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Household Essentials Hanging Cosmetic and Grooming Travel Bag, Black

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Product Reviews

only dopp kit for me
This is the second one I owned, buying the first year's ago from The Container Store. The Container Store no longer carries this model. I like it because of the open view of the contents and the different sized pockets. Packs very flat or I can fold it up. Hangs in bathroom of hotel so as not to take up counter space. First one after many years and hard travel the plastic became brittle and split open around the edges. I covered with duck tape until I found this one. Hard to find so I bought two to last me many years.

Excellent purchase
This was exactly what I was looking for. It has simplified my traveling tremendously. I no longer waste time looking for items...I can see all of them at once. As the adage goes, "A place for everything and everything in its place". It's very good quality, too. The plackets are great to give the smaller compartments extra space. What a great design!

Happy from San Antonio, TX
I highly recommend this product. My daughter has been using hers for years, very durable. Keeping all your travel toiletries in one bag is very convenient.

A "Must Have" for traveling!!!
I've used this type of travel bag for years and wouldn't travel without it. It holds everything you would ever need in one convenient bag - cosmetics, shampoo, medications, contact lens, hairbrush, etc, etc - everything - and keeps it all neat and compact! In a hotel, just hang it over the door and you have everything you need at your fingertips. No more "zip" bags rolling around your suitcase!!! If you do any kind of traveling, I highly recommend this bag - you'll never be sorry.

Great way to travel
This is a great item. It kept all my toilet articles hung up neat, easily visible and accessible on the bathroom door and allowed my wife, who doesn't have one of these, to spread her toiletries all around our hotel room bathroom sink without a complaint from me.

Outstanding On The Go Travel Companion
I love this product. I fits great in luggage and holds quite a few items I need. I hang it in the bathroom when we travel. It is great!!!

Travel Case
I was looking for a travel bag that I could hang up in hotels, airports, or etc. I wanted individual pockets incase one product leaked or whatever and would not merge with another product and ruin it. This one was well made, has clear plastic viewing compartments that zip closed and rolls up nicely to fit into my suit case. The description had dimensions so I could check the fit before buying. For my 6 week journey, it should work out great. Haven't left yet so I can't say how it will hold up. Price was good.

Great travel bag
I had a travel cosmetics bag just like this one and the hanger broke. I was lost...
because I always leave this packed and ready to go. I looked all over the internet until I found this bag and was pleased that it was reasonbly priced AND arrived before I had to travel. Yea.

More than just a cosmetics bag!
I've ben looking for a travel bag for my jewelry for years. Everything I find that is specifically for jewelry is way too small! They're only big enough to hold some small earrings and maybe a chainlink bracelet. This cosmetic bag is PERFECT for my bigger earrings,necklaces,and bangle bracelets. The fact that each pocket zips closed keeps everything separated so it stays organized and dosen't get all tangled together. It's the best $12.00 I've EVER spent!

Great Organizing Bag
This travel bag worked great on our last Disney trip. We were able to fit more items in it then we thought and when folded, it took up less space in our luggage than our old toiletry bag. We really liked the hanging feature as we hung this near the sink and had our items nearby (and organized) without cluttering up the counter.


Technical data

  • Ten see-thru compartments.
  • Hanging organizer can fold flat.
  • Secure hook and loop closure.
  • Easy to clean waterproof vinyl lining and pockets.
  • PVC microfiber.


Product Description

Make traveling a little less chaotic with this Travel Companion. 10 see-through compartments let you store all your toiletry needs in one location without having to rifle through dark side pockets or cavernous single pocket totes. With small, medium, large, and long pockets, everything is easy to find! Hang it in a garment bag (or on the towel bar) or fold it flat to stow easily in your suitcase. With a secure closure and easy-to-clean lining and pockets, you are always ready to go and to look your best. So keep it together and get going! Measures 28 x 141/4 open.

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