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Olympia Tools 88-670 iWork 15-Piece Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit

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Dude, seriously buy this set!
For the price this tool set is great and of excellent quality, it includes the pentalobe for the iphone 4s. Included, Phillips 00 & 000 with flat tips, 1.2mm Pan head, triangle head, pentalobe (iphone 4s), t4, t5, t6, Security T8, Security t10. Security T's have the hole in the center. The perfect combo!

Great product
this is well worth the small investment compaired to other kits online, this was used for replacing my glass screen (digitizer) on my cell phone. Everything is very sturdy including the weighted screw driver. : )

Awesome Kit! High Quality!
This Kit DOES include The iPhone Pentalobe Driver, And it's the Right Size!!! Weighted Magnetic telescoping Driver Is Better Qualty than my $80 Pro Kit!!! Very Good Investment for the Repairman!! Going to Order More for my Techs!! Best Pentalobe I Have Ever Got! Thanks Olympia :-)

Olympia Tools 88-670 iWork 15-Piece Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit
Great tool set for iproducts and at a great price too! def would recommend this item to others!! Very happy!

Solid Kit
This is a solid tool kit. very well made! heavy driver, and solid case.
Includes the head I needed to open the iPhone, so all good!

Highest quality repair kit I've used. Doesn't feel like you're using cheap crap, and the driver provides great leverage. I've used the driver for other purposes, because it's the single best small driver I've ever seen.

very nice set
I was originally just going to buy the cheap screwdriver set specifically for my phone, but then I figured I might as well spend a few extra bucks and get something more universal and high-quality that would be useful in the future. I'm glad I did. The tool set is very nice and well thought-out. The screwdriver has a rotating top piece that sits stationary in the palm of your hand while you turn.. kind of a gussied up version of the floppy rotating tops on some small screwdriver sets. The screwdriver also telescopes, which seems a little gimmicky to me.. but who knows, maybe it will come in handy some day and it doesn't affect the tool when you aren't using it. My only real complaint is that the suction cup that came with the set was ruined when I got it. The way that it sits in the case combined (I assume) with the heat of shipping warped the edge of the cup permanently so that it won't seal. But whatever, it is still a great set. Highly recommended.

Used to repair iPhone 5
Works very well and in necessary to repair an iPhone. The tools were all just as described. Would highly recommend.

Quality tool set. Price is very nice also. Looks like it will be useful for a long time. Only a few bucks more than cheaper sets.

Quality kit, with sturdy driver tips.
This is a quality kit, and as such, costs a bit more than other kits. Primarily purchased it for the Pentalobe driver to repair my iPhones (4 and 4S), having the other Phillips bit is a bonus, and will come in handy down the road. I was impressed with the build quality of the parts, and believe that it should be able to last for several years.

If you are looking for a kit that will work with iPhone Pentalobe screws, and won't break the first time you use it, then this kit is for you.


Technical data

  • Fix your cell phone yourself
  • Precision small tools to get into tight spaces
  • Intended for use on most handheld devices
  • Packaged in an easy to store and easy to find case
  • Lifetime warranty


Product Description

The Olympia Tools 88-670 iWork 15-Piece Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit includes: one aluminum telescopic ratcheting screwdriver, one suction cup, two mini pry bars, one mini puller, one storage box, and ten precision bits. This kit includes all of the tools/" target="_self">tools and accessories you will need to fix your Smartphone.

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