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Blu Studio C Mini Quad Core, 4.7" IPS, Android 4.4 KK, 4G HSPA+, 5MP Camera - Unlocked Cell Phones -Black

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Better than expected at an amazing price. A great buy.

Length:: 5:47 Mins

From the moment I opened the box I knew we had a winner. A dual sim, unlocked phone with an almost non-modified Kit Kat version of Android. That right there would cost you hundreds more in most phones. BUt the pricing on this made me skeptical until I did some real world testing

Included are the wall charger, USB cable, headphones (with additionally sized ear pieces) and even a camera case. The phone case itself is a sturdy plastic that did not feel cheap.

Battery life:
I basically got a full day or normal usage. Once or twice i needed a small charge to finish the day. You will need to charge this nightly if you are a casual user.

I liked the almost raw, stripped down Android loaded on the phone. Adding apps worked as expected from Google Play. I did have an issue with a couple higher end graphics games or ones that needed a lot of horsepower to run, but I expected that in the specs so I don't count it against the phone. I know what I was getting into and you should have the same expectation. This works great with all the social apps (Facebook, Twittter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc).

The camera did a great job at 8MP in normal daylight and dusk. I wish the flash setting was a bit better, but once again it performed well. The front camera did good on video chat over wifi when you have lighting around. Almost all phones are only 2MP on the front camera so this is very comparable. The 1080p recording was fine but make sure to use the external microSd card for the reasons I mention below.

The dual sim cards is such a treat to have. I loaded a few test networks in (make sure to know what is supported and isn't) and was able to use the SIM switcher app easily. I really think this is the way phones should be offered. Unlocked with the ability to run a normal everyday SIM card and one that is pay-as-you-go swappable with a few swipes and clicks. Your phone carrier may not work everywhere while another will. I think this is great for business users that travel and definitely international users.

Keep in mind that this is not LTE speeds do do not get mad when things are a bit faster than 3G but not blazing fast to do. it is well stated that this supports HSPA+ only on the networks.

The internal memory is small but the 32GB microSD card slot (card not included) makes loading apps and media easy. Some apps will not run from the SD card so keep that in mind. Space on the device itself is not huge but once again, great for everyday users and apps.

Wifi, Bluetooth, the FM radio and the hotspot mode work fine. I had no problems or expectations on them that was not met.

This is a great phone for the college student, young kid as a starter phone or one that you won't worry about when traveling (for both the cost and ability to run different networks). The pricing of this as an unlocked phones makes it something you just greatly consider!

See the video for more!

Lately, BLU has been causing quite a stir with it's line of low-end KitKat phones, that don't really seem that low-end.

Case in point: the BLU Studio 5.0C HD. What you have here is a quad-core phone with 1GB of RAM, and a 720p display. It's a dual SIM phone and accepts a microSD card of up to 64GB.

Here's the rundown on the specs:

5.0-inch 1280720 IPS HD Display
MediaTek Quad-core MT6582 1.3GHz processor
Mali 400 GPU
1GB of RAM
4GB of storage with a microSD card slot supporting up to 64GB
8MP shooter on the back
2MP front-facing shooter
WiFi b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP, Wi-Fi Hotspot, micro-USB, FM Radio
Dimensions: 145 x 73 x 9.7 mm
Bands Supported: 2G (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; 3G (HSPA+ 21Mbps) 850/1700/1900, 3G (HSPA+ 21Mbps) 850/1900/2100
2000mAh removable battery
So why is this phone with specs almost 2 years old a big deal? Well, it's $149. You own it. No contract, and it's unlocked so you can take it (with some drawbacks) to almost any carrier you choose.


For a low-end phone, it certainly does not feel cheap. It's grip is on par with some HTC phones, and possibly feels a bit better. BLU added a color matching ear piece on the front of the phone, which I thought was a cool touch.

