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Turkey Roaster - The Original Upside Down Turkey Dunrite Stainless Steel Cooker

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Product Reviews

Great Idea!
I must say this is a superb idea and cooking the turkey upside down is a great concept! It allows the juices to run into the breast and keeps the turkey out of the fat as described. Held a 18 pound bird in my standard size oven just fine. Not sure what the previous reviewer thought they were getting, but I can say this does an excellent job of cooking your turkey in a quick & healthy way. The center piece that the bird slides onto transfers heat inside to allow it to cook inside as evenly as the outside. I will be giving these out for gifts this holiday season. Recommended!

Great Turkey Roasting Tool!
This was my first year cooking a turkey. I am in my mid twenties and this was the first time that I hosted thanksgiving. I didn't want to just take my mom's word for it so I did A LOT of internet research on turkey preparation methods. Nothing against my mother but she usually cooked it in a bag which is really just steaming the turkey, not a true roast in my opinion. Cooking the turkey upside down sounded the most appealing, but I wanted my bird to look nice and not have deep V-rack creases on the nice breast meat. That is why I bought this item. My usually picky brother said it was the best turkey he ever had. I coated the inside and out with salt and pepper and a little lemon juice. I made an unsalted butter mixed with rosemary, thyme, sage etc. and spread it generously UNDER the skin. I put a few veggies in the cavity for flavor and then tied the legs and wings close to the body. This rack held my bird perfectly in my graniteware 19" oval roaster. I didn't baste or touch the turkey for 4 1/2 hours. I had a 19 pound turkey. I do not think it could hold a much bigger bird without the breast meat touching the pan as another reviewer noted. Maybe a 20 pound turkey would do but I wouldn't push it. The two pieces do separate easily. The little pin holding them together likes to fall out, so be careful of that. I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to cook their turkey breast side down while maintaining good air flow.

super moist turkey
Love it. Turkey came out moist and everyone loved it. I highly recommend this product for an evenly cooked turkey.

Best turkey ever.
Used this for the first time on Thanksgiving this year. It was the best turkey ever! The turkey cooked a little faster than expected, but was perfect!

Worth the cost
Ok, despite the disturbing appearance of this device (ladies, you know what I mean). This thing makes a magnificent turkey. I suggest it would be best w/a med to small bird (I cooked a 23lb bird and it didn't keep the breast off the bottom of the pan) for browning purposes...but either way, the breast meat was amazingly moist, and it cooked in record time. (also, you can't beat picking up your turkey by a handle to move it...much to love.)

Great Product
Quality built, easy to clean, and holds the turkey breast side down securely. I roasted a 12 pound turkey breast side down and it was the juiciest bird I have ever made. However the roaster doesn't seem tall enough to roast a bird bigger than about 18 lbs without the breast sitting on the bottom of the pan. Since I never roast a turkey larger than about 16 lbs, that is not an issue for me.

Great tasting turkey...but smoked up entire house
Perfectly cooked a turkey. And it browned all of the way around. Haven't figured out how to keep the drippings from smoking up the house as the hit the aluminum pan underneath the turkey. Advise that you brine your turkey for best results.

good product.
I used this roaster on a 15lb bird today and it worked great. The turkey was cooked in a convection oven and the skin was crisp all around. However, I'm not sure how a 25lb turkey would fit. The distance between the rack and base is too short for a bird that big. You might be able to sqeeze a 20 pounder on it.


Technical data

  • Energy saving- the heat is transferred into the inside of the turkey and cooking time is reduced 15-20%
  • Will hold up to 25 lbs.; use in the oven or grill
  • High quality 18/10 stainless steel
  • unit breaks down to lay flat; dishwasher safe
  • No basting required-browns evenly


Product Description

Turkey Roaster - Camerons Products' Turkey DunRite can be used on the outdoor grill or oven. Cook your turkey the right way- upside down with Turkey DunRight! Slide the seasoned turkey onto the saddle with the breast down. Place in any standard roasting pan and into the oven or grill. Juices flow into the breast, making it as moist and juicy as the dark meat and the skin is completely browned all over without having to baste. The turkey is uniformly moist and the outcome is totally delicious. The turkey is cooked in the air and not in the fat- resulting in reduced fat and a healthier meal.

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