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Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510 Premium Wireless Dolby Digital PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 Gaming Headset

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Turtle Beach Delivers with the XP510s!
Back Story:

I purchased these on the Friday before they were released from a local Best Buy. I had originally gone in to purchase the Tritton Warheads but I was surprised to see these on the shelf when I got there. I ended up buying these on a gamble in the hopes that these would be better than the 3 Headsets I had owned and returned over the past month. I had previously returned the Turtle Beach XP400, Astro A40, and Astro A50 because all of them had microphone problems. As much as I liked the sound in the Astros for the price you pay I had expected them to be perfect. Then that's when I found this headset.


This headset is very comfortable. I'd say that the Astros I tried out were a little more comfortable on the earcups but this headset is not bad at all. I'm a little over 6 feet and have a fairly large head and these fit me very nicely with plenty of room to adjust bigger if you really needed to. The top band has plenty of padding so they rest nicely on your head. The earcups also twist flat if you like to rest the headset around your neck when you're not playing. I've done a 5+ hour gaming session with these and not once did I get the urge to take the headset off because it was uncomfortable. The earcups are the closed design type so your ears do get a bit warm but it never gets to a level where it is bothersome for me even in a long gaming session.


The sound on this headset is nice, really nice. I'd say even better than the a40s/a50s. The problem I saw with the Astros was there was way too much bass for my taste. This headset is not overpowering at all in the bass department. I have tested it out in Forza 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and the sound is extremely nice. Cars sound amazing in Forza and the directional sound in Black Ops 2 is so useful when you're trying to play well. The 8 different sound presets on this headset is one of my favorite parts. From normal surround sound, to bass and treble boost, and to a footstep preset, this headset has a preset for every situation. The footstep preset is almost like cheating. Even in Black Ops 2 where people say that footsteps are hard to hear I can hear them perfectly fine from a good distance. The individual game and chat volume on this headset is a nice thing to have if you're really trying to pay attention to the game.Out of the 3 headsets that were returned I'd definitely say that these had the best sound out of all of them.


Bluetooth and wireless chat is nice on this headset. You plug in the small bluetooth dongle into your controller and pair it then you're all set for chat. The problem I had with the Turtle Beach XP400 and its wireless chat was that my friends said that I sounded like I was talking in a tunnel. That is not the case with this headset. The mic is loud and clear and my friends can hear my perfectly fine. I have also tried pairing the headset with my phone and answering calls. I have an iPhone 5 and had no problems pairing and answering calls with the headset. People say I sound fine when answering calls with this headset and I have no problems hearing them. The individual chat volume is a nice feature so I can always hear my teammates just fine. Just like the 8 game sound presets the mic also has 8 presets of its own. There are some presets that alter your voice which is a little unnecessary but there is also useful ones that provide a larger focus on chat over the game. The mic is also very flexible and detachable from the headset which is a nice feature.


The battery life on the headset is great. I've never needed to charge once while I was playing even when I was using bluetooth. Even if I needed to charge the cable provided is pretty long. The box advertises 15 hrs of battery life before a charge is needed. I have not tested that so I cannot confirm but it has always lasted long enough for me. I just plug it in when the headset is not in use so that I always have a full charge when I'm ready to play. My only major concern is the fact that the battery is built in. After years of use the battery life will decrease and I bet it will have to be sent in to Turtle Beach for replacement as it is non user serviceable. But hopefully it will last for a long time.


The headset comes with everything you need. It has the standard optical cable, power cable, and charging cable for the headset. The base station also doubles as a stand for the headset which is useful. The XP400s and the A40s I had did not have a stand so it was nice finding that this one did. As I said before the mic is detachable if you like to be able to do that.

I've finally got a good headset after all the ones I've tried. It was not exactly cheap but the quality that I received with it was worth the price. It is a very comfortable headset. The sound is great and the mic has no problems for me whatsoever. The battery has a long 15hr life but is not user serviceable although that is my only real concern with the headset. The headset has everything you need to get it working and comes with clear documentation. The setup may be tricky for some but if you know what you're doing or you read the manual you shouldn't have too many problems. Overall, 5 stars and thanks to Turtle Beach for providing a quality product when others could not.