About that 720p display - while that resolution might sounds low given today's qHD and 1080p phone screens, it is surprisingly good. With a DPI border lining on "retina display" quality, and an IPS screen....well I don't think you will be disappointed. The screen is bright and easy on the eyes.

Moving right along to the processor... Under the hood, you'll find a MediaTek MT6582 quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM. Go ahead and make that funny face again. This phone is amazing at every day tasks and most games.

The BLU Studio 5.0C HD is quite snappy and generally moves right along without chugging or lag.

Dual SIM! This is an unfamiliar concept to most of us in the USA. From what I understand, you can run one SIM for voice and anotherfor data - or run 2 different phone numbers from the same device. I'm not using that feature, but it does look like it could be very useful.

I was concerned about picture quality with only an 8MP camera, again, I was pleasantly surprised by the images this thing takes. They're very good. Low light performance was not that great but that's to be expected. The camera is the basic stock Android app and simplistic. I think this is a good thing.

Battery life - I'm sure that the 720p display contributes to the longevity of the phone's battery. I've gotten through my day and most of the night without charging it. My S5 usually dies early evening.


I love BLU for releasing this phone with an almost stock Android KitKat experience. This is one of the nicest things about this phone. I haven't found too many devices that are budget phones running KitKat out of the box.

The customizations BLU made are not instrusive and necessary, considering the feature set of this device. One is a dual SIM notification, and the other is a persistent battery notification that always let's you know where you stand on battery life.


I could use this phone as my daily driver if I had to. It's that good.

There are a couple drawbacks I should mention though:

No promised updates even though BLU is pretty good about device support down the road.
No LTE. If you're okay with that, then this phone is great. It does support HSPA+, but no LTE at all. I am currently using a Straight Talk SIM and actually find the speeds on AT&T comparable to LTE on VZW.
For $149, this phone really can't be beat. Add a 64GB microSD card, and you have an awesome phone with plenty of space for content. It comes with a charger, screen protector, and a TPU case - so that's a plus.

So far, Im the only person who has written a review for the BLU Studio C mini.

SPEED: This phone is FAST. The 512 megs of ram prevent games such as Asphalt 8 from running, but the Android UI and games like Subway Surfers and even slightly more intense games run very fluidly. The 1.3 Ghz quad core processor is no slouch, either.
BATTERY LIFE: The battery is good, and even comparable to my LG F3s 2,460 MAh battery. With little-moderate use, it will last a long time. Heavy gaming will deplete the battery in 5-6 hours(With Wifi and GPS on). Oh, and did I mention the phone charges from 0-100% in 1 hr 40 minutes?
OS/UI: This phone is pretty much Stock Android (Kitkat 4.4.2) with a couple nice extra features, such as scheduled power on and off, a battery charge time indicator, an apps to SD function (Disabled in Stock android since 4.0), and even a built in, OS integrated Antivirus. Blu has made Android almost perfect. (Only having the phone come factory rooted could make it better)
SCREEN: The screen is nice, crisp, and bright. It has pretty good viewing angles, may be... 160 degrees or so. It doesn't seem at all pixelated, even with such a low ppi (200 or so) The screen is well calibrated and very vivid.
CALL QUALITY- Call quality on TMobiles network is good, and the phone even supports video calls (Though my SIM doesn't)
SPEAKER- The speaker is quite loud, but sounds tinny. It works well on speakerphone, but wear headphones or use external/Bluetooth speakers for music. I tested wired external speakers and headphones, and it had really good sound quality (It even supports a 5.1 surround system without a receiver.
CAMERAS- I don't take photos with my phone, but I tested the image quality out. Quite frankly, the back camera is pretty bad for 5 megapixels and autofocus. It can read QR codes well though, and that's all I need it for. The front camera is useable, at least for Skype and selfies.
BUILD QUALITY- The device is built quite well, and does not feel cheap (With the case on) I asked a friend how much he thought it cost, and he guessed $550. Wow.
3G/HSPA+ Its quite fast. Ive gotten up to 7.4 mbps on HSPA+(4G) on TMobile, and 4 MBps on 3g. My LG Optimus F3 (4GLTE) got 13.4 in the same location, but the point is, its useable. It also uses less battery than LTE
ODDS AND ENDS: The Gyro sensor is not calibrated, so games that don't have a "Calibrate" button (Like Temple Run) you will have to play while slightly lobsided. I will update this review with a fix if I can find one.
The phone comes with a pair of terrible headphones(With a mic attached), a screen protector, a case(Which adds that more premium feel and protects only the back and sides from scratches), and a wall charger+ USB 2.0 cable.
The phone supports OTG
The phone allows you to Hotspot/tether your phone on any carrier, even if the carrier doesn't allow it (Because the Hotspot app is part of Android itself)
The phone does have a LED notification light
And also the brightest flash/flashlight I've ever seen on a phone.

