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TEKTON 2830 Everybit Tool Kit for Electronics, Phones and Precision Devices, 27-Piece

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

Must-have toolkit for working on small electronics!

Length:: 4:15 Mins

I bought this toolkit because I needed to replace the LCD on a Droid X phone along with needing to fix the backlight on a 1st generation iPad Wifi. This gave me all the tiny Torx bits I needed for working on both. This toolkit comes in a nice organizer case, which is small enough to carry in your pocket.

One of the only downsides of this kit is that it's not magnetic, which makes removing and reinserting tiny screws tough. Another reviewer suggested taking a magnet and rubbing it against the bits to temporarily magnetize them. That's a good temporary fix, but there's an easy way to permanently magnetize this screwdriver. The base of the screwdriver is hollow so that you can store your bits in it (the black lid pulls straight off - no twisting required), but instead, I simply inserted a neodymium rare earth magnet (like this one) into it. The magnet's pull is strong enough that the screwdriver bits are magnetized when inserting them into the tool, and it holds the screw in place perfectly every single time now. Plus it makes a good little screw-retrieval tool if I accidentally drop one down into a device.

The plastic prying tool in this set is also very handy. I don't think it will hold up to repeated use on sturdier metal devices (like trying to open an iPad case. For that I had to use an iSesamo ultra-thin steel pry tool), but it worked great for removing the plastic bezels on my Droid X. What I REALLY found the pry tool invaluable for, however, was unhooking the tiny cable connectors found in so many devices these days.

All in all, I give this kit a very strong 5 star rating. The case makes it extremely portable, it has a great variety of tiny specialty bits that are required for disassembling numerous current-gen electronics, all of the pieces feel quality made, you get a very handy plastic pry tool in the same carry case, and since there's really no need to store bits in the handle thanks to the case being so compact and well-organized already, you can magnetize your screwdriver with no more effort than dropping a magnet into the top and putting the lid back on.

Works for Retina MacBook Pro
Just writing this review to say that the pentalobe bit in this kit works with the Retina Macbook Pro. The bit seems like good quality, the bit didn't strip, nor did it strip my screws. Great value!!

useful assortment of good quality bits
I bought this solely for the pentalobe 1 bit for use with the iPhone 5. I have come to appreciate the other included bits, as well as the plastic spudger. Its a nice little set.

Great quality tool set. Period.
I am an IT technician so I've seen my share of component tools and this set is going to be with me for years. I truly recommend this set of tools. If your looking for the best buy, most bang for your buck, then look no further.

Must have for any macbook air owner
I chose this item for it's reviews, though I was a little unsure of the durability of the product. Received it, well packaged. I love the plastic storage case. The bits are well manufactured and seem like they will last a long time. Installation of my macbook air battery was a breeze. I recommend this product!

Saved the day!
I was CERTAIN I had killed my MacBook Air. With this kit and some online guides I was able to take it completely apart, clean it up, and put it back together again within and hour and a half. I'll never be without something like this ever again! All of the bits fit perfectly in the screw heads - didn't strip a single one.

Great Kit
I got this kit to repair my macbook air and was not let down. I then used this kit to replace my battery on my iPhone 5 and it did the trick. Everything I needed!!!

Very nice little toolkit for small consumer electronics
I used this recently to replace a Macbook Pro battery, which requires the small philips, the small tri-wing and the spudger.

These tools are nice quality and will last many years, unlike the junk screwdrivers that often come with battery and phone replacement parts.

Great toolkit for DIY Mac repair
This toolkit is extremely useful and well made. I purchased it so I could replace the failing hard drive on my Mac mini myself. I had seen fixit sites that showed me how to do it and they recommended certain tools that I did not have. The recommended each individual tool for $5-10 USD to perform the repair. I purchased this entire set for much less than it would have cost to buy the three individual tools for the job. The plus side as well is that any future repairs I am prepared for because this set includes many more tools that will probably work for my phone or tablets as well.

The tools themselves are not cheaply manufactured, but are rather of high quality materials. I am very pleased I found this toolkit and would recommend it to anyone in a similar boat of wanting to perform a DIY repair such as this. Much less expensive than both individual tools and paying a repair shop to fix it for you.

Great value for the money, and a very practical collection of bits
It is a very practical collection of driver bits, with a reasonably comfortable handle to boot. The added spudger also comes in handy for everyday electronics tasks.

Although I didn't buy this set for the purpose, I was very happy to find out that it contained all the bits needed to do a "big maintenance" on my wife's mid-2009 MacBook pro (hard disk and battery replacement, plus touchpad cleaning).

Some other reviewers complained about the quality, but I think for the price it is excellent. The bits are stronger than the screws, and that's all that matters. Unfortunately at these tiny sizes the slightest abuse can easily destroy both screw and driver; that's just a fact of life.


Technical data

  • Precision bit and driver set for repairing laptops, mobile devices, game systems and precision items
  • Precision screwdriver bits are machined from chrome molybdenum steel/finished with sandblasted nickel
  • Mini driver with spinning end cap for constant pressure while turning
  • Convenient bit storage in handle
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee


Product Description

Specifically designed for popular mobile and electronic devices, this set includes the hard-to-find bits to fit laptops (Mac, MacBook), mobile devices (iPhones, smart phones), game systems (PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Vita, PSP, DSi, 3DS), and other precision items like wristwatches and eyeglasses. Bits are constructed from high-quality, milled chrome molybdenum steel with a sandblasted nickel finish. The mini precision bit driver features a spinning endcap to allow constant finger pressure while turning and a bit storage compartment in handle. A spudger is also included to carefully pry open electronic devices without damaging delicate parts. All compactly organized in a pocket-sized carry case, this set can go anywhere you go. Keep it in the kitchen drawer, glove compartment, or pack in your luggage when you travel. You can always be ready for those challenging little repairs that come up at the most inconvenient times.

Set Includes:

  • (3) Flat: 1, 1.5, 2.5mm
  • (4) Phillips: #000, #00, #0, #1
  • (3) Star Drive: T3, 4, 5
  • (6) Tamper-Resistant Star Drive; TR6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15
  • (2) Tri-Wing: TRI 0, 1
  • (2) Pentalobe: TS1, 5
  • (2) Nut Drivers: 4, 5mm
  • (1) Precision Driver
  • (1) Spudger
  • (2) Bit Organizer
  • (1) Storage Case

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