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TaoTronics TT-SL032 Indoor and Outdoor Led String Lights Waterproof 100 LED Warm White Color on Copper Wire 33ft LED Starry Light with CE certified 5v Power Adapter For Christmas Wedding and Party(Both Led light and Adapter are WaterProof)

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One of the brightest and most energy efficient light strands on the market!
Lighting has changed greatly in the last 100 years. Companies like TaoTronics have made the TaoTronics tt-sl032 100 Led String Lights as an indoor and outdoor energy efficient alternative to conventional lighting.

▶ Package Contents
• 1 x TaoTronics TT-SL032 100 Led String Lights
• 1 x Power Adapter

▶ Accessories
The only accessory that this device includes is the power adapter that attaches to the 100 LEDs. The adapter is approximately 3 x 1.5 x 0.8 inches; 3.5 ounces. At the top is a two prong class B connector to attach a two prong GFCI receptacle that has a waterproof enclosure. The enclosure would attach to the ribbed pattern. On the left side is the specs of the adapter (and lights), and on the right side are warnings to safely attach the power adapter or risk being shocked.

▶ Specifications
• Model: TT-SL032
• 33 ft, 100 LED lights
• Input: 120V-60Hz, 0.12A
• Output: 12V, 5.5W
• For indoor and outdoor use

▶ Hardware
The power adapter cord is 60 inches before the start of the 33 foot light strand wire. The cord for the light strand is made of three to four winded pure copper wires, with LED lights that are covered by hot glue. The copper wire is very thin and flexible, perfect for molding around any structure, but I do want to note this is like a huge earphone cord; an untangling nightmare. According to TaoTronics each light is about every 4 inches, but I think it is more accurate to say around 5 inches instead, as most lights are in the area of 4.5-5.0 inches apart. According to the U.S. department of energy, these lights are the brightest on the market by 25 times, and 75% more efficient. The price tag may be much more expensive than regular bulbs, but being this much more efficient will save you money in the future. I really like the overall build of these LED lights, but the light strand cannot be extended past the 100th LED, which means you can’t extend a strand around your house. If you only need 33 feet though, this is perfect for your projects.

▶ Setup
Setup for this is simple. Simply connect the power adapter to the power adapter cord and screw the enclosure onto the ribbed pattern. This will make your adapter water proof and safe to touch for outdoor use.

▶ Testing
I started testing this device by plugging it in to see the luminosity of the lights. The lights are indeed very bright, probably the same brightness you’d see from a 100W bulb or higher, and the fact that these lights only use 5.5W is really impressive.

I then tested the claim that these lights don’t overheat, since most lights, and even LEDs, will overheat when used for extended periods of time. I coiled the wire to potentially receive the most likely situation for overheating and let it on for 14 hours. The results were astonishing, as I was able to touch the entire strand for each of the 14 hours without receiving a burn, but I do want to note that the light strand did get warm. These results in any case is astonishing, as most lights, TVs, monitors, lamps, and any other LED technology would overheat with extended use. I am genuinely impressed by these results.
▶ Final Thoughts
I would recommend this light strand to anyone considering using this for their projects and is why I give this product a rating of 5 stars. The only issue I see with this device is that it can’t get any longer, but approximately 40 total feet (light strand + power adapter cord) should give you enough room for any of your projects, as long as you aren’t attempting to light your house with it.

+ 75% more efficient and 25x brighter than conventional light bulbs. These are very bright for such small bulbs.
+ Able to use indoor and outdoor
+ No overheating (As seen in tests)
+ Each LED is approximately 4-5 inches apart, and total of approximately 40 feet (light strand + power adapter cord). The copper wire allows you to mold around any object.

- Very expensive short term ($29.99 on Sale)
- Light strand cannot extend to another device, as there is no extension adapter.
- If the strand isn’t banded when storing, then it will be a nightmare to untangle.

I was provided a sample in exchange for a thorough and honest review.

Impressive light quality, brightness, and low power usage
This is a really nice strand of lights. The LED lights are very bright and energy efficient. It only uses about 5-6 watts according to the manual and my Kill-A-Watt. It may get slightly warm, but not hot. The color is great (not your ugly LED light; it's a nice warm light, probably about 2700K). There is no flickering that I can detect.

But some items to note:
* Don't forgot to screw on the plastic ring that secures the black wire to the power transformer like I forgot to at first
* Be careful not to tangle the lights, and the copper wire seems fragile (it's thin) so handle with care
* The copper wire is very bendable and will likely easily bend to do what you want
* You can't connect these end-to-end like some other light sets
* Don't hang anything from the wire
* Can be used indoors or outdoors
* The manual could be better

Possible uses as listed in the manual:
* Business: lights around signs, decorate walls, improving dining experience
* General: Wrap plants and furniture, light up a garden, pin across walls and ceilings to create a nice atmosphere
* Holidays: Christmas, New Year's, birthdays, etc.

