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iPhone 6 Case, Tech Armor iPhone 6 Case, 4.7 inch - FlexProtect Air Space Grey/Clear Fingerprint Resistant Scratch Resistant Lifetime Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the case.
I was skeptical at first, but I needed a cheap case for my new iPhone 6 to serve as a stop gap/ temporary protection until I got a better quality case from the big name manufacturers, so I bought the tech armor case. It was cheap and I figured it would last about a month, before I had to replace it with a better more high quality case (since most of them were out of stock or backordered for weeks).

But that was before I laid my hands on it. The moment I removed it form the onlineshopdealer mailer package, I knew this was different. You can tell a lot about the quality of a product by the quality of it's packing, and Tech Armor sold this case in packaging that would make sellers of $50 cases ashamed at their poor attempts. The packaging was high quality and firm. And easy to open (tip: Attempt from the bottom).

And now to the case itself. The Plastic on the rim is firm but not hard, sort of like a soft touch plastic, and feels great in my hand, and allows me to grip the phone properly without all that slipping and sliding on the bare aluminum surface. The transparent back is also plastic, but glossy (for obvious reasons) and till now has resisted some fingerprint stains so that is good news. In a bout a day of semi-rough use, i have not been able to scratch it (but that is no guarantee, i will update this review a few weeks from now, to give my impressions). But the best part is that the phone looks great in the case, the bumper fits nicely, and compliments the design of the phone without being obtrusive and hiding the beauty of the phone. The transparent back also does the same, by allowing us to see the actual phone itself.

Protection: I have not had a serious drop yet, but I usually tend to have 3-4 casual drops a day from about 2-3 feet, nothing major, but in the couple of times the phone has slid out form my hand in the last 24 hours, I have not been disappointed. the case has sustained the fall without any cosmetic change, in fact it gave a slightly dull thud when it hit the ground (which reassured me that it was well cushioned)

Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase, and I would definitely buy a tech armor case again. Whereas earlier, I was contemplating using it as a temporary case, until I bought a better one. Now i'm planning on keeping this as my primary case, and saving myself a bunch of money!

Great case for the price
Fits my iPhone 6 perfectly. Very snug and i like the raised edges so i can lay the phone face down and not worry about the screen getting scratched. The color also matches the space grey color of my iPhone. Added bonus: even with prime, the case arrived within a day of ordering!

Excellent case
I am a fan of Tech Armor, and I love this case, which fits my phone perfectly. It is easy to get on and off, and all the ports and openings are perfectly aligned. I like the clear back so the beauty of the silver back shows through. The sides are grippy but not sticky, a big improvement for me over the slick surface of the phone itself. You've gotta trust a company that offers a lifetime guarantee. I got their HD screen protector as well. The only drawback is that I'd like more color - I ordered the Space Gray to match my phone, but it just isn't jazzy enough for me (would be perfect for someone who likes the understated look). I'd love it if this case were available in other colors.

New favorite case!
The Tech Armor iPhone 6 case fits my new iPhone 6 perfectly. It is not bulky at all yet it still feels sturdy. I love the style and the fit for it. All the buttons/headphone jack and usb port are accessible while being protected. It is definitely worth the price! I will be buying another case just to have variety in color.

Great minimalist case...
Had this case on my iPhone 5. At 7.95 it was worth a shot, and ended up being the best case I've ever had. Bought the 6 friday and came back to Tech Armor for the same case. Same quality, material and ease of use. Thin enough to not get in the way, thick enough to provide decent protection without being some bulky otter box.

Another great case!
This case is fantastic. The grip is great and I love that you can see the back of the phone. The buttons are very easy to push and the outside edges of the case feels cushy enough that it could protect the phone if dropped. It's also very aesthetically pleasing and matches the iPhone 6 very well. The fit is perfect and matches the dimensions of the phone very well (i.e., it's not loose or easily going to come off). I got it today and look forward to using it. I have been a huge fan of Tech Armor and this is another great product. Couldn't be more please. Highly recommend this product to anyone.

Very stylist and durable!
I've just got this case for 2 days and so far so goo. I love the design with the clear back. that way it doesn't hide the color of my iphone 6. I mean what's the point of getting a gold iphone and end up having to cover it all up with a protective case. So this case is perfect. It's nicely constructed. Very light and very thin compare to some other cases. Would definitely recommend this case for those who are looking for elegant case with full protection.

