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Turtle Beach Ear Force DXL1 Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset - Xbox 360

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Dont empty your pockets for Astro's or Tritons
I was in the market for some good surround sound gamine headphones. I Compared the price of these and astro's and tritons and you really get the better deal with the DXL1's. the DSS2 sound processor is alone $70 which is pretty crazy but just for about $20 more you get the surround sound headphone too! The regular x11's, x12's are stereo headphones where the speakers are only Left and Right outputs. Including the DSS2 into the mix will increase the quality but will not come close to these headphones. If you buy the DSS2 by itself then you most likely already have purchased the x11's or the x12' for about $50, totaling aprox. $120! Dont be that person, get this and you wont be disappointed :)

Best Bang for your Buck!
I like to use my stuff for about a week before I do my reviews just to get a feel for the product. If you've read any of my other reviews, you know how much headsets I've purchased and tested. The reason why I purchased this is I sold my Astro A40s along with my Xbox a little while ago to buy a gaming PC. Now that GTA V was coming out soon and all of my friends were getting it, I got really hyped and wanted my Xbox again. I got my Xbox a few weeks before the game came out. I played Gears of War 3 in the mean time while waiting for GTA V with just with my stereo output but I couldn't really hear a whole lot. It's really hard to try to play a game when you're so used to having a surround sound headset. I then decided to buy a headset but I didn't feel like spending a whole $250 on a nice headset (not only that, I don't have the money for it). So I did some research and looked into it and decided to go with the DXL1. I couldn't be any more happy.

For starters, the headset itself is very lightweight. Typically with my experience with Turtle Beach, they don't have a good reputation with comfort. With these, I have no discomfort at all. I can wear these for hours and not have any problems. I have glasses and I still have no problem wearing these.

The sound quality is amazing. With the DSS2 Dolby Surround Sound processor, these things are great. It's virtual 5.1 surround sound. They have nine different equalizers and six different surround sound angles so you can set up what sounds best for you and the games you play. Whenever I play Gears of War 3, or Search and Destroy in Modern Warfare 3 (and yes, I still play both), you can hear where the enemy is. Not only that but the fact that you can use basically any headset for the DSS2 processor is awesome. If you want to upgrade to a different headset later on, you can do that and hook it up to the processor but I really don't see the need to upgrade because of how nice the DXL1 is.

I love how long the wire is for the headset. When I just want to relax, I can lay down in my bed and play with the headset, or I can sit down on my chair and game too. And I do like the fact that it's wired and not wireless. I've dealt with wireless headsets before and having to replace batteries all the time is a pain the back.

The only problem I have at time which is really not a huge deal but I sometimes have to shut off the DSS2 and turn it back on when I turn my Xbox off and then later play it. The Dolby Surround Sound won't turn on at times when I start up my Xbox so I'll have to shut off/turn on my DSS2. Not a big deal, just something to be noted.

Overall, this headset is amazing. After having high-end headsets, I really think they don't really compare to this. I paid $70 for this here on OnlineShopDealer. You really can't beat the price for this wired headset. If you're looking for a nice, comfortable headset with great sound; look no further.

Decent price, great sound
Picked these up to try out some gaming headphones and keep things quiet while playing.
Overall the sound is actually quite good. The bass for explosions and gun fire, such as games like Halo 4 and BF3 sound great. The virtual surround sound works pretty decent as well for being simulated, and you can discern from left/right and behind. I havent tried using the AUX IN, where you can plug in an MP3 player or other source and have it play over the game audio but it sounds like it could be a useful feature as well. Not sure how the AUX IN and game audio would mix, hopefully it wont be a distorted mess. Just based on game audio however, these headphones do have good deep lows and clear highs.

Set up and EQ/speaker positions are easy to figure out, just read the manual. Also the chat is really clear. When on XBL and talking I apparently sound "crystal clear" when using this headset (as I'm told by my bro). For me they seem decently comfortable, although I havent sat and tried using them for longer than 1-2 hours.

The only potential negative is that the newly announced Xbox One has a different port on the bottom of the controller for the chat mic and other accessories. I hope TB releases an adapter so that this head set and other head sets and still be plugged in to the XB1 controllers and their proprietary port.