-Great Sound
-Mic works great
-Detachable Mic
-Base doubles as a stand
-Sound and mic presets
-Long battery life
-Wireless chat

-Expensive for some
-Non user serviceable battery

Best headset I've ever owned
Over the years I've used several Turtle Beach headsets, X12, X41 and most recently the XP400 but this one just blew them all away in terms of sound quality. The number of presets for sound and chat are a great addition with 8 different presets for chat and 8 for sound and you can customize them all. There's also 3 different sound modes for listening, Game, Movie and Music. I like the music one the most personally. I'm finally able to get rid of the low bass problem I've always had with Turtle Beach before by installing the Custom Preset Creator from Turtle Beaches website on my computer. I can finally get that deep booming bass I've always loved to hear along with nice mid and high level custom sound as well, you can set the levels to whatever you desire. The Bluetooth pairing for music and phone calls is really good as well. It's so nice to be able to hear music and game sound at the same time now. I've finally found the perfect Turtle Beach headset that I've been searching for. I used it on the Xbox One today and the chat comes through very clearly however there was a bit of static at first, but after toggling through the 8 or so different chat presets a few times all those problems are gone now. The surround sound on these is amazing, you can hear anyone coming from any direction. The surround sound is the reason I bought this one instead of the newer Xbox one headsets because they no longer have surround sound. I can use this headset for sound on my television, computer and Xbox One so if you're looking for an all in one headset for listening this one is the way to go. So, if you've got the spare cash and spend a lot of time gaming do yourself a favor and buy one of these.

VERY versatile and very comfortable!
Wow the TBP510 Wireless Headset is great for so many reasons, where should I start? I can wear these for hours and my ears feel comfortable and don'teven get that hot. They kind of fit over my ears, and it first I kept read justing them, but then I just let it alone and everything felt fine! So far I have used this with my XBOX, PS3, iPhone and iPAD, and have had no problem with it at all. Battery life is excellent, and it charges relatively quickly.....which brings me to my one annoyance. At this price level, there should be an AC adapter, too. I'm not a fan of USB charging....but this is so good that I still leave it at 5 stars. Sounds quality is very good. Bass is a little weak for such a high end headset.

Pairing is easy, I had no problems and everyone could hear me fine with no echos! It doesn't look like a high-end head set, but it feels like one. There's nothing like a good sounding headset, I have a couple....but wireless! That's a completely different experience! I love it, and while my other headsets have better bass, the wireless is hands-down a no brainer.

Surround sound is good. It has nothing on my home theater, but for headsets, this is more than acceptable and offers a GREAT gaming experience if you don't have the space for a full HT or if you do not live alone. ;)

I can highly recommend the XP510!

What an improvement over the XP 500's
First off, I'm an audiophile and home entertainment freak. I'm into live music/sound and play guitar myself. When it comes to electronics I'll research the crap out anything I'm going to spend $$$$ on.

With the XP 510 headset I was immediately interested. I do have the the XP500's and although they where a great pair of headphones, they lacked in certain areas (xp500 get a 3.8 out of 5 IMO)

With the 510's they addressed all the problem areas I had with the 500's

1. Interference: pesky 2.4Ghz band only is a risky move if you don't have an open environment like I do, although I didn't have a huge problem with interference, the occasional pop, crackle even with certain bass tones would fuzz out and my experience with them would leave me disappointed.

2. Battery life: shelling out $16 for a huge pack of battery's at Costco isn't bad. Think of it like adding gas to your car. One pair would last me 6-7 hours for game play + Bluetooth. It gets annoying and dead battery pile ends up accumulating quick.

3. Rollers, buttons, and more: having all the function buttons on the rim of the 500's for me was a pain in the ARSE. With the 510's it's straight forward and easy.

The 510's squash all those pesky little problems and even add MIC PRESETS! I have experienced no interference, programming presets is easy and the sound is a bit refined and add surround angles on the tower itself is pretty cool. Now for the 510 review

Comfort. 4.5/5
I can sit with these on my head for hours and not be bugged by it. The only issue I have is if I look down the headset slides a bit, every headset I've used does this except my gamecom 777's but those end up hurting after a while.

