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Thermos FOOGO Phases Stainless Steel Straw Bottle, Blue/Yellow, 10 Ounce

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Product Reviews

Leak-proof and keeps liquids cold
I got this container to keep my son's milk cold while he is at day care since they do not have a refrigerator. It does a great job of keeping liquids cool, and when the cap is screwed on properly, it has never ever leaked. I was worried that it would be heavy for my 14-month old to hold, but is is very lightweight. Also the outside does not get very cold to the touch when it is filled with a cold liquid (another worry I had pre-purchase).

Within minutes of the first use, my son threw it on the floor and the open lid came off. However, it wasn't broken and easily popped back in. I think it may actually be designed to pop off easily so that it does NOT break. I will say it has been through dozens more tosses (my son is in that phase!) and has not separated again.

One thing that DOES separate is the base of the straw from the cap. I will try explain this. When you open the top cap of the bottle, you see the blue screw top with a clear silicone straw sticking up through a triangular hole in the screw top. The straw is actually connected on the other side of the screw top to a larger, round piece of silicone which is the size of the bottle. Where the straw meets this round piece is a triangular silicone base which fits the straw to the hole in the blue cap. So, it's all one piece: straw to triangular base to flat round piece. And that's what creates the seal to prevent liquid from spilling out.

There are two issues with this design: First, the triangular piece can sometimes push BACKWARDS through the hole in the blue cap which means that the seal preventing liquid from coming through is no longer 100%. When this happens, liquid can leak out of the base hole that the straw comes through. The second issue is that it makes the straw difficult to clean because the part where the child sucks is on an angle down to the round piece. From there it "turns" to come straight down to connect to the actual straw inside the bottle. So, the mouthpiece is like an angled "L" shape (and, of course, has a very small opening) - there's nothing you can really fit inside to clean it, so you just have to run soapy water through it and hope that does the job. It doesn't do the job for thicker liquids (like a smoothie), and I have found myself digging in with a Q-tip.

However, I would give this bottle top marks for generally not leaking, keeping liquids cool and being very easy for a child to use. Plus, the stainless steel inside and wide mouth make it exceptionally easy to clean the interior. I clean it by hand as that works best, but it does well in the top rack of a dishwasher, too. Would recommend.

WONDERFUL!!! The answer to all sippy cups!
I've tried the following sippy cups for either one or both of my children:

-Klean Kanteen (great, but doesn't insulate)
-CamelBack Kids (great, but hard to clean)
-Born Free (good, but is in a spout, not straw)
-Playtex (straw, but not too durable)
-Nuby Sport sipper (leaks!)
-Nuby Straw sippy (really good, but hard to clean - especially when I put smoothies in this sippy)

I've found that the FooGoo thermos is the BEST one to accommodate my criteria:
-easy to clean (dishwasher)
-not too many parts (only 3: plastic blue top at you see in the pic, 1 straw and 1 'mouthpiece' -- all very easy to clean)
-easy to open (My daughter does occupational therapy to strengthen her finger muscles but she has no problem with opening this on her own. My 11 month old son can also open it as well as drink from it well - I know it says 18 months and above, but he wants what big sister has!)

I have four of these, two in blue for my son and two in pink for my daughter. They really do keep drinks cold for about 8 hours. I just love them!!! The only drawback that I can think of is that when I put ice in it (with their milk), it may be a little heavy for my son (but he'll get stronger as he gets older.)