VERDICT: Do not hesitate to buy this phone. For $120 unlocked, you cannot go wrong.

On the main OnlineShopDealer page for the C mini, it shows, say, a black and white phone and labels the color as yellow. DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE PICTURES. The color of the actual device is what the label (under "In stock") says.

If anyone has any questions at all about this device, ask it in a comment to this review, and I will answer (Also with a comment) as fast as possible.

9/1/14 UPDATE- I have just discovered the Stock launcher keeps removing all the apps on the SD card from the home page (On boot). A simple fix for this is to download Nova Launcher.

The GPS, albeit accurate, depletes the battery in roughly an hour and a half. Because that's the same time it takes it to charge, the battery will only remain level if the phone is plugged in with GPS in use.

It boots up in 10 SECONDS if you turn on the fast boot setting!!!! (This can be found under Settings/Accessibility/Fastboot)

Update 10/26/14:

The phone still runs strong, though I have needed to purchase a new screen protector. The Youtube app from Google sticks sometimes due to lack of support, but there are other Youtube apps out there, so no biggie. Battery life is still good.
The capacitive buttons seem to lag a second or so, can be fixed through Onscreen Buttons (On Play Store)
The LED on the back doubles as the BRIGHTEST phone flashlight I have ever seen, though it does get hot after long periods of use.

****** After I put in my new SIM card, SMS messages wouldn't work. A simple solution is to go under Settings/More/Wireless & Networks/Mobile Networks/Network Operators. Tap "select manually," "Ok," then "T-Mobile 3g" (4G HSPA+ is technically a version of 3g). You may have to wait a minute while it searches for available networks. Then restart the phone (Hold power button, then reboot/ok)
I also realized the SIM 1 slot is the HSPA+ slot, and the other is normal GSM.

***Update 11/5/14***
My phone's back camera now has a small hairline crack. This is likely because the camera actually sticks out PAST the included case... So it is the first point of impact on a fall to the back. The camera still functions and the crack is virtually invisible both to me and the phones camera (It does not appear in photos).
Also, now that Android L (Lollipop) has come out... I can speculate that I will never gat an OS update... I haven't gotten one in three months. Lets hope we get Android L eventually. Meanwhile, my Nexus 9 is... Well... Android has never been better.

Also, sometimes I boot up my phone and it unlocks itself. Other times, it sets Avast off, thinking I have removed the SIM card because the second card is not present. The upside to this is that avast locks my phone on boot... :-P The downside is the alarm noise, which I have overwritten with a recording of absolute silence. So it sorted itself out.

Best Phone Under $400, and at $140... WOW! A Must Buy!!
I should start of by saying wow... WOW BLU! This phone is amazing!!

