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North States Industries Superyard Playard Indoor and Outdoor-Sand, 6 panel

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Customer Reviews

This has been wonderful
When our 2nd kiddo started getting mobile, I knew it was time to kid-proof the great room. Problem is, our great room is just that - great, as in large. The doorways are wide, the floor space is large, and our very curious 9-month-old was eager to explore every nook and cranny. Our older daughter wasn't quite as curious at this stage, plus we were living in a different house at that time, so we were faced with a new challenge of creating a safe play area for the baby.

One day I had the idea of getting a play yard for the great room, instead of covering/blocking every single potential "hazard" (the entertainment cabinet, the CD tower, etc.). I ventured to Babies R Us and found this play yard and the extension kit (2 extra panels) and bought it. I set it up at home and have been happy with it ever since.

For awhile, I used it in its totally enclosed state, but the baby didn't like being separated from the rest of us. I tinkered with it and came up with a way to keep her out of trouble, while still allowing her access to us - right now, it's in a large arc shape with one end butting up against the couch, the other end butting up against a chair. She has plenty of room to play (I keep her toys in there with her) but she can't get out or get to any "dangerous" stuff in the great room.

As for looks, yeah, our great room isn't company-ready right now. But we have a 4 year old and a 10-month-old in the house, so the house isn't pristine anyway (my house is CLEAN, just not always NEAT...ha ha). I figure it's temporary, until she's old enough to know to not touch certain things. Besides, we don't have company, except for family, so the unattractive-ness of the play yard isn't an issue here. Even so, I'd gladly overlook the ugliness of it just for the convenience and benefits it provides.

When the time comes that we no longer have to use this for the kiddo, I'll probably hang onto it, either to offer up to friends/relatives someday, or to keep as a puppy play yard for the future.

OK so I have a few friends that call this a "CAGE" or "Puppy Pen" but when they come over they love putting their little ones in with my son and watching them play. I call it my "LIFE SAVER" and I'm sure in many ways it's my son's life saver too. He has learned a valuable session in what is his space and what is not. It's called boundaries and he's happy and secure knowing that he has them and so am I. At end purchasing an item like this is ALL about PARENTAL STYLE. I guess I'm a true centrist when it comes to parenting style; my wife and I wear our son, make his own organic baby food and he sleeps with us on occasion. But before he started crawling we knew that baby proofing the WHOLE house was not economical nor at end would it make it safe for him to wonder. SO I happily purchased a "CAGE" or what we lovingly call "P's Play Pen". I had a "play pen" when I was young and so did my wife. This was THE SMARTEST PURCHASE I've made in baby items.

Here is what we like about it: folds flat, is light weight, comes with a carrying strap, easy to clean, no sharp edges, has a sun shade (purchased separating), easy to put together, great resale value (see Craig's list), sturdy enough for my son to pull himself up to standing (he weighs about 20lbs), good size without the extension kit it can entertain three 6-7 month olds easily.

The things that we hope will improve in future; wow at first glance it's huge (I'd say about 4.5-5 feet in diameter, the sun shade only covers half the pen, there wasn't instructions on how to use the carrying strap, we eventually figured it out, the snapping sound when collapsing or putting it up can be loud. My wife thought she had broken it once. That's about it no disappointing issues. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Fabulous! Sturdy and functional!
This product does what it says it does. It is a perfect play yard for our toddlers AND our puppy. We bought THREE! It's very sturdy, durable, easy to clean, and ours has lasted four years now.

Our toddler plays for hours in it and all his toys are in there, it's great. We bought an extra for outside so we can sit outside at dusk on the deck with him. When we got our puppy six months ago, we saw it makes a perfect pen for the new puppy! We have a small crate setup inside it, and a small litterbox to housetrain him. It worked great! Fantastic!

As for the reviewer who looked at it and returned it - I don't know what idiot would think it's beautiful, but why would you expect something like this to look beautiful?!?! Duh. It's a play yard. AND best part is, you can buy the extension kit. We bought two extension kits. This thing is practically unbreakable. My only complaint is that it takes a lot of strength, maybe only a man, to snap the ends together. It's very hard to snap together or get apart. But once together, we leave it up for months.

our little jail
we bought two units to put together, so that our little crawler can be contained. she loves the freedom, and we love the break it gives us. the only negative is that we find that it is a little difficult to open a section to get in. we realize that it is meant to keep a little one in, so we cannot count this as a major negative. we recommend this gate to anyone trying to keep a little one conatined, while giving them freedom to do their thing.

