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Timex Men's T49612 Expedition Trail Series Shock Digital Compass Black/Green Resin Strap Watch

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Timex shock better than Casio G-Shock
I'm in the military I know alot of people who have the Casio G-Shock watches. I bought the Timex Expedition Adventure Tech Shock watch about 3 yeras ago. Put it thorugh salt water, rain, submereged it in water, and smashed against anything you can think of. Never had a problem with it, I had to replace the battery in it about a year ago and recently took it thourgh a 10K mud run and it's still working just fine. Best watch I've ever owned. I would put this watch up against any high dollar military/outdoor watch.

This watch has more features than most g-shock watches and its way more user friendly,this watch is so tough,i beat it daily at work and it shows no sign of wear!its dunked in water all through the day,jarred,bumped and banged and it looks like new still and the digits are bigger than the g's (big plus for us over 40 guys),hands down my favorite watch and it"s loaded with lots of cool features: time,day,date,month,a.m. p.m. indicators,3 time zones,compass(works dead on!)stopwatch,timer,occasion reminders,hydration timer,200m water resit,shock resist,and indiglo night lite with night mode,and worth every penny.As a hunter and fisherman,this watch helped me get back to my truck after getting turned around in the thick florida woods on a small game hunting trip,this is a useful feature that worked in a real world situation unlike casio's useless temp. and barometer watches that have to be off your wrist for 20 minutes to even read close.Another big plus over the g-shock watches, is the price,a watch with this many features from a casio g model would be well over a couple hundred bucks or more!(like a frogman model)i.m.h.o.this thing should be military issue!its that good,hope this review helps.

awesome watch!
This watch surprised me! I'm in the military and have owned quite a few tactical watches, most costing more that a few hundred dollars. For the price of this watch, its basically a freebie. Its not loaded with a bunch of unnecessary features. The compass is DEAD ON! Very easy to calibrate on the fly. I wish they had this watch in all black and a coyote tan, I'd probably order them as well just to have a back up! Good job Timex!

Best watch hands down!
13 years in the military, two deployments to Iraq, Kuwait and a year in Korea and tons of so called "military watches."
This is by far the most rugged and most reliable watched I've owned. The display is reassessed so when you hit against something, the glass won't get hit. It's constructed with larger buttons so you can easily make adjustments during night ops. But those buttons don't stick out like most other watches. They look as if they aren't even there. The compass is very accurate. And with all timex watches, it's also very user friendly! I recently bought a darker colored version. Green is awesome but the darker one is also nice looking. If you're looking a tough inexpensive watch with a compass, then look no further.

Timex Quality
I bought a watch at the store and returned it broken the next and used my store credit for this watch six years ago. The watch is absolutely a perfect design. It has a repeating timer that I use for all sorts of things; it calls it a hydrate function. The built in electronic compass is fairly accurate and the watch is strong.

The screen is black and the bezel is protected through a great guard design. This is a great watch and I own Swiss, G-Shock, Seiko and Citizen watches that more costly are not of greater quality.

I have owned the watch 5 years and recently bought a duplicate to make sure I had a backup! :)


Can I rate it 9 to 10 stars please!!!
Was an old Casio customer since Casio F-5 model came out around (maybe) 1980 up until September 2010.

I started to need a watch with larger numbers so when I was out on missions :-) I was able to see the numbers under intense desert sun light. I was not sure about purchasin a SUNTO however the SUUNTO watches had so many unnessesary features for me based on my military work. After long search found this one and starting with the HYDRATION, COMPASS and being able to track 3 diferent time zones it set this watch apart since the price makes perfect sense.

Toughest watch made today.
I've had this watch for three years. I own three other watches that claimed to be 'tough' but what they really meant was that it will keep ticking. Just because a watch ticks doesnt make it tough. A watch that can take a beating and still tick ACCURATELY is what makes a watch tough. This green beast will never let you down. During the past three years I have dropped it from over thirty feet onto pavement, its been hit hard on concrete barriers, metal scafalding, a stuborn mare kicked it... there is no beating this watch cant handle. The other three wathches i bought thinking they would be tough show very noticable signs of wear and tear while this Timex, asside from one scratch, looks brand new. Every other watch i have owned i felt the need to somewhat baby it to keep it from breaking but not this one. Im in Afghanistan right now and have had the watch on almost the entire time. No matter how much its banged around or how much sand and grime gets into it, it never stops working and working perfectly. I dont know if i just got a factory freak that was perfectly made or if all of these model watches are this tough but I dont see the need to buy another watch for a very long time.

