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Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze

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Customer Reviews

Exceeded expectations!!
I upgraded to the 5s from the 4s and went with the Defenders case again. It blew my mind it was much improved over the 4s case! I read some of the other reviews and noticed that at least one person felt the quality had gone down. That is simply not true the rubber and plastic are not cheaper as that reviewer claimed its very literally the exact opposite. I compered both cases side by side and the 4s case had a much more flexible rubber which means it would separate from the plastic at times and you would have to pull it back into place. Not with the 5s, the rubber is firmer and doesn't get pulled from the phone when brushed up against clothing or your fingernail etc. The 4s screen protector kind of had this iridescent iodized look to it which I felt effected the sharpness and brilliance of the picture quality ever so slightly. It was most noticeable when I would remove the phone to clean the dirt and dust that would get stuck under the 4s cases screen protecter the phone when out of the case seemed to have a more vibrant look to it.

That of course now brings me to the 5s case's screen protector as well as its ability to repel dust, dirt and debris. It does that in spades to. There is no iodized look to the screen protector I don't get that feel that it deludes the quality of the phones display. and I have had the case for two weeks now and have yet to see a single speck of dust under the screen protector.

Another big improvement made for the 5s case is the holster! Which was my major gripe with the 4s case. Both holsters have a way to lock the clip in place so that you can watch movies, Netflix, youtube and so on but the 4s clip had a plastic bar that would hold the clip in its locked position that bar snapped off. I redeemed the manufactures warranty and Otterbox replaced it with no snapped off again within a week. The 5s holster eliminated that plastic breakable piece altogether! Now it locks into the back of the clip with out anything that could break off. The clip itself is also sturdier in its rotation.

And then the port covers, They are solid! the vibrate switch cover, the charger cover, the headset jack cover all tightly seal the case! That is of course the key because the 4s case the covers were very loose fitting which is why I think I had so much trouble with dust and debris. It actually takes some effort and a slightly long finger nail to open one of the covers on the 5s case. At first I thought that would be a problem but later realized the reason for it. And the fact that I still have no dust or debris I have learned to appreciate the slight effort it takes to open a port cover on this case.

(To steel a line from Jerry Springer)...And now for my final thought. This case is a work of art a lot of time and thought went into designing this case and it wasn't just "ok how do we make this case" it was "how do we make a better case." This is the best case I have ever owned its sleek and sharp looking and truly a well thought out case that is deserving of the high price tag. To say it is well worth the buy would be a gross understatement.

Closest case to perfection
I am one of those guys that will spend hours and even days researching for the perfect case. I read OnlineShopDealer reviews, blogs, and watch YouTube videos. There obliviously is no perfect case out there, but the Otterbox Defender is the very closest thing I could find to it. I will let you know a few key things that sold me.

Defender Vs. Commuter

The Defender offers more protection than the Commuter, but the Commuter is a little thinner. I prefer the rubber on the outside of the case so you can set the phone on a dashboard and it will not slide around. The outer shell on the Commuter is plastic which can allow for a slip in your hand too. The Defender includes a screen protector and the Commuter does not. The whole idea behind the attached screen protector is to keep dust out. One day after having the Otterbox on my phone, I already noticed dust building up under the screen so I put some Goo Gone on it and pulled it off with ease. Any other screen protector that applies to the phone and not the case works much better.

Defender Vs. Other Cases

When I first purchased my Iphone I bought the Neo Hybrid case and I loved the slim fit and lay on the table appeal but a few weeks later one of the other kids in my college class dropped his phone and it shattered his screen. If you YouTube the Defender and any other case in the market you will usually find drop tests. I found it interesting that people on YouTube only do drop test from waist height when testing all of the cases on the market. I am sure that is the height of most of the drops that will occur but what happens if you drop your phone while on the second story balcony? The Otterbox Defender was the only case I could find that people dared to test it from a second, third and even fourth floor of a building. In case you were wondering, not even one drop test from that amazing height failed. I don’t know how you can ask for anymore protection for your very high dollar phone? It is logical that if any other case was comparable then people would dare drop from such heights too. Not to mention the quality of rubber of the Otterbox cases is superior to all other rubber types in other cases. It is a studier hard rubber. Another positive to the Defender is that it has covers for your ports so dust will not get in. I keep my phone in my pocket and I was amazed at how much dust and lint got into my ports each day. With the Defender there is no worry.

Defender Vs. Waterproof case

As for water protection? This case is not waterproof but a have heard my share of horror stories with the “waterproof” cases. My sister and a co-worker both had Lifeproof case and both had leak issue and a ruined the Iphone. The cases are a hit and miss and too much of a gamble for the price you pay.

In closing, you cannot go wrong with the defender case. If anything happens to your case within the first year you can just take a picture of the damage and send the picture to Otterbox and they will send you a new case. I used to worry about dropping my phone, but now I can say I have absolutely no worry thanks to the Defender. I recommend this case to everyone!

