 µs/cm TDS: 0 - 9990 ppm (parts per million) Degrees Celsius: 0.1 - 80.0°C, Fahrenheit: 32.0 - 176.0°F
* Accuracy: ± 2%
* Net weight: 1.62oz (46g)
* Size: 6.29 x 1.14 x 0.59 inches (160 x 29 x 15 mm)

We know you will love the accuracy and reliability of this Water Testing Meter.

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