Great watch for military, includes reliable digital compass mode
Fantastic watch that I replaced a $250-$300 Suunto with similar capabilities. No problem reading the dial. Included compass feature, which is hard to get on a watch this inexpensive.

-Very rugged, all parts are pretty stiff and thick, nothing that will easily snap off or bend.
-Waterproof for all daily use
-The gray area below the time display show icons for whatever else is running in the background (like an alarm or stopwatch)
-Useful Hydration timer gives a unique recurring reminder to drink for during workouts
-Multiple timers, alarms
-Large buttons which don't stick out from watch body. Since they're not raised buttons, they don't catch on anything.

-Confusing Lap settings on the stopwatch
-Overly stiff band doesn't conform well to very skinny wrists, is a little uncomfortable
-Greenish blue tint to the grey is a little weird. Doesn't bother me, but it's not monochromatic if that matters to you.
-Nothing else
-Bezel ring doesn't move or rotate, is just for decoration.

Phenomenal watch I will be taking to Afghanistan. Excellent price for the features. Tactical coloring scheme and reverse LCD display is perfect for military.

This watch is a tank (as in the armored vehicle type)
I love this watch. It is rugged and durable and I am brutal on watches. The face is somewhat recessed which prevents the crystal from being damaged. The band is a bit stiff but you get used to it. It has all the features I want on a daily use watch. The compass is quite accurate but should be recalibrated periodically. I like that the buttons are flush with the case of the watch which give it a low profile for a large watch. The only button that protrudes is the Indiglo light button which makes it easy to find in dark conditions. The light stays illuminated for about 5 seconds after pushing the button which is generally enough time to read the dial. The watch is easy to set-up and is very user friendly. I am a long time Timex fan and again I am not disappointed.

Outstanding watch. Compass is Excellent. Color is perfect Olive Drab.
I wore a Seiko Quarts 100 for 25 years and still have that watch. Bought an Invicta mechanical (Seiko mechanical movement, 25-jewel, titanium case and bracelet) and wore it for two years. Excellent watch but I wanted a military-type watch and this one is perfect. I wear it 24 x 7. My only gripe is the penchant to put too many functions on digital watches. The instruction sheet is big with small print. The watch face is dark and sometimes the watch must be held at a slight angle to the light in order to see the time/date. I am very very picky about visibility on a watch face, but I like this watch so much that I can't imagine replacing it.


Technical data

  • Constructed with the great outdoors in mind, this Expedition Trail series Shock is a watch that goes far beyond telling time.
  • Indiglo® night-light with Night-Mode
  • Accurate digital compass with displays heading in degrees and sixteen cardinal points and digital compass needle
  • Shock-Resistant to ISO Standards
  • Water resistant to 660 feet (200 M): suitable for recreational scuba diving


Product Description

We feel most alive when we’re furthest from life’s routine. The air seems fresher when we ski unmarked slopes, define our own trail, or escape to our secluded fishing spot. Creating a relationship with nature nourishes like no technology can. Timex® Expedition® watches reflect the secluded terrain that inspires adventure, and are built to endure the depths and elements you subject yourself to.

While it looks like a casual watch, the full-sized Timex men's T49612 Expedition Trail Series Shock Digital Compass Black/Green Resin Strap Watch includes a highly accurate digital compass to help keep you on course when hiking the trails or urban spelunking. Compass features include bearings based on 16 cardinal points measured in degrees and a function that enables you to set declination angle based on geography. It has a large, durable and light-weight resin case in green that's topped with a gray ring featuring compass headings. It also features a 100-hour chronograph, English or metric units, water resistance to 200 meters (660 feet), and a durable resin strap.

The Indiglo® night-light uniformly lights the surface of the watch dial using patented blue electroluminescent lighting technology. It uses less battery power than most other watch illumination systems, enabling your watch battery to last longer. The Night Mode feature allows you to illuminate the Indiglo® night-light for 3 seconds with any button press, regardless of the mode or function.

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