Specs of this phone:

Mobile Features:

3G network
Bluetooth 3.0
GPRS: class 12
EDGE: class 12
microUSB 2.0
Internal memory: 4GB
microSD card slot, up to 32GB
WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n
Android 4.4 (KitKat) OS
1.3GHz Cortex-A7 quad-core processor
8MP camera with LED flash
2MP secondary camera
1080p Full HD video
Browser: HTML5
Java MIDP emulator
Document viewer
Photo/video editor
Accelerometer, proximity
MP4/DivX/Xvid/WMV/H.264/H.263 player

Technical Profile:

Talk time: up to 10 h
Standby time: up to 720 h
Battery: Li-Ion 2000mAh


5" IPS touchscreen
16M colors
Resolution: 720 x 1280

~ I will tell you not-so-briefly why this phone is golden:

1. The phone's screen is a perfect size! It was bigger than I thought it would be, so be prepared! It's not too big, though, and it fits perfectly in any pocket.

2. The screen's resolution is top-notch. Even though the PPI (pixels per inch) density isn't that high (294 ppi, the same as the Moto G 2014 Version), the screen is very high-def. I tried watching 1080p on YouTube and it was wonderful!

3. The camera is just as good as any Samsung Galaxy phone out there. Don't let the offsetting 8 megapixels fool you, it takes great pictures and videos! My friend has a Galaxy Note 3, which has a 16 megapixel camera, and we both took almost identical pictures. There was barely ANY difference. Megapixels determines the size of the photo (resolution), but when the photos are zoomed out, they look the same. TWO THINGS you can do on the camera are take panorama photos and multi-angle photos, which is yet another plus!

4. Android 4.4 KitKat is wonderful on this phone. The selection of apps on the Google Play Store is great.

5.Even though the processor's Ghz isn't that high, it's fine for virtually any game/video. For those of you that don't know, a processor determines how much of a beating your phone can take at one time. I think a 2.5-2.7 ghz processor has never been used to its full potential by everyday users, so this phone's processor will suffice. Again, this phone is $140!

6. The phone comes in sturdy packaging and a case, earbuds, and a screen protector are included! Most phones come in a cheap plastic box that is 70% empty, but this packaging is a hard, lightweight plastic, in which all of the space is used. The case is a good, sturdy material and the earbuds would sell around $15 MSRP if they were in a store, good quality! The screen protector is OKAY, but hey, it's free with the phone.

The only things I have found to be okay about the phone are the battery life and the in-call volume. You should get through a day with moderate usage (a few games, some video streaming, etc.). The in-call volume is fairly quiet, even at the highest level.


A. You may want to be cautious if you are wearing sweatpants, basketball shorts, etc. because the phone will slip out of your pocket if you have the case on. This has happened to me a few times, and it can be resolved by buying a different case (not a big selection) or putting your phone some place other than your pocket.

B. I recommend putting the screen protector on as soon as you get the phone because it reduces the amount of fingerprints and grease that gets on your screen (it attracts a lot).

C. Turn your screen brightness all the way down most of the day. This gives you at least a 25% longer battery life! The lowest screen brightness can still be seen easily.

D. Some people are complaining that this phone says it has 4G speeds when it actually doesn't. The truth is, it doesn't have 4G speeds. A phone doesn't determine the internet speeds, your carrier does. Just thought you should know!

The only other phone even close to this quality under $400 is another BLU phone, the Life Pure XL, which is still $379.

Overall a FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC phone from BLU! Best-performing phone I've ever had.. HANDS DOWN!


I have found out a few more things about this phone, so I'll give some more tips.

1. With some of the money you save buying this phone, if you do buy it, I HIGHLY recommend you get these two things:

A. 16 gigabyte SD card. The phone's internal memory is supposedly 4 GB, but it's actually about 2.3 GB. This is probably because Android 4.4 takes up a lot of space. When you get the SD card, in the settings, make the default write disk the SD card, so all of your music, videos, and MOST, not all, of the apps you download will go to the SD card, saving you some internal memory for the apps that don't go there.

B. A portable charger. This is totally up to you, but it can come in handy on long road trips or even if you just don't want to stretch the charger cord from the outlet. I bought the K-Max 11200 mah portable charger, and it works just great! It can charge this phone 5 times on a single use. You can find it here:

2. Something else I discovered: how to take a screenshot. Hold down the power button and the volume down button and the same time until the phone takes the shot.