Sound. 5/5
Right out of the box they are nice. Sound is deep, crisp and the detail is amazing. BUT the real secret with the sound and to unleash it is by downloading and/or editing your own presets! I can't stress that enough!

Interface/ease of use 4/5
It may take some of you to catch on to it. But if you are like me you will figure it out in an instant. Only issue I have is the surround sound angle toggle button on the tower. Understanding what one you are on is kind of annoying. But quickly understood and the annoyance is no more. The headset itself will be quick to understand, all the buttons are easy to adjust while using them.

Battery life. 4.999/5
Rechargeable 14hr lifespan = AMAZING!
Non user serviceable = not cool, but I can see a 3rd party tutorial coming out and/or a service turtle beach will offer for a price of around $50 I would imagine for battery replacement IMO.

Customizing presets. 5/5
Awesome, this is where I have a blast. All the editing options on the sound editor are pretty straight forward. Unless you get into advanced category. If you don't quite understand I would just download user presets, I've checked out quite a few and they are a improvement over factory presets. (Btw people make game specific presets also)

Chat/phone/Bluetooth pairing. 5/5
I love the dual pairing. The fact that I can get a phone call during the game and answer it While the game sound is still active. Amazing, wit my iPhone I can stream music via BTA also sound not so great with BTA. Use aux they give you

All in all a great headset which I thoroughly enjoy. A huge step up from the 500's as far as the problematic areas are concerned, but they do provide a similar experience as the 500's

The PX51's are an identical headset just instead of a wireless chat adapter they have a XBOX talk back cable for $20 cheaper. I prefer FULL wireless.

I have to say that this is the best headset that I have ever owned. I have connected it to my Nokia 920 Windows phone via Bluetooth and take conference calls for business while playing XBOX at the home office.


I love 'em!
I purchased this set recently, and I was a bit hesitant to do so since I basically wanted a one in all headset for my Xbox one/ PC gaming, music and home theater needs, and going through some of the reviews here I noticed that some folks were having serious issues trying to connect their sets in Windows 8.1 in Bluetooth mode; well I am happy to report I had none of those issues, my set was immediately recognized and paired with my PC's Bluetooth dongle. Xbox One connection was also super easy and painless, and it works flawlessly whether I am watching a movie or playing a game.

Quality of the set itself is typical TB: feels like premium.
Sound quality: Watching Blurays or Directv is a dream with the XP510; surround sounds envelope you naturally, highs and mids are quite clear, detailed and warm although they cant still compete with my Sennheisers of course..bass is lacking a little but still pretty decent.
My last TB set was demolished by my 2 year old daughter so this time I insured it through Square Trade to have a little piece of mind, TB is not known for durability so it'd be a good idea to get some type of insurance as well.

All in all I am very satisfied and happy with these puppies, they have now become my all-in-one headset favorite.

Best wireless headphones available
I did a lot of research and these were the best and most versatile wireless headphones I could find. They work with my XBox 360, my PC, and my cell phone. No problems and very happy with my purchase

The best I've owned
I have owned many high-end gaming headsets over the last 5 years. I'm the kind of guy that likes to "trade up" when new stuff comes out. Many times the trade-up doesn't make too much of a difference after the initial thrill of having the best wears out, but I don't see that happening with this system. It's incredible!

Here are my opinions after having it a few weeks:

1. They're super-comfortable. The headphones are nicely padded on not only the ears, but on the top as well. And even though there's all this padding, the set fits perfectly on my bigger-than-average head. They also feel good after long play sessions, without the sweaty ears and headaches that others have given me in the past.

2. The sound quality is excellent and well-balanced. This is important because sometimes these things can be too bass-forward, which is nice for some games, bad for others. In other words, they sound perfect on everything from Bioshock: Infinite to Madden to Peggle. Also, the Surround Sound on this is remarkable. It's hard to believe how well you are immersed in these.

