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Studio 5.0S II Quad Band Unlocked (White)

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Buy one! You can't buy better for the money!
After buying and paying and paying... and paying for my subsidized AT&T Galaxy S4 I decided to look around when buying for a phone for my wife. I knew I didn't want to be trapped in a contract so I went with the Nexus 5 and off contract Straight Talk service. This was and still is an excellent purchase. (Both highly recommended)

But when it came to getting a phone for may 9 year old daughter $400+ was not in the cards. After tons of looking I found this great looking Blu Studio 5.0s II and immediately ordered it. Smaller, thinner, and faster with a quad core and full 1 gig of ram than the $130 Studio 5 II. It also has the better 8Mp cam on the back and 1.6 Mp cam on the front. (Works great, HD? for Skype) The phone has a great bright IPS screen that looks good from all angles. (See my uploaded pics for examples... also rear cam example) Oh and it does NOT have the problem some of the Blu 5.3" and 5.5" have as far as the screen dimming every 5 seconds.

The 4.2 android is very fluid and the phone is very responsive. I hear Blu will be rolling out Kit Kat at the beginning of May. (See update at end of review)

The phone as far as size is the same width as my Galaxy S4, same thickness and only a 1/4"" taller as measured.

The speaker is very loud and clear (much better than my Galaxy S4 and wife's Nexus 5)

The phone call on both ends is about average quality. (I don't have a sim card yet I just used the magic Jack free calls app)

The phone comes with cheap headphones, 1 amp charger, micro usb wire, clear rubber phone cover, and one screen protector. I would recommend getting more screen protectors as this phone does not have gorilla glass from what I understand.

The rubber cover is great it fits well but I would not expect that to save the phone Falling more than a few feet. I hope more cases become available for this phone. I went ahead and ordered the Square Trade $30 1-year replacement in case my daughter breaks the screen.

As far as the screen quality goes it looks nice and bright from all angles.... and I really can't tell much of a difference between the Galaxy S4 or Nexus 5 when it comes to pictures or video. It plays Netflix and YouTube very well.

As has been said before the one major issue with this phone is the lack of internal storage space. It only comes with 4 gigabytes only of which 2 are available because of the operating system. Only 780 megabytes are available to install apps like any Google apps that require to be installed on the phones internal memory. I would suggest moving as many apps as you can to an external SD card and also set the cameras default save location: to the external SD card. For only about $15 you can add a nice high speed 16 gigabyte card to this phone. Something the Nexus 5 and IPhone can't do.

The battery isn't great but lasts about a day under normal usage.

So in summary I would definitely buy this phone if my Galaxy A4 broke and use it with T-mobile $30 unlimited text and data plan. ( I would use the magic jack Free Calls app to make phone calls over the data)

Added 4/13/14 2 yr cost comparisons:

Galaxy S4
$3456 total cost with phone for 2 years on-contract with insurance. 4G LTE 6 gigs data a month.

Nexus 5
$1800 Total cost with phone after 2 years with accident protection through Square Trade. $45 Staight talk 4G LTE no contract. Unlimited talk, text, data. (Throttled after 2.5 gigs)

Blu Studio 5.0 S II
$1195 Total cost with phone after 2 years with accident protection through Square Trade. $30 a month T-Mobile 4G unlimited text and Data. (Throttled after 5 gigs) 2 years of Magic Jack Voip service (use the "magicApp" app by MagicJack to make phone calls over the data connection)

Hope this helps,
Charles Smith

*update 7/27/14*
Still have and still love this phone. Just wanted to add that I found a good case here on OnlineShopDealer that fits well and protects the phone very good. ( a little bulky though)
Here is the link:

One other note is it looks like Blu will not be releasing KitKat for this phone. :(

Awesome Blu!
OK its exactly as shown wait it think its even better it a 8 megapixels rear camera and 2 mp front facing has a 1080 p video,quad core very nice slim yet will made very fast and responsive definitely will be buying more blu products.Also comes with a screen protector plus a extra one in the box has the clear case and charger,ear buds too.

As good as I hoped it would be
It got here fast, on time, well packaged.

Contents in box: Phone, Case, Ear buds, Charger, Extra screen protector (comes with one already applied to screen), User manuals.