Also, sometimes the default browser crashes on me so I have started to use Chrome (surprisingly). It works fine, so I recommend that too.

This phone is still running like it did out of the box on day 1, after almost 2 weeks of use. I think I'll have this phone for a very long time.

High-End Device for Low Cost. Might As Well Be Carrying a Galaxy S5 or an LG G3.
When I first read "5.0-inch display" I expected something as lightweight as the Nexus 5...THIS PHONE IS A BEHEMOTH. This is the biggest device I've had thus far. My previous phone, the BLU Life Play L100a, was a very good phone for its worth at $230 last year, but the Studio 5.0 C HD is WORLDS BETTER with an even cheaper retail price. Out of the box I was surprised to see the size of this phone. When you first hold it, it feels SOLID. Though its body is a hair smaller than LG's newest flagship, the G3, it does not overwhelm and actually fits very snugly in your pocket. There is nothing cheap or secondhand about this device except for its $149.00 price. BLU continued its generosity with a great set of earphones (with mic), a screen protector, a very nice silicone case, and an updated wall charger port + USB cord, now flat and slightly shorter than the Android standard.

The phone only has three external buttons: power on the right side, and the volume rocker on the left (technically two buttons there). They are EXTREMELY sensitive and quick to respond. Just 3 days in, the phone has not lagged, or frozen, and it has handled some decent gaming with no problems whatsoever, INCLUDING battery life (during an hour of play the battery only decreased by 2%). Running the "OK Google" hotword detection does not drain much battery either, which was nice. The specs are worth far more than $150, but I don't think any of us would complain about that. The 8 MP camera might not seem like anything special, but the phone actually snaps more-than-decent photos. Poor lighting will affect its performance like any other camera, however, so be weary. The speed of its capture and HD recording are wonderful, as it runs 4.4.2 KitKat OS out of the box. Its stock Android experience is near-identical to Google's Nexus brand.

- YES, it has a Notification Light.
- YES, third-party headphones/earbuds work fine (my Maxell earbuds actually have better quality than the included BLU earbuds)
- NO, it does not have Gyroscope, but it does have an Accelerometer.

- Highly responsive
- Impressive size and display: you might have bought a cheap phone, but it certainly won't look that way
- Capable cameras
- Stock 4.4.2 KitKat OS
- Snappy speed: 1 GB RAM and 4 GB Memory are enough; you can always expand storage to 64 GB)
- 2000mAh Li-Ion: Surprisingly good battery life

- BLU DOES add a few extras in, so it isn't 100% stock Android.
- Differs from its predecessors and other KitKat devices: no Notification toggle, no swipe for Google Now. This can be changed with KK Launcher from the Play Store.
- Taking screenshots takes a hair longer on the Studio than other devices (MAYBE half-a-second longer)

Buying this phone will not be a mistake. If you want something cheap that still puts you in the loop with the latest technology that Google and Android have to offer, this is the device for you!

Great buy
For the price, this phone is freaking amazing.

CAMERA: The camera is good enough to use on video calling software, and the picture quality is good enough to capture my face, as long as lighting is adequate. The picture quality that the other person sees is nice and clear. With lower light, it's a little harder to make out specific features on my face, but it's still clear enough for what it needs to be.

YOUTUBE: I'm absolutely addicted to youtube, and am used to watching it on my Macbook retina or my iPad Air. Although this phone doesn't have full 1080p or whatever, the resolution it does have is plenty for the screen size. Youtube videos look crisp and clear.

SPEED: It takes a while to start up, but no more annoying than my iPhone. Its speed is rather nice and snappy. I don't at all worry about how long it's taking to get my regular tasks done, like installing or uninstalling apps, opening contacts, writing messages, etc.

FEEL: When I hold this phone, it feels expensive. It has a bit of heft to it that lighter phones don't quite have. The back panel is easy to remove, which means that switching batteries, SIM cards, etc isn't a chore.