3. Set-up was easy and pairing was quick.

4. Battery life is excellent. I have only had to charge them once so far. At 15 hours a charge, I won't need to charge them too often, which is more than I can say for my Playstation Move controller. ugh

In conclusion, I'd highly recommend this set. Even without utilizing all the features, I found it to be worth the price tag. If you plan to use it for your home theater or Skyping, that makes is all the more appealing.

For the average person who games regularly, a headset is something you really only have to buy once, so you might as well get a good one and enjoy years of quality.

The best Turtle Beach headset yet
I've owned a few Turtle Beach headsets over the past few years, and also a few additional headsets from other brands. So my comparisons to features and sound are against my other sets, such as the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300, Corsair Vengeance 2000, Turtle Beach MW3 Ear Force Bravos and the TRITTON Pro+ 5.1 Surround headphones. Up to this point, my go-to set was always the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300. Even the Surround Sound of the TRITTON Pro+ series wasn't enough to make me give up my XP300's. They were just an all-around better set. However these XP510's have finally given me a reason to put away my XP300's.

Right out of the box I was shocked at how similar looking this XP510 set was to the XP300. Short of the neon green quilting on the head piece, it is almost identical to the XP300. Same weight, size, color, everything. Same cushioning in the top of the head piece. Same comfort for wearing during long gaming sessions. The initial set up is different. Both sets use Bluetooth for their audio. This lets you chat and hear game sounds completely wirelessly. But one big difference between them is the transmitter. With the non-Surround Sound headsets like the XP300 and the MW3 Ear Force Bravos, the transmitter is smaller than a deck of cards. With the surround sound sets, they have a much larger transmitter, similar in size to a wireless router. Also, rather than using AV cables from your TV to your transmitter, you're using a digital optical cable from the transmitter to your PS3/xBox.

Where this set really blew me away was the in-game sound. I'm a pretty dedicated COD player (multi-player), and while I play all kinds of other games as well, I've found one can usually get a good idea at how well a set will perform when using it while playing a FPS. I'm familiar with what games like Black Ops 2 sound like in Surround Sound, since I've played it using my TRITTON Pro+ set. I assumed this set might sound similar. To my surprise, I found the XP510 sounds even better. Turtle Beach has done an awesome job of taking all their best features from sets like their XP300, and put it into this XP510, then adding the Surround Sound. While the sound from the TRITTON set was good, it just wasn't great for first person shooter games, like this set is. When playing RPGs or very music oriented games like Journey, the TRITTON set is great. But within few seconds of the first round of online play, I could tell this set was made for gamers.

There are a number of sound presets in this headset, so you can scroll through them to find the best sound for the game you're playing. You go through them by pressing the option buttons on the side of one of the ear cups. The presets vary quite a bit in their settings, so you can easily find one that works well for your game. In addition, if you find you're not a fan of the Surround Sound in some of your games, you can easily turn it off and use this set in stereo.

As usual with Turtle Beach, the mic works well and tends to be the clearest of my sets when talking online with others. Because the mic is Bluetooth, you can easily answer calls from your Bluetooth enabled cell phone. There is a dedicated answer phone button on the side of the set for taking calls. However my favorite aspect of the Bluetooth is using my MP3 player with the headset. Often times I like to listen to music from my iPhone or tablet while playing online with this headset. With the Bluetooth turned on, I can sync my phone with the headset, then turn on my music to play in my phone, and it plays both my music and I can hear game sounds at the same time through the headset. This also makes things easy when I have an incoming call. My music shuts off and the game sounds shut off, and with the press of the answer call button on my headset, I'm able to talk to the caller right through the headset, without needing to stop my game (an invaluable feature for those who play live online multi-player games, where there is no such thing as pushing "pause").

The rechargeable sets are so much more convenient than headsets that require batteries. I can play through multiple several-hour gaming sessions before I need to recharge this set. If you're not using the Bluetooth the whole time or every time, the set lasts many hours longer than the technical specs say it will. When I have the Bluetooth off, the set seems to stay charged forever. There is an auto-off feature as well, so if you forget to turn the set off, it will go off on its own.

