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FRED SWEET SPIRITS Day of the Dead Cookie Cutter/Stampers, Set of 4

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For the Love of Everything Holy and Good- BUY THESE!
I'm floored. I am a caterer and pastry chef and I gotta say- these are amazing. No complaints whatsoever. Make sure your cookie dough doesn't spread too much or you'll lose the stamped- in pattern. The recipe I use is 1.5 cups softened butter, 1 cup sugar, 1 egg, 2 tbsp milk, 1 tsp vanilla, 1/2 tsp almond extract, 3.5
Cups flour. Bake at 375 for 12 minutes. Works like a charm. If you use glaze to base frost them, let it dry completely and the stamped pattern will show up better. Personally, they look awesome without base frosting. Just the detail is enough. BUY THESE NOW. Pics of my cookies are at anitaHelmet on Twitter.

Bake first then stamp
made marvelous cookies. Not that they looked like the ones on the box.... but they did look pretty dang incredible. I cut the cookies, baked them, and hten stamped them as soon as they came out of the oven. it seemed to work better than stamping THEN baking.

Day of the Dead
these cookie cutters are the best well worth the price my family & I really love all the different designs & colors that we came up with very satisfied

They make awesome sugar skulls!
I used these molds to make sugar skulls for my son's class for their Dia de los Muertos unit. They plan on using the skulls in their individual ofrendas, which will become part of a larger altar. I used a generic sugar skull recipe I found on the internet, packed them into the molds, let them dry for a few minutes, and then stamped the fronts. The kids can decorate the printed side, or if they are feeling more creative, they can decorate the flat back of the molded skull. It worked out so well! The molds themselves are well constructed and have held out well to multiple hand washings. The imprint on the front of the mold is fairly deep which allows for detailed stamping. Overall, I love these molds. Can't wait to use these molds for their intended purpose - cookies!!!

Love the Fred Sweet Spirits Cookie Stamps
The cookie stamps are detailed and very sturdy. You use one side to cut the skull shape out and then stamp the design into the raw cookie before baking. We found a sturdy dough without a lot of "puff" like a shortbread cookie dough worked better than a packaged gingerbread mix. A firmer dough holds the detail in the cookie after baking. Also we found that you need to really press the design into the cookie to get really detailed results.
We love the cookies and are making sweet spirit Christmas cookies with colored dough and white piped frosting. Extra fun with the color marblized into the dough rather than solid color- kind of grateful "dead head" cookies.

I also bought the Gingerdead and Cursed cookie men cookie cutters from the same company.

Oh how fun!
Easy to use, the perfect size cookies, not too big nor too small. As soon as they arrived my grandson and I made some cookies and decorated them, the indents make it easy for a 12 year old with a limited patience issue.. We'll be making cookies for Halloween handouts using these, but they would be fun to make any day of the year.

So much fun to decorate!
I've made several batches of these cookies and my friends went crazy! They are very detailed designs so it's easiest to use a toothpick to get the frosting into the tiny grooves. I used regular store bought cookie icing and food coloring. I added a few drops of water to make it thinner and it runs into the cracks really nice.

I would recommend flouring the cutter before cutting each cookie. Also lightly flour the stamp side before pressing into the cookie. I followed the basic butter cookie recipe on Fred's website and they were delicious. I also altered the recipe and left out 1/4 cup of flour and replaced it with cocoa to make a batch of dark cookies that can be decorated with light colored icing. The possibilities are endless.

Big hit!
I love these cutter/stampers!

Mine came with a recipe booklet. The recipes look pretty standard, but I elected to use the one posted by another reviewer because it was a shortbread style cookie (no leavening) and I thought it would do a better job of preserving the stamped lines in the dough than the baking-powder leavened recipes in the booklet.

Follow instructions provided in the booklet! If yours is missing:
Roll the dough between sheets of parchment paper.
Chill the dough before stamping & cutting.
Dip cutter/stamp in flour each time you use it.
Stamp first, then cut out to avoid distorting the shape of the cookie.
The lines will fade when you bake them, so make sure you stamp them deeply.
These look so nice you wouldn't have to ice or sugar them at all.
If you want to be precise about icing, you'll need a collection of small icing tips.
I was most successful with #01 tips.

I used Royal Icing which looks good and dries hard but (in my opinion) tastes awful. That didn't seem to stop anyone, though! My colors were pastel because I don't like the bitter flavor that food coloring imparts. Next year I might try using natural dyes--beet root powder, hibiscus flower, etc. I might also try a different icing to see if I can strike a balance between durability and flavor.

Good cookie stamp
Cookie stamp works well with sugar cookies. Plan to use again for Halloween this year.
Detail on stamp is fabulous !

cookie stamps
Stamps worked great. I made clay ornaments with them for a class. Everyone painted them and each one was unique.


Technical data

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from food safe materials
  • Fun and functional
  • 4 different styles in each package
  • Packaged in colorful gift box


Product Description

fred and Friends sweet spirits cookie stamps for day of the dead. Make your own fiesta a little sweeter with Fred's sweet spirit cookie stamps. You get four flamboyant sugar skull cookie stamps in each package.

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