It's definitely worth the cost. Be ware because there is a FooGoo that they sell that costs about $6 but it is made of plastic (kind of like a Nalgene bottle), but the double insulated stainless steel, like this one.

great for toddlers
this cup is our favorite, but it wasn't until our son got a little older. we like it because it's not completely vacuum sealed to make it leak proof and, therefore, the liquid inside comes out a lot more easily. if you've tried drinking from a leak proof straw cup, you'll know and it takes a lot of energy to drink out of them. i found that my son drinks more and more easily from this cup than some of his other completely leak proof cups, and my theory is that the liquid comes out more easily. it has a tiny air hole on the top to let air in when you drink, which means if you tip over the cup while the top is open, liquid will spill. if the lid is closed, it is completely leak proof. often, i throw the (closed) cup in my bag and i've never had a leak.

i think this is less of an issue if you have an older toddler who understands that you have to hold cups upright or they will spill. my son is 27 months and he gets that. we still have some spills but i'm ok with that if it means my son is drinking more milk. other leak proof cups also do leak if you put in cold liquids like milk or refrigerated juice as the liquid warms to room temperature, except those leak out the straw, and that is way more irritating for me than the foogo.

we use both the stainless steel and plastic and we love them equally. the stainless keeps liquids cold for hours--really impressive. you just need to make sure the inside of the cup is cold before pouring in the cold liquid. the plastic one is great for everyday use. we've had one cup for about a year and added 3 more to the rotation. they all look new. none have broken so far. the silicone part of the straw does wear down, especially with kids chewing on them, but they don't wear down as quickly as some other popular straw cups. overall, this is a fantastic cup for toddlers!

perfect for toddlers
We bought these for a airplane trip because I wanted some way to close the top completely while traveling (our normal sippy cups don't have a lid). These are great but are not like a sippy cup (not that they purport to be), they leak if held at a downward angle or upside down WITHOUT the lid on. WITH the lid closed, they don't leak at all.

Haven't found better bottles yet
After trying numerous kinds of kids bottles and sippy cups, these became the only ones we use.
- Stainless steel is a big plus when you have to leave the water bottle in a hot car in Texas heat, because plastic will emit toxic materials under such high temp.
- The insulation works perfectly, keeps the liquid hot or cold all day long.
- The straws have two parts, a long plastic straw and a soft silicone spout. Both can be removed and cleaned using a STRAW CLEANING BRUSH (caps because some users reported mold issue in the spout, with a straw cleaning brush and air dry mold can definitely be prevented. We've had these bottles for two years, and no mold is growing).
- As far as the leak, I've noticed that if the little PLASTIC RING under the lid is forgotten, then the bottle will leak. The plastic ring is not just a decoration. Otherwise it's 99% leak proof when the lid is closed tightly. Once in a while there's a bit water coming out, but not a big mess at all.
- Most importantly the kids can drink out of these cups without putting in much effort, unlike a lot of the spill-proof sippy cups, which are nearly impossible to suck out of. I've tried some adult straw bottles and they are not even as good as this one. So this is definitely our favorite cup. Will buy the Thermo Funtainers for more storage.

Insulated and better than Kleen Canteen. Tips to stop any leaks.
This was the best option out there for my preschooler's Built Big Apple Buddies Insulated Lunch Bag, Astor Owl which is small and the perfect size for a 3 year old. This is a *thermos* so it will keep drinks cold unlike Kleen Canteen which is completely uninsulated. I use the inexpensive OXO Tot Straw and Sippy Cup Top Cleaning Set, Aqua to clean inside the straw and silicon straw base. It will clean the removable valve under the straw base very well with the plastic toothpick option. *DO NOT* forget to re-plug this tiny valve back into the straw base or you will have leaks which is why I think there were some complaints. It is easily overlooked. The Oxo set now ships free with OnlineShopDealer prime and is very inexpensive and easily replaced every 6 months or so. I did not care for the inflexible hard plastic straw the thermos came with (it tasted funny) so I replaced it with the silicon sippy straw from Thinkbaby Thinkster Straw Bottle, 9 Ounce, Natural/Orange. Fits perfectly and no bad tastes and no leaks.