CHARGE: I've had the phone on standby for days, with only the wifi turned on. This battery is a beast. It's not needed a charge once. With the SIM card, and using data, location services, etc, I can last about a day and small change without a charge. But, if I do cut back on the battery hogs when I don't need them (like when I'm on the subway), the battery does extend to a longer time.

For the price you're paying, this is a solid phone. It's got a slot to put extra memory into, so you don't have to worry about the size that the phone comes with. Its speakers are plenty loud. The screen is crisp and beautiful looking. The whole package is a good deal.

Great phone!
I love this phone. I've had it for a couple of months now, and it beats a lot of other phones I've seen that are a lot more expensive. It outperformed an iPhone one of my kids uses, and it beat up on a Windows phone another of my kid owns. The sound quality, which is important to me (I'm old, so I actually talk on the phone -- go figure), is way better than most smart phones I've used in the past. The screen is Goldilocks-size: not too big; not too small; just right. I can actually see the screen images without using a magnifier and move stuff around with my arthritic fingers (I'm old, remember?), but the thing still fits in my pocket.

I travel a bit, so the dual SIM slots make life a lot easier when I'm out of the U.S. And I really appreciate the replaceable battery. Instead of carrying a large and inefficient solar battery charger when I'm out in the woods (I backpack and use the GPS on the phone), I'll just carry a couple of extra pre-charged batteries that weigh practically nothing.

Some reviews have talked about the short run time between charges. I get a couple of days out of it when I'm using it just as a phone and to check email. If I get involved in a round or Sudoku, or something like that, the battery runs down faster, but even then I'll get a full day out of it before it hits the charger. Don't know how long it lasts streaming movies because I prefer watching movies on a larger screen.

And, best of all, it's an unlocked phone, so I can run it on Pure Talk at a fraction of the cost of all the big cell servers. Great coverage, great sound quality, great value. And I can switch anytime I want, just like the rest of the world can.

In short: buy this phone. You won't regret it.

Great features, great price
As someone who uses Net 10, I'm used to having to settle for crap phones or having to fork over $400+ for a decent phone. This phone changed all that. My last phone was the HTC One X, and the screen on this phone blows my HTC out of the water. At 5 inches, it's big enough to comfortably browse web pages or watch Netflix without having to resort to a phablet. Touch screen is fast and responsive and scrolling is smooth. I had no trouble with the phone recognizing my SIM card, and the APN settings were easy to change. Everything works great with the Net 10 service, even the MMS messaging. The screen protector and case are included, but not of the highest quality. They will likely protect your phone from scratches and scuffs but not from a hard impact. There is no LTE, but in my area HPSA is just as fast. Web pages load fast and streaming works great. The only drawback is the 4gb of onboard storage. I popped in a 16 gb SD card and moved most of my apps there. The phone is definitely eye-catching. I have the yellow (ordered the pink- thanks for that, OnlineShopDealer) and it is very bright! I've gotten a lot of compliments on it. If you're looking for a flagship phone, the Blue Studio 5.0 C HD will likely disappoint you, but if you want a solid phone with great features for under $150, this is a great choice. Five stars for the phone, but one star for OnlineShopDealer for shipping the wrong color.

Extremely happy that I took the risk on Blu!
I am extremely happy with this phone. I have TMobile and the phone just plain works. I put the SIM and SD cards in and all is well. I don't hesitate to give the phone 5 stars because I was skeptical about a $149 phone from a little-known brand.

Having spent more than $500 on a single phone just to avoid contracts, I recommend the Blu Studio 5.0 HD Quad Core, and argue that it's comparable to the expensive phones.

After using this phone, there's no reason to spend $600 on a brand name phone. There's no good reason to get sucked into a 2-yr contract, either.

NOTE: I never saw 4G notification. However, after asking BLU about this, they said that 4G indication is H or H+. I've seen that a lot.