First Impression: This phone both looks and feels like something you'd easily pay over $400 for without contract. Its very thin, sleek, and responsive. All buttons are easy to use; even with the silicone case on.

Screen: Not too big not too small (had the note 3 and Titan 2 before this). It looks great. Could be a little brighter but not at all dim or unsaturated. Very Crisp colors. Some where in between the Iphone 5 and gs4 overall.

Camera: Says 8mp on the phone itself but settings only go up to 6mp. It takes beautiful pics and videos. Front facing cam is the best ive seen on any android; even in very low light.

Things to mention: The capacitive keys on the front only turn on when you touch then. Im not sure if that can be changed but its a little pesky til you get the hang of where they are. It got a little warn when i tried to use it while charging so i would be careful.

Bottom Line: The design, materials and software (possible Kit Kat update in May) put into the Studio 5.0S II are a steal at this price. Not to mention that it comes with high quality accessories that most manufacturers dont bother to include with phones at this price range. Not to be compared in any way with the cheap ANDROID clones that have been popping up everywhere.

Ive put my studio s2 through lots of testing(calls, video calls, netflix, youtube, games, social media, pictures, recording software, etc and I am pleasantly surprised at how well it has been functioning. The battery really lasts, the data speeds are very fast with this phone. Ive already ordered another one for my sister! After reading some other peoples reviews I've noticed that people have issue with the camera. the camera is great with good features, the pictures and videos it takes are wonderful. also the zoom capability is a pinch to zoom, also it has a dedicated camera
button (volume rocker) how awesome is that!


excellent product
beautiful. All excellent. Satisfied with the product. I love my studio blu is an excellent phone for its value. It's almost like having a S3. I recommend it! Super fast in Venezuela.

i love this phone it works well. and its big i can do anything.
I'm using this phone for about a mth now and it work well I love it I can do anything with it take nice pictures, it came on lock I'm in Jamaica and it work very. The only thing is I can't get any wallet case for it and I really need one. For a good price and work like a galexy phone

my blu studio 5.0
I love it!!! It meets and exceeds all my expectations. I could not be more pleased with it. I have recommended it to other people.

A processing behemoth!
This phone is perfect for gaming, texting, and anything else that you can do on a regular phone, all at the same time. Thanks to the quad core, you spend less time waiting for applications to load. Another great feature about this phone is how fast the camera can be launched from the lock screen. Although the camera hardware doesn't sound as stellar as the Galaxy S5, it is still very worth it with a digital zoom on both the front and back facing camera. I have not found a bad thing about this phone yet. The only reason I would think before clicking that "add to cart" button is because of the rareness of rugged cases that fit this phone's dimensions. If you are a hard user with a history of broken phones, I would consider searching for cases before buying this phone.

Great phone... great price
It's like having a Samsung at a cheaper price. Works in my country with no problems. Would recommend this phone to anyone

cheap and awesome
I love it, eveything works. Just got to know how to operate it. Like putting telephone numbers in , ex.. us 1+zip code then number otherwise your message texting won't get through. Or phone calls. Hope this help.

This is a marvelous phone
This is a follow up review of the phone. As much as I try to dislike this phone, I love it. it has performed flawlessly, and has done exactly what I wanted--and at a very reasonable price. I will buy another of this type.


Technical data

  • 5.0 inch IPS Display: (540x960)8MP Camera with LED Flash with HD recording (1080p), 1.6MP Front Camera
  • Unlocked Dual SIM Phone; 4GB Internal Storage with Micro SD Slot up to32GB
  • 3G HSPA+ up to 21 Mbps 850/1900
  • 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • The Studio 5.0 S II bundles a premium design, affordability and simplicity all in one incredible package. This user friendly smartphone runs on Android V4.2 Jellybean, featuring a 5.0?? display, Quad Core 1.3 GHz processor and 8MP camera. Stay in touch via Facebook, Whatsapp, and more!


Product Description

he all new BLU STUDIO 5.0 S II offer's the user a sophisticated and stunning 5 display handset that packs a punch. With it's 1.3Ghz Quad-Core processor, the user can breeze through apps and movies. Sporting a 5 capacitive screen with an 8 Megapixel camera, uses can snap, share and view pictures all day!

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