Bought it as a temporary stop gap but like it so much I'm getting a second one for our other phone
My wife and I both upgraded to the iPhone 6 and I have been waiting for one of the other big name case manufactures to come out with their clear case. My wife wasn't comfortable waiting since she keeps her phone in her purse and wanted something to protect it right away. I saw this case on OnlineShopDealer for $8.45 and thought I would give it a try. I have been using Tech Armor screen proctors for several years and absolutely love them. I honestly expected this case to be an inexpensive stop gap until the other case I thought I wanted was available. My wife loves this case and I'm so impressed with it I'm not going to bother waiting on the other brand. I'm ordering a second one for myself.

1) The clear case allows us to see the color of our phones. The gray border accents the phone nicely
2) It is very slim so it doesn't add any noticeable bulk to the iPhone 6
3) Despite being so slim, it feels sturdy. It is very well constructed.
4) Other reviews have said it doesn't fit the phone snugly enough but my wife's phone feels very secure in the case. Also, one of the reviews said the buttons didn't line up, but ours line up perfectly. Perhaps that one was just a bad case?

Honestly, we don't have any cons so far. She hasn't been using it very long yet but so far she is very happy with it.

Quality case with a minimalist design
The Tech Armor iPhone 6 case is great, especially for the price! The phone easily slid right into the case and seems to stay put fairly well. I tried throwing my phone on the ground to see if it would fall out - being so easy to put into place - and I experienced no issues. The clear back is exactly what I was looking for in order to still be able to enjoy the aesthetics of the design. It's low profile so it doesn't add much weight or thickness to the phone. It also has a slight lip around the front edges so that it protects your screen if dropped flat down. With that being said, don't expect to drop your phone in a pile of rocks and have the same results. Overall, it was a great purchase, especially for someone who normally doesn't like to use phone cases because of the bulkiness and the fact that is conceals the beautiful design that Apple worked hard to achieve. The Tech Armor case was able to bypass these issues with great satisfaction.

I am very pleased with this case
Fits perfectly even with a clear film screen protector that I have on. While the protection for droping the phone may not be the same as some of the larger more cumbersome cases on the market, this will give a measure of protection and still maintain the slimness of the phone. I am very pleased with this case.


Technical data

  • Compatible with 4.7-inch iPhone 6 (4.7 inch), all carriers, all models.
  • Tech Armor No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement Warranty.
  • Compatible with All Tech Armor Screen Protectors.
  • Compatible with all Tech Armor, Apple and OnlineShopDealer branded lightning cables.
  • Raised Edge Protects Screen from Scratches.


Product Description

Protect Your iPhone 6 with The Clear Choice from TECH ARMOR!

Protect your iPhone 6 against the inevitable bumps, drops, and slides that cell phones experience daily. Engineered precision lift ensures your iPhone 6 display glass does not scratch when face down. The iPhone 6 Case snaps on easily, delivering simple access to volume buttons and ports, while allowing audio freedom for your speaker!

- Crystal Clear, Fingerprint and Scratch Resistant Backing

- High quality durable PC/TPU material infused in each FlexProtect Case

- Contoured precision cutouts give access to ports, cameras, buttons, and microphone

- Colors to match and compliment every iPhone.

Made from lightweight tough PC and TPU materials, providing protection without weighing your phone down. The tactile finish makes it easy to handle and reduces the chance of drops.

Every Tech Armor FlexProtect iPhone 6 Case is backed by the HASSLE-FREE TECH ARMOR LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY!

We want you 100% Satisfied with your Tech Armor Purchase! Our commitment to you is that we will keep your device protected, the TECH ARMOR WAY, or your money back.


- Apple iPhone 6 4.7-inch, All Models, All Carriers

- Works with All Tech Armor Screen Protectors

- Works with all Tech Armor, Apple, and OnlineShopDealer branded lightning cables


Each FlexProtect Case is infused with custom matched colors including:

- Space Gray/Crystal Clear

- Cool Gray/Crystal Clear

- Frosted/Crystal Clear

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