Overall I was impressed with this set. The low power and light quality are impressive.

NOTE: I was sent a free product sample for review.

TaoTronics TT-SL033 Fully Submersible Mini LED String Light 2X
This is really cool. A pair of seven foot LED light strings completely liquid sealed and battery powered.

The Service from SunValley Tech was surprisingly swift with 2 day shipping.

At a recent party I attached them to the baseboards to mark the correct coarse to the restroom.

Strategically placed it makes interesting highlights in an antique curved glass curio cabinet filled with cut crystal items from previous centuries.

Over the weekend on an outing I strung one around the bow of the boat and had fish leaping onto the boat deck.

Yesterday's thunderstorm caused a 4 hour power outage. The two strings made a cheerfull nightlight to help fight back the helpless feeling when there is no power.

I have found many uses for this whimsical fun light string product. Increase your personal safety, drape one over your shoulders walking the dog at night.

Great for Special Events, Parties, Holidays

Length:: 2:12 Mins

Never thought string light could be this fun! The copper wires allows you to shape it to your imagination. Great for decoration at party, special event, holidays, or just use as a regular light.

+ Shape-able copper wires, make varies shapes for any event or just hang it up as a line.
+ Champagne golden colored LED, beautiful for any occasion. Especially well for anniversary.
+ Long 33 feet of LED wire and 5 feet of electrical cord.
+ LED light does not get hot so it can be safely handled.
+ Fun to use and easy to work with. (Note: Go slow when wire is tangled)

Overall, great alternative to the traditional Christmas lights and best of all, it is shape -able allowing endless imaginative designs/ideas. Only thing I wish for is a even lengthier version.

Simple to use light with Power Outlet

Length:: 4:03 Mins

I have use similar LED string light that're portable and using battery pack. If you're looking for one of those, these aren't it. However, if you're looking for a set of water proof string light that simulate a starry stars light this is it! I forgot to mention the video but the light are water proof and you can dip the light itself in the water with no issue. Just remember not to PUT in the POWER ADAPTER.
The light are amber in color and are in the range of 2700-2900K. The bulbs are arch out of the string and depend on which direction you're looking at them they might have different intensity.
The strings themselves are made out of cooper wire and are insulated in plastic. They're very easy to bend and shape into anything you like but remember not to pull on them when they're tangle which could cause the cable to break.
Please note a retail unit of this light was sent to me for a fair and honest review.

Very bright, very waterproof and guaranteed not to tangle when you take it out of the package!
As usual I received this item free in exchange for a review. Despite that kindness I give my candid opinions below.

* I've reviewed lots of these and the thing that strikes me most about these is the packaging. Usually they come in an envelope wound up and tangled annoyingly. These come on a cardboard spool so you have a chance of just unraveling them. Cool!

* Very simple operation just plug them into the wall and there you go.

* Copper wiring makes these easy to wrap around anything and make them stay up. Works in any situation just make sure not to bend them back and forth too much. These are copper wires after all.

* Very bright and very waterproof.

* Many other LED string products have different modes or controls. This one doesn't; it's always on as long as it's plugged in.

Magical. Lights
These are gorgeous. I was afraid that the sample I was offered as a review sample would be only good for the holidays. That was wrong. These are a beautiful accent and look amazing in the tree on my magical and fun. But when they're off, you wouldn't even know they're there.

They are on a tiny thin wire, so they're easy to install and kind of hide. The wire makes it where they can be bent and shaped and kept in place without a bunch of fasteners. So easy to be so cute.

Sample without obligation

Great Accent Lights
This is a great way to accent any vase or piece of artwork.

There are 100 LED lights attached to an exposed copper wire. The copper wire will firmly hold the shape of any object.

One you have wrapped they object you would like to display, just plug the lights into the corded wall adapter.

I had plans to use this, but my wife had other ideas once she saw how nice it was.

I was supplied a sample for the purpose of review.

Long, bright and can be used outside
In the past two years I've reviewed well over a dozen different LED light strings. Most of them would run very hot if left on for over twelve hours, and very few were suitable for outdoors use. These are a vast improvement. Since there are a lot of review already posted I'll cover the way I use these and some observations and comparisons of the review sample that I received.