Its steady and safe.
We have used this for over six months now. In the beginning as a play yard. It was great for him to have a little crawl space that was safe... he grew and became more mobile so the space was too small. Them we move this to work as a barrier so he doesn't touch the fire place and the TV. With a couple adjustments it worked perfectly as a barrier for him until last week when we just decided it was time to remove it. Now we are using it as a door "gate" it obviously sits loose by the door and at 14 months he could push it away if he wan it to. But he doesn't.. he is just discouraged by it being there. Anyways It worked for us.

Excellent PlayYard
The superyard xt is perfect for my 10 month old son. It's sturdy enough for his constant toy banging as well as to hold him up while he tries to walk by himself. It took only seconds to put together (which my husband loved). It's very easy to form to whatever shape you need to fit your space (if used inddors). We all love it.

Superyard Ix Play Yard
We love this! We have a granddaughter and a 2 1/2 year old rhodesian ridgeback. The puppy loves her but sometimes is just too loving - he wants to play and at 4 months our grandaughter is too young to play. But she can touch him and interact with him through the play yard.I selected this because I wanted to use it in the house as well as outside. It is perfect for my granddaughter. It keeps her contained and safe from exploring where she shouldn't be and gives us the freedom to move it to where it is the most useful. We love the fact that we can make it fit into different configurations to fit a space.

Awesome product!
We ordered this gate to try to close off a large area for out kids to play safely, without access to the stairs. It works great. My husband tied one side to the leg of the couch and it's a good height for us to easily step over. It folds up very nicely to store when not in use. A great buy, very versatile!

Love this thing!
When looking for a gate that could enclose a nine foot space, I realized how expensive things were going to get. We purchased this instead and found it to be wonderful. It provided more space than your average playard, and it could be taken outside for my son to enjoy the grass too. I could shape it how I wanted (rectangle, hexagonal, square...) to fit my home. The color is a neutral grey, and I found I could hang some of my son's toys on it because of the way it has a criss-cross pattern. The best thing about this is that you can add more panels (or remove them) to create the size you want. At our congregation, another mommy and I had put ours together to create the perfect space for three to four babies to play and crawl around in comfortably (with us in there with them). I am currently looking to buy yet another one that I can have here at home permanently. Yes, they are portable, but not on a weekly basis when I need other things packed in my trunk. It is not THAT burdensome, but I am growing weary of packing it every week.
I would buy the next mommy-to-be one. It simply gives me the peace of mind knowing I can put my son down in it for a few minutes and not worry about him. I have mine placed between the kitchen and the living room, where we can see each other while I cook dinner, or fold laundrey, or do what needs to be done around here. He plays safely and comfortably...I can get stuff done. It's GREAT!

Sturdy, keeps my baby safe
I bought this when I saw my little one was heading towards out glass tv stand two days ago. I just got it and so far so good. He isnt scared of being in there and even if he leans against it or tries to pull himself up it stays in place. It is great.


  • High-quality, six-panel portable yard encloses up to 18.5 square feet and is 26" high
  • Sets up in seconds-includes a convenient carry handle which makes this lightweight yard easy to take anywhere, inside or outside
  • Versatile yard with easy-access entry, keeps your child in or out of an area or protects displays
  • Non-slip pads work on any surface and will not scratch hardwood floors


The north states Superyard indoor and outdoor is an excellent solution for creating a safe play area for your child, both indoors or outside. The high-quality, six-panel yard encloses up to 18.5 square feet and is 26 inches high. Setting up the Superyard is easy, the six interlocking panels are pre-connected--simply pull the panels out of box, unfold and connect them together. Comes complete with skid-resistant pads, won't slip or scratch, works on any surface. The Superyard includes a convenient carry handle which makes this lightweight yard easy to take anywhere. Experience the convenience that you deserve and the superior quality that you've come to expect from North States. Made in the U.S.A.

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