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Toshiba Canvio Connect Portable Hard Drive (HDTC707XW3A1)

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Product Reviews

Best 2TB at the moment (year 2014)
At the moment this is the best 2TB drive in the market. As G-Drive has yet to deliver a 2TB portable drive, currently there are 2 companies offering 2TB portable drives: Toshiba and Western Digital with the respective "Canvio" and "My Passport" lines. Both are excellent, but Toshiba is winning.

The Toshiba Canvio is completly silent, just like previows Canvio 1TB generation and the My Passport drives. Its impossible to hear this drive working, even with your ear right next to it. Toshiba continues to deliver a super quality drive

The drive is beautiful, with reflective glossy on top and bottom. The quality of the plastic on the side has been improved to a stronger material then found on the previows Canvio 1TB generation. Its a really gorgeous drive.

The LED light flashes when writing/reading. Its not a white light, I would say its a very light grey. Moreover, the LED is not bright at all, its very soft on the eyes. Therefore, Toshiba has achieved a perfect light accuracy. Its very noticeble when you look at it, but impossible to distract you while you are working on the computer, you don't ever notice it blinking. Perfect!

I currently dislike the design of the My Passport drives, as they are full of circles on them. Another company making excellent drives is G-Drive, but they only offer portables up to 1TB and for the same price of the 2TB Canvios and My Passports (the G-drives have Firewire ports in addition to USB 3.0 tough)

On a side note, there are of course other 2TB drives in the market, offered by companies such as Seagate, Buffallo and even the "My Book" line from Western Digital. But these drives are very large and VERY noisy, not to mention they also heat a lot. Because we are already used to the excellence of complete silence, portability and efficiency offered by both WD My Passport and G-Drive Mobile over the last 5 years, we should consider this perfection as a standart, and everything less should not be considered. So we are very pleased Toshiba has risen in the last 2 years to match Western Digital and G-Drive quality of perfection.

To conclude, I would say the Toshiba Canvio is the best looking, most affordable and most functional drive in the market, definetly the best solution! And for the first time in several years, WD is no longer the king of portable drives.

USB 3.0 External Drive
Worked right out of the box. Purchased as additional backup drive. USB 3.0 speeds are impressive and great not having to worry about an additional power source. Good price.

Working as Anticapated with our Apple Mini
Plug it in, turned Time Machine on and pointed the Apple to the Toshiba and bingo, working in a matter of minutes.

It's perfect!
Ordered this to store a ton of videos. It is very easy to use. I did not install the software - wasn't necessary.
Love that it is 2TB and love that it comes in white to match my APPLE products!

Great external hard drive
I love Toshiba products. Everyone I have ever bought has worked great for me. I wanted the portability but I wish I had purchased a 3Tb. It is amazing how quickly they fill up.

I'm a Toshiba skeptic but.....
....this totally proved me wrong! I needed a inexpensive external hard drive to do backups for my Macbook & to also store pictures & home videos from my PC. So in short I needed something compatible for both PC & Mac & this certainly is! After opening it out of the box first thing I had to do was partition it, which is simple. The only way Time Machine would recognize the hard drive was if I formatted it to Mac OS Extended (only recognizable on Mac) so I did just that. I partitioned about 60GB of it to Mac OS Extended & the rest of the GB space to FAT32 (which is recognizable on both PC & Mac). I've had it for about a month now & it hasn't failed me yet.

No Issues At All
Just received it yesterday, and used it right away without encountering any issues. I'd transferred about 200 GB from my Window 7 laptop and the transfer speed was just over 1.1GB per minute. I'm not sure if this speed is considered fast or not. I also transferred 150 GB data from my 2nd Vista laptop, and it was transferred at a somewhat slower speed at <0.9GB per minute. Both are connected using the 2.0 USB ports. During the 6 hours of the continuous usage, this little machine did not make any sound- just executing the backup flawlessly. One other thing: it's a little thicker than my other portable hard drives (Segate and WD), so when you order its case, make sure the case's thickness is at least 1 inch.

Powerful and portable
I love the design and functionality of this device. It's very sleek and compact while offering up plenty of storage capacity. While connected/running an indicator light is present, otherwise the device is so quiet you wouldn't know it was running. I'm purchased this to transfer thousands and thousands of music files from an old laptop to a new machine. I've plugged it into three different laptops and a Windows Surface 2 tablet and all machines were able to read and detect the device with no problems. I'm seriously thinking of getting another one or two so I can replace some old bulky hard drives and use one to connect directly to the TV.

USB 3.0 drive, not stated
This is my third 2TB Toshiba portable drive. When I ordered this drive, I did not check to see if it was an USB 3.0 drive. Just got it today and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was USB 2.0/3.0 drive. The USB 3.0 should have been in the description and product details.

Very good Toshiba product.
This product is portable. I want to go with it. It is very easy to use. All I have done is plug and use. I have had a Toshiba external hard drive for five years and have not had any issues with it, which is the reason I chose Toshiba Canvio Connect. I have had this Toshiba Canvio 1.5TB for one year now and love it. I will recommend it to any who want something portable and easy to use.


Technical data

  • Access and share content from any device anywhere via the internet and mobile device
  • Store your files in a centralized place next to your PC or Mac
  • Complete backup solution for protecting your digital memories
  • Back up content from your mobile devices13
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Includes Toshiba 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Secure your backups with password-protected data encryption
  • Stores and access files from PC and Mac without reformatting


Product Description

Store, Backup and Access Your Digital Content - Anywhere Anytime toshiba canvio Connect makes it easy to backup and share your digital content wherever you are. Simply connect the Canvio Connect to your computer to: Store and Backup your content . Access your files anywhere5 . Share your content and files Store & Backup The Canvio Connect lets you store your files in a centralized place next to your computer, giving you easy access to your files whenever you need them - whether you are at home or away from home. Get peace of mind knowing your data is protected. The included NTI Backup Now EZ2 software scans your system and offers customizable backup options for your computer. Choose between backing up your files and folders to the cloud, backing up your files and folders to your Canvio Connect portable hard drive, backing up everything saved on your computer, or choose all three for the most comprehensive coverage. Click the restore button and you can recover a file, folder, or your entire system. You can even schedule your backup to run automatically at any time and day - ensuring your files are always protected. Secure your backup files with password-protected data encryption, (up to 256-bit), to help keep your backup safe and prevent unauthorized access.

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