Pretty nice alternative
So I received this phone; the Studio 5.0 C HD on Friday, and I have had a few days (it's the end of Monday now) to get "moved in" with my purchased apps from the Playstore. In my opinion, this phone seems very comparable to my late, now broken Galaxy S3 which this phone will be directly replacing as my daily "life companion" lol... (couldn't help the pun... before anyone says it, I know S4) With prices of these phones being where they are, it doesn't make sense to me to spend $300 - $600 on a phone with similar performance for around $150 (a replacement S3 is still going for $200 and up)

So let me say that I am very happy with this phone. I had recently purchased the Studio 5.0 C, and wasn't very happy with it, and knew that I should have bought this one instead. That phone is now in a drawer incase something happens to this one, and I need a back up till a new one arrives

Just about every gripe I had with the Studio 5.0 C has gone away with this model.
-The screen is crisp, and bright in all viewing angles, (thanks to it's IPS display), and it has a more accurate touch interface (aka digitizer) than the 5.0 C, and the capacitive buttons are even back-lit
-The cameras are good, the front camera can be a little dark indoors though, but that can be corrected in the camera settings.
-The sound is pretty good, unless you use their sound enhancer (located in the audio profiles settings) it's better left off

The battery is about average really, expect anywhere from 6 - 10 hours or less depending on use, but really that's what most smart phones get these days.

The overall build of the phone is pretty solid, and has a good feel to it, I especially like the red inside when you pull the cover off, reminds me of the old Droid Incredible I had years ago. Add in the fact that I can throw in a second SIM card, not that I need that capability, but it's nice to know that I can shop around, and mix and match different carriers who offer better deals, like cheap voice, and text on one SIM, and cheaper data on the other.

One thing I keep seeing is people complaining that these phones are not 4G. Well they are, just not LTE, instead it's the older HSPA basically 3.5G but there are some specifics that allow them to call it 4G. It's still blazing fast compared to Edge trust me!

Pros and cons?
Average battery life
Good display
Dual SIM slots
Low price
Solid feel
Comes with goodies (screen protector, case, ear buds)
Runs Kit Kat
5" screen

Only 4 Gig on-board memory
Will not accept an SD card larger than 32 Gig

Though I am concerned about the low memory. Only 4 Gigs on-board, and 32 Gig seems to be the limit of the SD card. It seems to work for me for now, but time will tell. I suspect that it's how they can justify the increase in price for their higher end lines, but that's OK, the prices are low enough. The rest of the hardware is pretty good, just keep in mind that this is not meant for demanding tasks like high-end games, but seems fine for most everything else.
On a side note, incase those who care, I have not attempted to root this phone yet, but there is some noise being made about this phone over at XDA

Over all, This phone offers excellent value for the money, and definitely worth the $150 I paid for it, and I'd buy it again


Technical data

  • Unlocked Dual SIM Phone; 4.7" WVGA Display (480X800): 5MP Autofocus Camera with LED Flash, and VGA front camera, HD Video HD recording (1080p)
  • 4GB Internal memory with 512 GB RAM with Micro SD Slot up to 32GB
  • 4G HSPA+ up to 21Mbps 850/1700/1900: Nationwide AT&T: Cricket Wireless, Trachoma, Straight Talk, Net10, H20 Wireless, 420 Wireless, Black Wireless, Consumer Cellular, Pure TalkUSA, Red Pocket, Telcel America.
  • T-Mobile: MetroPCS, Lyca, Speedtalk, Go Smart, Simple Mobile, Net10, Straight Talk, Solavei, Ultra Mobile, Telcel America, Walmart Family Mobile.
  • 1.3GHz Quad-core, Android 4.4 Kit Kat


Product Description

The studio C Mini will impress you with its design, color, and functionality. Enhanced with Android 4.4 Kit Kat featuring a 4.7 HD display for viewing pleasure, powerful 1.3 GHz Quad Core processing for fast response and a great 5MP camera.

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