I was looking for a headset that worked well with pc and xbox 360, which is where I found this. It is very sturdy and very light on your head. The cups are large enough to go around your ears and the sound quality is amazing. COD BO2 sounds amazing.

Would recommend to anyone who wants a solid xbox 360 headset. It says the headset is compatable with windows vista, but it functions as headphones with any windows computer. The mic however will not work on anything except the xbox.

Product arrived in two days as described and i have had them for a month now and they still sound great;no issuses at all. Highly recommend.

Amazing headset!
I just received these headphones a few days ago and I am very impressed. I am fairly new to gaming (About a year) and have been using the basic headset that came with the chat pad for Xbox so I knew there would be an improvement, but didn't realize just how much I had been missing. I cant believe the sound that comes through on these headphones, especially the surround sound. The DSS2 surround sound processor really creates a surround sound environment that lets you hear everything that's going on. I love being able to actually hear footsteps in game and actually tell which direction gunfire is coming from. The headset itself seems fairly well built and while I'm not hard on my gaming equipment, I can see that even with heavy use these should hold up well. The cords are plenty long enough to reach across even the largest rooms with ease (16 Ft long I believe)and set up was easy. I also watched a movie with these and it was great having surround sound without waking up my roommates. I'm also very pleased with the fact I can hear 100% of the game sounds through these and can keep my TV turned all the way down and not miss a thing. The only negative is I would like to have ear cups that are a bit softer, but that's only a very minor thing for me. I bought these directly from TB as I found a 20 percent off coupon online and combined with free shipping and no sales tax I picked these up for 80 bucks total which is a steal for what you're getting. If you are looking for a really good headset with great features at a great price you cant go wrong with these.

Compared to All the Other Turtle Beach Headsets, I Found the Balance I Was Looking For
When the Turtle Beach x12 set my brother and I were using for our Xbox 360 was on its final legs, I decided it was time to buy a new headset. I went shopping knowing a few things: I wanted surround sound, I wanted a more comfortable set than the x12's, I didn't want to spend a whole lot, and I wanted the earcups to fit over my ears completely. The DXL1 set did all of these things.

For some reason, on the x12 line of headsets, (yes, there are multiple types of the x12 headset, look them up) the insides of the earcups would actually rest on the inside of my ears. It was pretty uncomfortable, and it made me nostalgic of my old awesome x11s that I grew up with that didn't have such a problem thanks to the thick ear cup padding.

Before continuing on, it's worth noting that some people who have reviewed this headset think the x12s are comfortable, and they think this set is uncomfortable. Know this: everyone has different heads and different ears. You never know if a certain headset will fit you comfortably or not until you try it. For me, it works awesome. For you, it might not. So, see if you can try on any type of headset you can get your hands on to get an idea of what fits and what doesn't before you buy. If you ever tried on the x12s and didn't like them, I think you will like this type of headset.

I settled on this particular headset because I didn't want to spend a whole lot of money, to be honest. But, I did want surround sound. After doing the research, Astro A40s are the way to go - I didn't want to drop $250 on a headset I would ultimately be sharing from time to time, switching from the PC to the Xbox with a brother potentially asking for it. Especially when I already bought a whole different set for my PC. This set is used exclusively for my 360, so it doesn't go anywhere. My PC headset, the Logitech G35's is what I use on my computer and I love them. Obviously I can't use them for my Xbox, so I had to find something else. I also had a px21 headset in the past - these were great, because they worked on my PC and my Xbox, the volume was loud when I wanted it to be loud, the mic was very easy to maneuver - however the build quality wasn't the best. I would buy those again, but I'd like to see how these turn out. Now, honestly, this set isn't built much better than those, but I was putting my px21 through h*ll. This is being taken care of, and I'll be happy if my brother and I could get 3 years out of them.

I'm giving this product 5 stars because it does what I wanted it to do - satisfy my craving for surround sound (albeit 5.1, simulated of course) on the Xbox 360 with a very nice price tag, while also fitting my head/ears comfortably.