This one is weatherproof. I am not going to claim waterproof, although the cable and where it connects to the transformer are. For outdoors use you need an outlet that has an integrated GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupt) circuit and a cover. The type of outlets with an enclosing cover will probably not work because the transformer protrudes about 3.5 inches from the socket when you take the bend in the cable into account. I have an outlet in an enclosed patio that I power mine from.

I love the length. It has a very generous five foot power cable, and thirty-three feet of very bright LEDs. The string runs very cool, so this is also an ideal decor for indoors. Some brands get hot to the point where they can become a fire hazard if left on overnight. These do not. Note: although these are bright they are not glaring. The color temperature is somewhere under 4000 on the Kelvin scale, so they provide a warmer glow, However they will definitely illuminate and with 33 feet of LEDs they can truly stand out.

The one thing I do not like is the instructions that need to be more specific regarding safety. I learned more about how to safely use these outside from the label on the transformer than I did from the instructions. I was tempted to subtract a star because of that omission. Since this light string is superior in every other way to nearly all of the other models and brands I have used I decided that five stars is appropriate.

Beautiful packaging, Calming LEDs, everyone just says "WOW" when they see it!
I've been playing with the TaoTronics TT-SL032 Led String for around a week now and it has been pretty amazing.

Check out the pics I uploaded to check out what I received.

On arrival, the packaging was just delightful. I showed my co workers and friends and they were very impressed with the packaging.
Looks like a stellar gift.

1. LED string
2. Wall Plug
3. Manual

Basically: Copper wires with LED attached and rubber wrapped every 4-5 inches.
Very simple and easy. Just plug and use. Nothing complicated.
Mainly checked out the manual for safety.
The Wall plug has an enclosure to seal away moisture to allow the waterproof claim.

The copper itself is very easily bent and molded to what you wish to wrap it around.

At first I thought it would be dangerous to touch the copper wires, but touching them did not bring the expected shock.

Only thing shocking was the amount of light this string produced.
I'll be certain to use it for some nice glow around the house.
Being so flexible, this can be easily applied to many projects.

Only improvements to the LED would be to allow us to attach more lights, possibly they are limited by the amount of power output.

Overall, the LED light string is very pretty and is quite calming.

Either way, LED can save power and nothing wrong with that!

Hope this is helpful to ya!


Technical data

  • High quality copper wire that is thin and flexible and coiled with paper tub so it will never make a mess, easy storage and ready for next use, reel in the string lights to keep it tidy, organized and easy to be untied.The string lighting can be easily bended, and shaped around plants, signs, furniture and almost everything else.
  • Cost effective and energy efficient. The LED String Light will not overheat after many hours of usage. You can safely touch it even after 14 hours of usage
  • Waterproof Power Adapter, Low profile that is easy to hide away and disappear from the scene. Its safety is guaranteed with CE and RoHS certification.Copper wires are also waterproof, so there is no any problem to use it in the rain.
  • 2700-2900K warm white-yellow Mini Led Lights are so bright and they illuminate a dark corner and create a romantic sentiment. the LED starry light is perfect for spice up your decoration and add welcome feelings to your party, restaurant and shops
  • 5 foot adapter cord + 33 foot of lighting wire with 100 individual LEDs, this makes the star light less intense and more pleasant for the eyes.


Product Description

Warm, Relax, and festival The TaoTronics LED String light creates a warm, soft, white-yellow ambience light that is ideal for home and business decoration. Indulge yourself in romance and joy, celebrate Christmas, New Year, Birthdays and that special holiday season, cast a magical look to your house and garden, and impress your family, friends, and relatives with this easy to setup, DIY novelty lighting. Bendable and Flexible Made using high quality copper, Satisfy your creativity desire by bend the LED string light into many unique shapes, or twining around plants and furniture you love. Business Use For business use, you can wrap around your business signs to make it more magical and eye catching, or decorate across your restaurant walls, Adorn your shop/bar/office with this affordable and unique light and make your business stand out from the crowd. Safety First Safety is important. Our power adapter is certified with CE and RoHS for business and home use. Its 5 foot cable will make sure the adapter is tucked safely away safely.The copper wire (with LED light) is waterproof and can be used both indoor and outdoor without any worry of moisture or weather damage or short circuit, The LED used are low heat emission and remains cool after many hours of usage. Worry-Free Customer Service At TaoTronics, we stand behind all our products 100%. Our LED String Light carries 12 month of warranty. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us via email and we will make sure to make things right!Note: Both adapters and LED string light are waterproof. They can stand all kind of weather, including heavy rain and snow. However, because the wire joints are not completely sealed, we do not recommend full submerge in water or other liquids.

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