After using this set for some time now, I realize why I like it so much. When I first compared the XP510 set to my XP300 set, I wondered what would be different about them, since they seemed so much alike. I then realized that its similarities to the XP300 that makes it a great set. The XP300 is an awesome headset, and Turtle Beach took that set and found ways to improve it. The added Surround Sound in this incredible.

I would also suggest this set over other Surround Sound sets such as the TRITTON Pro+ for anyone looking to buy a headset for kids, teens, or anyone else who may not enjoy trying to find just the perfect sounds settings with the Surround Sound. Some sets, like the TRITTON Pro+ don't use sound presets. They are designed with a series of button settings that you adjust up and down to control the front, back, center and sub speakers. These are great for those who enjoy being able to adjust every detail of the speaker settings for their gameplay or movie watching. However they aren't as pick-up-and-play friendly as sets like this XP510 are, with built in sound presets. I can spend an hour adjusting every last setting on my TRITTON set, and can't get the sound as perfect as I can with the press of a button on this Turtle Beach set.

If you're interested in this headset, but find the price is too steep, I'd suggest checking out the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300 set. It's got most of the great features that this set has, just without the Surround Sound, and at a much lower price. But if you're looking to buy the best of the best, I'd say this XP510 is definitely it!

Fantastic headset for serious and even not so serious gamers
Make no bones about it, the Turtle Beach XP510 has set the bar quite high. I have very little to complain about in regards to it but even then, this headset gets nothing less than five stars from me.

Everything you will possibly need to connect this is included in the box. Connecting it took me not even a minute's time.

For starters, they sound absolutely terrific. I tested them out with several different games on my Xbox 360, namely Mass Effect 3, Dead Space 3 and for the most part, Halo 4.

The bass response is pretty deep and in terms of directional sound, you'll be able to tell exactly where your foes are coming from and where all the action is happening. They're incredibly clear and you'll be able to hear every single subtle nuance in the game, which is really cool with games like the Dead Space series for instance, which all have phenomenal sound design. Playing Halo 4, I felt like I was able to pinpoint anything and everything and get the jump on people who thought they had me at their mercy. There's even a setting to amplify footsteps, which gives you a big leg up on the competition. There are a whole bunch of different sound fields you can access at the touch of a button that adjust either your general sound settings or your chat settings and finding one that's perfect for you should be a cinch. You can even connect to your computer and download all new sound fields as well for more customization options. All coupled with a pleasant female voice to let you know what settings you're on as you cycle through them.

The max volume is simply loud enough. I bring it up because I know several people were concerned about the installed volume limiter but really, any louder would damage your hearing and no game is worth that. I sincerely doubt that anyone will be disappointed by the volume here.

Bluetooth connectivity is offered and I mean, think about this: How cool is it that you can play your game and take a phone call with it if someone decides to give you a ring? Seriously, this function, simple as it may be in concept, is awesome. Pairing it to your phone is easy and you'll really appreciate it once you put it in use.

I haven't had any snap, crackle and pops with this headset either. The X41's suffered from this but with the XP510, I've had no such issues. The only time it occurred was when my son sat next to me with an iPad running on a Wi-Fi connection to my router and as he was loading up Netflix movies, I would get some interference. Once he moved away however, the interference disappeared altogether.

The headset itself is very comfy and this is coming from someone with a big noggin. The build quality is pretty sturdy and it's one of those products where once you actually hold them, you'll know you're holding a quality product. The X41's (and even the X42's) felt somewhat flimsy to me in comparison to these.

The only recurring problem I had with the headset was in regards to the Bluetooth adapter that you plug into the controller. When it's connected, it works just fine. It's also pretty cool to have a wireless headset that doesn't require a cable running from the headset to the controller for chat purposes, like the X41's for instance. Once you pair the adapter to the headset via Bluetooth, it's all fine and good. The only problem is, I found myself on many occasions either accidentally disconnecting the adapter from the controller or unwittingly turning it off due to the location of the power button. I felt like the connection on the adapter wasn't really solid and more often than not, I found myself in conversation with no one until I looked down at the adapter and realized that the thing had been shut off or I had unplugged it. The power/pairing button is on the bottom of the adapter and if you happen to say, rest the controller against your leg or your stomach, it's a potential moment for you to turn it off. Thankfully, there is an included cable if you want to hardwire the headset to the controller but it winds up being a minor annoyance.

