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Offer added on Wednesday 20th of August 2014

Duzign Transparent Clear Snap On Case (Black) for Apple iPhone 5 / 5s

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Worth the price.
I'm using this for 6 months and still it looks great.
I would definitely recommend this.


I like this case very much!
This case fits my iphone 5s perfectly. The design is simple and the clear back makes my iphone looks really thin. The material of the white bumper is soft that can make me to click the side button easily. Somebody may ask whether the back is easily be scratched. The answer is yes. But you know the material is just plastic and its price is good. So I can tolerate the scratch. Finally, I like this case very much.

The perfect case for a guy like me.
This is an awesome case, and really kicked the "cool" factor in for me. I am now the most popular of all the bald 43 year olds I hang out with because everyone sees how fashion forward and amazing I am. My favorite part of this case is how it never clashed with my handbag, shoes, belt or even my eyeshadow. It simply rocks.

Pretty and girly case
I really like this case, I can see the real design of my cell phone and the pink color is nice and cute.

Great design and feel
This is my second review. Cover is great in design and feel and has very good aesthetic apeal. only one suggestion for improvement for manufacturer. It's cut out for lightning charging pin is small if one uses lightning to 30 pin adapter. Cut out can be made bigger to let adapter go in fully.

Duzign Transparent Clear Snap On Case
This case is great. The pink case is really cute! It looks exactly like the picture but the pink is a little bit darker but its still a very pretty color. It also cover the front edges of the phone which a lot of cheaper cases dont. If I were to drop my phone with this case on, it probably wouldnt have any damage! I cut out scrapbook paper to put in the clear back on the case and its very cute. Volume and lock buttons are easy to hit, and charging and earphone holes are accessible. It's not too thick but you can tell its durable. It's just an all around great case and I highly recommend it!

This is case is so simple, it's perfect. It weights nothing so the phone feels so light in your hand compared to other cases. The simple design makes pressing the buttons so effortless. Definitely a great buy!

This case is worth buying.
This case is really worth buying. I recommend this.

Only this bad about this case is that the back scratches pretty easily, but you can barely tell the scratches are there.

awesome for the money paid
Looking very good and volume button is easy to access. Very well design and glassy


Technical data

  • 1-piece snap on case for quick and easy application and removal
  • All iPhone 5 features are fully accessible
  • Made from durable transparent acrylic material
  • Rubber bumper edge for shock absorption and protection
  • Minimal lightweight case design for comfort and functionality


Product Description


The Transparent Snap On Case for the Apple iPhone 5 / 5s from Duzign is an amazing accessory to have that will make your device stand out from the crowd. With simple coverage, durable construction, and rubber bumper edge, this case is perfect for your phone. This case was made to withstand the scratches and damage from daily use. The transparent back allows the original chic Apple logo to show through, but the edge still provides that extra pop of color.


This is the easiest case to apply and protect your device. All you have to do is simply snap your iPhone 5 / 5s into place and you are good to go. The 1-piece case design makes it extremely easy to install and remove. But why would you want to remove it when you have an awesome case? The cut-outs for iPhone 5 / 5s features work perfectly to complement the device all while keeping it protected without any extra bulk. The slim and compact nature of the case makes it comfortable and convenient for using and traveling with your device.

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