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Bundle of 3 Capacitive Stylus Pens with Replaceable Micro-Knit Hybrid Fiber Tips + 3 Extra Replaceable Tips + 2 Elastic Lanyards + Cleaning Cloth (5.3'' in Black + White + Dark Blue)

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My Favorite iOS accessories!
tl;dr - This is a phenomenal product and from a company with unprecedented customer service!

This company never ceases to amaze me! The first product of theirs that I purchased was the 6 ft. iphone black and white lightning cables with a lifetime warranty. Every other cable I've ever purchased, that was non apple brand, failed within a couple months or didn't register on my phone anymore. Their cable is perfect... durable and working great, still!

But I guess this review is supposed to be aobut these micro-knit hybrid styluses. Well, I'll tell ya... it's not just about the product... It's a great product and I'll tell you more in a sec. But you need to know that you're buying or thinking about buying a product from a company that produces great quality products and most importantly... STANDS BEHIND their products! I originally purchased a three pack of their small tip (non-knit) rubber styluses. The tip popped out on one of the three styluses and I superglued it back in and it's fine now. I reached out to The Friendly Swede and I received a personalized and concerned response from Jessie Jönzén at the company. She not only offered to replace my deffective stylus, but she replaced it with a brand new pack of these micro-knit styluses! Yes... to replace my one defective stylus, she gave me an option to get these... their latest stylus product... now on to my review of these...

These are incredible styluses! They are much more responsive than many of the rubber ones I have purchased in the past. they come with three extra tips so when one goes bad (which will always happen) you can easily replace it. I used to have a New Trent retractable micro knit stylus set and they were great, but I lost both, and even if I didn't, I would have eventually worn out the tips... with no replacement option. +1 for The Friendly Swede! Another solution they give you in this pack is a couple LONG bungee like cables that plug into your headphone jack and attach to the stylus so you don't lose it! On a plane?! Great... plug that cable into the 3.5mm jack and if you drop... no worries!

If you're in need of a fantastic stylus... buy this! There is not a better option!

metal mesh does a very nice job...
When the folks at The Friendly Swede contacted me about evaluating this product, I was not aware that there were tablet pens with tips made of metal mesh. Although I initially had some doubts, after using the product for a while, I can report that the "micro knit" metal mesh tips, are quite responsive and functional.

I had concerns about the metal possibly scratching the glass surface of my tablet, but the mesh is actually very smooth, and I did not notice that the pen did any obvious damage. Since I have a screen protector, there actually wasn't that much of a risk. If you don't have a screen protector, you might want to keep on the lookout for scratches, but you probably won't have any issues. As a test, I rubbed the pen on various glass surfaces, and did not notice any scratching.

Typical for The Friendly Swede, this set of three pens comes combinations of various colors. You also get three spare tips, and other accessories, including two pen cords. So far, I have yet to wear out a rubber tipped tablet pen, and I would imagine that a metal tip would last even longer. And finally, three pens for less than $10, is a very sweet deal.

Very hard to go wrong here...
I've been playing with the stylus pens I received from The Friendly Swede, and as usual their stuff rocks. Not only are the pens nice, but the overall package bundle is a great idea.

The main package comes with three stylus pens that are about 5.5" in length. Short of a full-sized pen, this is my preferred length. The tips have the woven knit fiber design, and I find that works MUCH better than the rubber-like tips... they last longer and don't streak your screen.

That would be enough for a decent stylus, but then their packaging comes into play. They include three replaceable tips that screw into the body of the stylus. I don't see that very often. They also include two lanyards that allow you to clip the stylus into the headphone jack so it doesn't get lost. And if that wasn't enough, they even include a small cloth for wiping away smudges on your screen.

This is a great bundle at a great price. If you're looking to get a set of stylus (styli?) for your touch device, I'd recommend this one.

Obtained From: Retailer
Payment: Free

Nice heft and balance
I have tried a number of stylus brands, including the The Friendly Swede Extra Long Stylus Pen model that I also received as a review sample from this company. Among all of them, though, this one has become my favorite. My main reason is the weight and balance are perfect for my hand. Of course this is highly subjective and your experience may be the opposite.

What is beyond dispute, though, is the smooth way this stylus glides across a screen. I use it with my Samsung Tab 3 10.1 and it works beautifully. I have the feel I want, and the precision positioning that this stylus allows. I gave one to a friend who owns an iPad 2 and she was as happy with it as I am, so my opinion about feel may be personal judgement, but the operational aspects are not.