Otterbox still the best
I had the Otterbox for my iPhone 4S and loved it. When I got my new iPhone 5S, I wanted to test the iPhone case waters and tried a couple of noteworthy, highly rated ones. I tried Lifeproof, which was very snug and nicelooking and no need for that awful screen protector that you had to install yourself, but I could not use my headphones with it because of how the Lifeproof is built. I then tried the Spigen and although very slick looking, I did not realize that you needed to install a stick on screen protector. Ugh!
So I went back to the true and tested....Otterbox and ordered this lovely case and am happy and relieved to know that it serves all my needs.

I love Otterbox
I have used Otterbox for three iPhones now and I have always been happy. This third time was a little different though (but still happy in the end)... I received the first case and right away I noticed the screen cover did not sit flush on the glass so it was like there was a bubble between the case and glass especially in the area where you type...IT WAS REALLY ANNOYING. I called Otterbox and told me that should not be but I had to request an exchange through OnlineShopDealer, which I did with no problem. The replacement even came within two days. I had low expectations since Otterbox came out with this new 5s case late, but I was wrong. The new case was great as it should be.

Five stars!
This thing literally saved my phone. I was in a hurry one day and stupidly put my phone in the pouch on my hoodie. I was rushing to get my kids in their car seats and didn't notice it slide out. I get in and back out and feel a bump. At this time my daughter asks me to play the radio on my phone. I go to grab for it only to realize it's not there in my hoodie. I almost tore up my purse and car looking for it and then it hit me that I had run over it (with a Dodge Neon). I'm thinking to myself "great, I've ruined my new phone. I don't need this right now". I went back to the driveway and sure enough I saw the pink case. I went over and looked at and there was hardly any damage at all. The phone was completely unscathed and the case itself had almost no damage. I am including photos of what it looked like after I took my phone out. I don't have another camera to take photos with besides my phone (so get over it). You can't tell at all until it is flipped on it's side. I was so relieved to find I hadn't ruined my phone by being stupid and in a hurry. I am very impressed and will be a customer for life!

Solid protection!
You can drop this case (with phone in it!) off a 15ft ladder onto the concrete without any damage to either!!
What you sacriface for safety is thickness. The iPhone 5s is no longer a sleek, slide into the front pocket piece of
communication gear. I like the option to "click" the phone/case into the holster on my belt when in the brush or hiking.
I like that the case doesn't slide on table stays put due to the rubber molding on the case. The case is well machined for the phone...very snug...all charging ports and speaker openings are tight and function well. The plastic screen protection does not require anything else to deter scratching. I really like this case!!! I have had folks tell me that it does look like an underwater phone though:) I like function over style! Onward...

Great Protection
I bought this for my 11 year old's new iPhone 5s and have to say this product is amazing. It is a bit bulky but the protection it provides is worth it. The best part of the product is the built-in screen protector. I personally HATE having to struggle with the peel and stick products as they never go on exactly right. But with this one, the protector is build in and no more fumbling around with peeling plastics and worrying about bubbles or a microscopic piece of dust stuck under the plastic.

Really Good Case
This case is the bomb ! Easy to take off and it has the empty space to scan your finger!

Finally I'm secure again
Coming from the iPhone5 with an otter-box defender, I knew that i wanted the same protection around my new iphone. So when i upgraded to the 5s I couldn't find the new otter-box defender anywhere. Came home and jumped on onlineshopdealer right away.......*POOF* there it was. Until I got my new otter-box i put a temp case on it (incipio dual pro) it was ok, just not an otter-box though. The Defender Case snaps around phone securely like the iPhone5 case does. When sliding the rubber bumper around into the grooves of the shell, you will have to massage it into place. There are 2 tiny tabs at the bottom by fingerprint opening. Those need to be pushed into place for a secure fit. I takes some doing, but nonetheless it goes together nicely and fits great! I feel 100% better with the otter-box in place. I work for a living so the last thing I am is gentle. Rubber that fits over the shell is non-slip and offers great grip. Material is not like a TPU cover. Great color combos here on OnlineShopDealer too

Thanks onlineshopdealer for making this available.......Prime is the best!

Third one
This is my third one and I really like them. The first two were gifts for my iPhone 4 upgraded to a iPhone 5s so I needed a new Otter box.Very sturdy and almost child proof.


  • Pressure mounted installation for use between rooms
  • Optional hardware mounts included for installation on stairways
  • 36-inch tall gate fits openings 28-48 inches wide
  • Auto-close walk through door
  • Bronze metal finish
  • 36 inch tall gate fits openings 28 to 48 inches wide
  • Auto close walk through door


Child proof your home in style with the Multi-Use Bronze Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate. This attractive bronze metal gate is adjustable to accommodate most door openings and stairways. Hardware is included for extra secure mounting, or pressure mount for a secure installation that doesn’t leave marks on walls.

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