Great headphones, great price.
I have had multiple headsets for my 360 in the past that were either cheap and broke, or ones that just handled chat. These headphones are great! The sound quality is amazing with surround. The chat is flawless I never have buzzing from the mic plug. These headphones are also extremely comfortable. All in all, these turtle beaches are of great quality, sound, and comfort, and at a very cheap price. I have had these for about 5 months so far and everything still works perfectly. I would highly recommend these and this is coming from a hardcore gamer!

Great Sound
Love this headset, better than the Plantronics I had. Wires are very long which is great, I can play across the room. Sound is outstanding!

Awesome Item
This was a gift for my son-in-law and he absolutely loves it! He would definitely recommend this item to use with a gaming system.


Technical data

  • Dolby Surround Sound - Immersive 360 degree audio lets you pinpoint the direction of every sound
  • Equalizer (EQ) Presets - Multiple EQ presets including bass, treble and midrange boost combinations
  • Adjustable Surround Sound Angles - Alter the positioning of the surround sound angles to customize your audio experience
  • Independent Volume Controls - Allows for personalized balancing of game and chat audio
  • Microphone Monitor - Hear your voice in the headset so you can hear what you?re saying
  • Adjustable Surround Sound Angles - Alter the positioning of the surround sound angles for the best audio experience
  • Equalizer [EQ] Presets - Multiple EQ presets include bass, treble and midrange boost combinations
  • Independent Volume Controls - Allows for personalized balancing of game and chat volumes
  • Microphone Monitor - Hear your voice in the headset while speaking


Product Description

Turtle Beach Ear Force DXL1
view larger

The Ear Force DXL1 delivers the Dolby Surround Sound advantage to Xbox 360 gamers at an amazing value. Combining the DSS2 surround sound processor with the XL1 amplified headset, the DXL1 will immerse you in the game with a stunning 360 degree sound field.

Featuring multiple EQ presets and adjustable surround sound angles, the DXL1 lets you enhance subtle sound cues and customize the audio for any gaming situation. Experience superior sound quality and extreme comfort with its massive 50mm speakers and lightweight design. The DXL1 also includes separate volume controls so you can find the perfect balance of game and chat audio.

If you're serious about gaming, then get serious about the sound. Step up to the Ear Force DXL1 and experience game audio like never before.

At a Glance
  • Adjustable Dolby Surround Sound speaker angles
  • Bass Boost
  • Massive 50mm speakers offer ultimate immersion
  • Independent game and voice channel volumes
  • Microphone Monitor allows you to hear your own voice as you chat and stop screaming into the mic
  • Designed specifically for Xbox 360
Key Features view larger view larger view larger Technological Superiority

Adjust the speaker angles inside your headset to ensure that your 360-degree Dolby Surround Sound audio is fine tuned to your individual liking.

Deep Immersive Experience

Bass Boost gives your audio a kick in the you-know-what to add depth and realism to the sounds of the game.

Bigger Is Better

Massive 50mm speakers deliver crisp highs and deep, rumbling lows for the ultimate in video game immersion.

Total Control Over Sound

With independent game and chat volumes, turn the game sound up & chat volume down. Or turn the chat up and the game down. The choice is yours.

Advanced Chat Technology

Know how people tend to scream when wearing headphones? With Microphone Monitor, now you can hear your voice in your headset so you’re not that person.

Listen to Your Own Music

Quickly plug in your smartphone or MP3 player and you can replace the game soundtrack with your own music.

Turtle Beach Audio Advantage

The surround sound produced by Ear Force DSS2 (Dolby Surround Sound processor) that comes with this headset will ensure that you hear every sound in your game with pitch-perfect 360-degree accuracy. You can even adjust the angle of each speaker inside the headset so you can fine tune the surround sound audio to your specific individual taste.

We put variable bass boost at your disposal to give your audio a swift kick in the you-know-what when you need it to. You’ll be able to hear sound cues that are missed with conventional TV speakers, such as the sound of enemy footsteps or the click of a loading weapon in the distance. In short, you'll react faster and take them out before they take you out, giving you the edge that can make the real difference between winning and losing.

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