I tried it on my Galaxy Note 3 phone and it worked as a generic stylus, but is not a substitute for the S-Pen that phone was designed for. Probably the most impressive test was with an HTC Droid Incredible, which has a relatively small screen. This stylus was so precise that I was able to quickly perform any function with a lot more precision than with my finger.

This comes with extra tips and even a lanyard that fits the small loop in the top of the stylus. I prefer using the integrated pocket clip and have not used the lanyards, but they look sturdy and some folks will find them to be handy.

Bottom line: for me this is the perfect stylus based on form factor and the easy way it glides across the screens of devices with which I have tested it. It's heavy, so if you like lighter ones you may want to look elsewhere. If you do like heft this three pack is probably worth checking out.

All the features that I've wanted in a stylus

Length:: 2:04 Mins

A few months after the first Kindle Fire came out in 2011, I bought an OnlineShopDealerBasics stylus to use with it and also with my first smartphone. It's a good stylus, but it was very expensive (they're much less expensive now), it didn't have a pocket clip, and there was no provision to replace the tip when it wore out. The Friendly Swede styluses address those issues very nicely: They're inexpensive, they have a pocket clip, and the tip is replaceable. In addition, they come in several colors, and there's a set of tethers if you want to use them. The set of three styluses includes three replacement tips which are very easy to install.

The barrel of the stylus is 5" long, which is an ideal length for most users. The lightweight metal stylus has a good feel in my hand, and the capacitive tip worked well on the three devices that I tested it on. Looking closely at the tip, it's obvious that it's not the usual black rubbery tip found on other styluses. The part of the tip that you can see is a micro-knit fiber, according to the product description. Whatever it is, it works very well with my tablet and phone.

These are nice styluses that are very economical and have the features that most users want.

A product sample was provided by The Friendly Swede in return for an honest, unbiased review.

Best hybrid stylus for the price on OnlineShopDealer right now
I do a lot of research before making a purchase, even if its just for a stylus. This new bundle of three styli and replaceable mesh heads from The Friendly Swede TAKES THE CAKE in terms of value for the price when it comes to hybrid styli. The next stylus that comes to mind is amPen's hybrid stylus, which only comes in a pack of 1 without replaceable heads for almost the same price. If you are looking for a hybrid stylus, especially if you need more than one, I would highly recommend this product. It looks nice, slides well on my device, and is a good size.

The only potential con I can think of is that you need to apply a tiny bit of pressure to get this device to register on my iPad Air with screen protector. For example, if you held it in your hand with all muscles relaxed, guided the pen across the screen by moving your entire arm, nothing would happen. I think it just has to do with the mesh adding another layer over the rubber so it might be a tradeoff with capacitative styli. (I would still recommend hybrid styli because they are so smooth across the screen!) Nevertheless, even as a gentle tapper, if you will, I am getting used to it really quickly and it's not that much pressure by ANY means.

Great Stylus Set, Love The Extras...

Length:: 1:28 Mins

Video Review Summary:

- Pack includes (3) 5.3" knit-tip styli, 1 microfiber screen cleaning cloth, and (2) 15" stylus tethers, plus 3 replacement stylus tips.

- Each stylus has a good weight and length with durability built-in. The knit-end on each stylus makes the stylus responsive, and extremely useful with touch screen devices, even the Kindle Paperwhite.

- Included tethers ensure you will never lose or misplace that stylus again when secured to your headphone jack.

Overall, a very useful package for just about any one with a touch screen device.

[Review Sample Provided For Review And Evaluation]

Are you looking for a stylus that writes smoothly? Are you looking for a stylus that's not choppy or breaks up with each stroke? Then look no further! This product is it! The microknit fibers create a perfect stylus to use on a tablet or PC. I use an All-in-One touch screen PC to teach. I need a stylus that writes legibly, smoothly, and does not skip. This stylus has flawlessly done the job.
To make it even better, the price point is amazing! Other stylus charge much more with no real difference in quality. When the tip expires, you just unscrew it and replace it.

Things I cant wait for:
-Replacement heads, right now you cant purchase a pack on its own (assuming that product is coming soon)
-It would be nice if they made a thinner model. This stylus works great, but a thinner model always helps with precision

Overall, great product and I will be purchasing from them again.
P.S. Their customer service is amazing. They go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied with the product.