I guess that the learning curve on the headphones should be noted as well. The headset has quite a few buttons on it and it took me a while before I could operate it solely by touch. There are quite a few functions to get used to with the headset so it pays to get familiar with it.

I didn't even mention the rechargeable battery. You get quite a bit of juice once you've fully charged these things and it gives you an audio notification to let you know when you're running low. So good to not have to scramble for a fresh pair of batteries when they dry up, let me tell you. The only potential problem with this is that the battery is built into the headset, so a potential shipping to Turtle Beach to get a new battery may be in your future, depending on its life cycle.

I genuinely feel that this headset is the absolute best gaming headset I've used yet and I've used a bunch. Please leave a comment if you have any more questions in regards to the product but I'll tell you upfront that they get a full and absolute recommendation from me. My X41's served me well but the XP510's are an absolutely worthy successor.


Technical data

  • PS4 compatibility enabled via download from manufacturer website
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi Wireless - Interference-free wireless means clearer chat and game audio
  • Music & Gaming Together - Take advantage of Bluetooth and stream your favorite tunes while you play or take phone calls and never have to leave the game
  • Dual-Stage Audio Processing - For more powerful and customizable presets and accurate Dolby Surround Sound
  • Dynamic Chat Boost - Chat volume automatically increases as the game volume gets louder
  • Rechargeable Battery - Built-in rechargeable battery delivers up to 15 hours of continuous play; You can even charge while playing.Item has auto-shutoff time and volume feature where the unit will turns off after 5 minutes of no audio or no mic signal.


Product Description

Premium Wireless Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset

To compete with the best players, you need the best equipment. XP510 gives you the Turtle Beach audio advantage with interference-free, Dual-Band Wi-Fi Wireless and powerful, Dual-Stage Audio Processing for immersive Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Stream music to your headset via Bluetooth, enjoy incredible theater audio with the new Movie preset and take your headset anywhere connected to your phone, tablet or portable game system. With up to 15 hours of continuous play from the rechargeable battery, you'll play longer and rise to the top of the leaderboards even faster. With over 35 years of audio experience, the XP510 is the most advanced gaming audio system Turtle Beach has ever created.

Compatible With:

Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, Mobile Gaming Devices

Turtle Beach Audio Advantage

Our 2nd generation digital signal processor allows gamers to enhance and personalize the entire gaming audio experience with fully customizable game, chat and mic signals with the creation of audio presets. The custom audio presets stored in the Ear force XP510 headset can be selected during specific parts of the game to emphasize any sound for a competitive advantage or deeper immersion experience. Download the Turtle Beach-created audio presets we've produced for all the top game titles out or get the audio presets developed by your peers from the Turtle Beach website ( to fully equip yourself to be able to hear everything and defeat everyone!

Technological Superiority
View larger Premium Surround Sound

You can actually adjust the speaker angles inside your headset to ensure that your 360 degree Dolby Surround Sound audio is fine tuned to your individual liking.

Cutting Edge Technology
View larger Interference Free Wireless Connection

Get static free wireless from the only company in the market that offers Dual-Band Wi-Fi.

Ground Breaking Innovation
View larger Stream Music & Answer Calls

Take advantage of Bluetooth and you can replace the game soundtrack with your own music or take phone calls while never leaving the game.

Advanced Chat Technology
View larger Dynamic Chat Boost

Only Turtle Beach offers chat volume that automatically increases as the game volume gets louder so your teammates are never drowned out by sudden explosions.

View larger Customizable Audio Presets

Only Turtle Beach allows you to enhance various game sounds for a competitive advantage or deeper immersion via free downloadable audio presets.

Extended Gaming Sessions
View larger Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Get up to 15 hours of continuous play from a full charge or just plug it in and keep charging while you play.

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