We've had and used two of these Foogos for over a year now, almost every day. I have absolutely no complaints at all... when I put it together... however my husband occasionally manages to twist the lid on so tightly it swivels the straw and causes it to leak. This seems to be more of a problem if the parts are wet when fitting the straw into the lid.
In a nutshell, with a little care and attention this is utterly leak proof and it keeps my son's drink perfectly cool all day. It washes up well in the dishwasher too (switching off the heated dry cycle stops the plastic parts taking on any detergent smell/taste).
Small print: We did need to do a small amount of 'training' when my son first started to use this Foogo to ensure he always closed down the lid after he was done drinking... if the lid is open it will totally leak if it's knocked over.

Ordering replacement parts is easy!
Both of my kids really like this style of thermos. We have had no problems with leaks, although I do have to take care to screw the lid on properly and tightly. When we recently lost one of the straws on a trip, I called Thermos at 1-800-831-9242. They offered to send a new straw for free! I think this is great customer service. We also like the food jar: Thermos Foogo Leak-Proof Stainless Steel 10-Ounce Food Jar, Pink

Best sippy out there!
I love this cup. I purchased it at Buy Buy Baby for my 15 month old daughter, and am so glad that I did! After a very frustrating two months of trying different sippy cups and straw cups and having to shampoo my carpets fifty different times because they leaked, this was a breath of fresh air.

The straw is soft, so my daughter can walk around with it and I don't have to worry about her falling on it and it puncturing the roof of her mouth. It can hold a lot of liquid, and keeps it really cold for a long time! I also like the lid becausyou can close it and throw it in the diaper bag and not have to worry.

The straw can be a bit difficult to clean, but I found that a Q-tip is the perfect size for getting into the straw that comes out of the lid at the top, and the bottom one can be cleaned with a very thin nipple brush (like the ones that come from Dr. Browns).

Now, if you turn the sucker upside down it leaks. BUT, I think that expecting a cup to be completely leak-proof is unreasonable, especially if it's straw cup. I just told my daughter not to turn it upside down a few times and she got the point. Now, she carries it around everywhere and prefers it over her bottle (which we are in the process of weaning from).

Great cup!

Great customer service!
We got this cup as a gift. Our daughter uses it everyday and loves it. She's used it for a few months now and ended up biting the straw leaving a ragged edge. It turns out you can call Thermos and they will mail replacement parts. The phonecall was SO easy! I got to talk with a real person after the computer directed me to replacement parts and the price is minimal compared to buying a new cup. I am very happy with the cup, but even happier with the company's customer service!


Technical data

  • THERMOS vacuum insulation keeps beverages cold and fresh for 10 hours; exterior stays condensation free
  • Kid-proof design; durable stainless steel interior and exterior inhibits bacteria growth
  • Made from bisphenol-A free (BPA Free) materials¬†and features interchangeable parts that fit other FOOGO Phases cups
  • Phase 3 for children ages 18 months and up; Easy to open hygienic push button lid with pop-up silicone straw
  • 10 ounce capacity; hand wash/top rack dishwasher safe
  • Thermos vacuum insulation keeps beverages cold and fresh for 10 hours
  • Kid proof design
  • Made from bisphenol A free materials¬†and features interchangeable parts that fit other foogo Phases cups
  • Phase 3 for children ages 18 months and up
  • hand wash/top rack dishwasher safe


Product Description

Long considered a trusted partner by parents in providing healthy food and drink options for kids, Thermos brand has brought its superior insulation technology to FOOGO Phases, a line of children's products for ages six months and older. Freshness and safety go hand in hand. If not kept at the right temperature, food and beverages can spoil, causing potentially dangerous bacteria to form. FOOGO Phases stainless steel products feature THERMOS vacuum insulation which has been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria in a laboratory test performed by Cornell University, and will keep beverages cold and fresh for ten hours. In addition to providing added protection from spoilage and food borne illnesses, Thermos brand offers parents extra peace of mind in knowing that FOOGO products use BPA-free materials. FOOGO Phases drinkware features interchangeable parts that fit all other Phases cups. With interchangeable lids and handles, FOOGO Phases drinkware easily adapts to a child's changing needs. To clean, hand washing is recommended for best results, or top rack dishwasher safe.

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