This company is unbelievably outstanding!!! I had ordered a different set of pens & didn't like the way they worked. I gave an average rating & considered the subject closed. Out of the blue, I recieved a refund, a different & upgraded set of pens & an apology email for my purchase. I'm amazed! I offered to pay for the new set (as I had already been refunded) & send the original set back. This company said no & just enjoy the new set (which is awesome!!!). The final response was to enjoy my new pens & consider them in the future. If they sell what I'm need, they are the ONLY business I will use!!! OUTSTANDING customer service & satisfaction!!! *****STARS!!!

A Joy to Use at a Great Value!
The company was kind enough to provide with a set of 3 compact stylus pens for testing and my fair and honest evaluation.The shipping was quick.

The item was tested on Moto X, Kindle HD, Kindle HDX, Asus Tablet and Kindle Touch. I have gone through at least 10 different kinds of rubber tipped stylus. Never cared for them because they were more of a pain and did not make things easier for me. I stopped using them. On all devices it's great especially if you have fingernails or large fingers. On the HD and HDX there can be a few selection quirks but comparing to a rubber tip that I felt was more a fight than help this is a great stylus. I highly recommend it. You will find you don't want to use your fingers and actually grab the pen instead. I find that's the true test that it's worth the buy. Details are below.

On the HDX it is great to use. You don't have to press to make this work like a rubber tipped stylus. Luckily if it takes you a bit to learn and you ruin a stylus because you've been pressing it has a replacement tip. Sometimes it selects when your scrolling. Try to stay out of selection boxes. Touch and push to move the page vertically or horizontally. Hold it like a pen and not at a 45 degree angle. One tap increases the page size and two taps reverts to normal. If you've enlarged accidentally and cannot get it to revert press the home button then reenter. It will return to the original size. No stylus is perfect unfortunately. It does great to type messages and linking the words together.

On the HD it is great to use. Typing a message can be a bit more difficult since the last update that messed with the keyboard. Words would disconnect if you took too long linking the letters and it skipped around. Great with scrolling and selection.

On the Asus it seems just amazing. No problems getting through screens or typing.

On the Kindle touch, it is better than using a finger in all ways. The touch seems to be made for the pen. Selecting and going through screens is a joy.

On the Moto X, love it. So much easier to use than my finger. I've had no issues with it.

A few other tips: The clip needs work and they are working to fix that it can break inside and just sit there loose. The price is amazing for 3 with replaceable tips. One issue I want to point out is the lanyard with a microphone jack plastic plug in piece. On the HDX it cut off all volume. If you have any sound issues remove the clip that plugs into the microphone jack. If on any device you have issues with the volume and the plastic pin is inserted in the microphone jack remove it.


Technical data

  • Enjoy smoother, easier typing and gaming with The Friendly Swede's unique bundle of 3 micro-knit hybrid fiber tip capacitive stylus pens - 5.3''
  • Aluminium and steel body and brand new durable replaceable fiber tip design allow months of usage - replacing fiber tips is easy and requires no tools - 3 extra tips included
  • Styluses are 100% compatible with all touch pad devices including Apple ipod, ipad, iphone, Samsung galaxy phones and tablets & more
  • Bundle also includes 2 x 15" detachable elastic stylus lanyards and a 5.5 x 3.0" microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Replaceable fiber tip design is unique to The Friendly Swede┬«


Product Description

The Friendly Swede® Replaceable Fiber Tip Stylus Bundle

Introducing a brand new design of capacitive fiber tip stylus pen - only by The Friendly Swede

The Friendly Swede presents its revolutionary replaceable fiber tips - the ability to replace tips as they wear out gives you maximum usage, value for money and reduces your environmental impact! Our replaceable fiber tip design is totally unique and cannot be found anywhere else on!

..due to the non-durable nature of the capacitive touchscreen (iPad, smartphones, etc.) the tip has to be soft. Treat the stylus like a small, soft-tipped paint brush and stroke the screen. If the tip is collapsing or if you tore the tip off quickly, they you trying to write with the stylus versus stroking the screen..

The stylus pens are universal and work with all capacitive touch-screen devices.

- 3 x Replaceable fiber tip stylus pens 5.3
- 3 x Extra micro-knit hybrid fiber tips
- 2 x 15 detachable elastic lanyards
- 1 x Microfiber cleaning cloth

We are totally obsessive about quality and customer service - if you have any questions please get in touch and we will do everything we can to solve them.

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