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Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw, Walnut, TSM8US-R470-32A00

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Product Reviews

Very Warm blanket
We actually received this item as a Christmas gift first, and then traded it in for the Ivy color (see review on the ivy item). Both are excellent items, and we would have kept this one except for the color. However, what I loved about it was that it actually worked really, really well. There are three heat settings, plus it turns off after 3 hours so you don't have to worry about burning yourself or getting overly sweaty throughout the night. We actually DID save money on our power bill last winter (January was almost $40 lower than December!). It was pretty amazing.

Totally In Love with A Throw!
I don't like the cold at all so I wanted a throw/blanket that would keep me warm, would be soft and wouldn't fall apart after a little bit of use.

This throw met all my expectations and more. It's long enough for me to cover my feet up to my shoulders if I lie strsight or I can completely cover myself if I scrunch up a bit.

The heating elements heat up quickly and the 3 hour auto off feature is really handy when I go to bed.

I've washed it twice so far - both times in the washing machine and tumble dryer. It took very little time to wash. I followed the instructions but found I didn't need to iron it at the end (even better!)

I love it!

Warm and toasty
This is a very nice heated throw for around the house. It's very soft and you can barely notice the heating elements inside the fabric. It warms up very fast on each of it's three settings and after 3 hours, it shuts itself off.

I also like that the electrical cord disconnects for easy storage and allows the throw to be used more comfortably if you're not using the heat feature.

These are nice for chilly evenings, having coffee on the porch and I even used these in sleeping bags when I was cold weather camping with the kids.

The care instructions are very specific so be sure to read those.

Great Year-Round
I use this blanket every season! In the winter I keep my thermostat down and use the blanket, if I get a chill from the A/C in the summer, covering up on the low setting or off solves it. Easy to toss in the washer and hang to dry. Sometimes I wish it were a little bigger; at 5'5" if I hike it up to under my chin, my feet stick out. Still, I love it!

Wife loves it!
My wife has fibromyalgia and the first thing she does in the evening is get wrapped up in this blanket in the evenings to relax. It really helps her. Great product.

Love it!
I gave this to my Dad who is always cold. Every time he sees me now, hes under it and can't say enough how much he likes it. Plus since he's older and forgetting things, it's nice that it turns itself off after 3 hours, just in case he forgets.

One of my favorite things!
My husband likes to keep the house icy cold all year round. I was annoyed that I had to freeze even in the summer time and usually we can't sleep in the same room due to me being cold and him being hot. My friend mentioned electric blanket, and I immediately went online and bought this one. I wish I had thought of it long time ago. This blanket is such a dream! Every time I wrap myself in it, I feel like I'm sunbathing on a Hawaiian beach. I use it every day at my computer desk, and its so comfy I usually fall asleep at my desk instead of going to bed at night! The 3hr auto-shut off is a nice feature, but it would be nice to be able to control the timer myself (not complaining, though!)

Pros: Baby soft texture, works 100% in keeping me toasty warm, never gets too hot to a point where I feel like I'm burning.
For a throw, it has good coverage - I can use it as a full size blanket that covers me from neck to feet (I'm5'4.5").
Can snap off the cord at the edge of blanket if you need to leave the room for a minute but want to remain wrapped.

Cons: The cord is a bit awkward logistically, with the control console that dangles at an odd location. Not much of a big
deal, but since I have to think of something "con" to write, I will note this curious cord placement issue. Cools
off rather rapidly when it turns off or disconnects (within 3 mins). Keep your visit to the kitchen short when going
hunting for your midnight snacks; the withdrawal could be cruel - LOL. Not big enough to share, as it wraps one person
only comfortably (I wish they had various sizes). I'm curiously annoyed about the difference in the prices depending
on the color!? What is up with that??? Supply and demand? Seems a bit silly.

All in all, I highly recommend it. For this price, it certainly doesn't disappoint. Enjoy!

I'm buying a whole bunch of them as Christmas gifts for everyone this year. I'm glad I got to test it out before I gave this as a gift. It passed my test with flying colors. The only thing I'm concerned about is what I'm reading in here from others; that it may have a short life span (it stops working after few months?). Since I've only had mine for about one month, I'd be very disappointed if it breaks on me soon. I hope it lasts the winter season, at least! I'll let you know.

Mom Absolutely Loves It.
Soft, warm, comforting--it's all that I needed it to be for my mom who is always cold these days. She loves it. Well worth the price. I'll buy it again when this one where's out. Color is perfect, material is soft and plushy, and it's machine washable, too. Wonderful.

Saved us from cranking up the whole-house heat on many a nights!
I bought two of these for night-time television viewing.

One for him, one for me. He was reluctant at first. But with the three levels of heat, (mine always on high, his on low) it really made us feel cozy. And they fold up neatly and easily when you're done.

I know this kept us from turning up the heat on a few cold nights, they paid for themselves already.

Perfect for winter time
I just bought three of the pink Sunbeam microplush heated throws wednesday, and received them by friday - very fast shipping! One was for me and the other two are christmas gifts for my sisters. I used mine last night and was very satisfied with the heat it gave out. There are three heat settings; low, medium and high. The feeling of this blanket is soooo soft. I absolutely love it and am satisfied with the heat it produces so far. I would definately recommend this blanket to anyone.


Technical data

  • PrimeStyle lighted controller with 3 warming settings and 3 Hour Auto Off function
  • Senses and adjusts to deliver consistent warmth
  • 100-Percent polyester microplush fabric
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • 6-Foot power cord


Product Description

Get cozy and stay warm in the deluxe softness of microplush with this snuggle-worthy heated throw from sunbeam. The Thermofine warming system senses and adjusts to deliver consistent warmth for hours. Makes a great gift.

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