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eBoot 2 Sets Page Marker Page Index Tabs Fluorescent Sticky Note for Page Markers, 250 Pieces

Customer Reviews

Love the colors
Love the colors! It's easy to make notes on them and they stick well in books. My only complaint is that they don't travel well. I put them in my purse and one whole color fell off of sticky backing. I had to keep it separate, as adhesive was gone.

Can't write on them.
You can't write on them; I've tried multiple pens & markers, but all of them wipe off & make a mess. Otherwise they're good.

Great for book tabbing
My favorite sticky notes for books, only thing that keeps them from being five starts is that fact that they unsick from the back of the plastic they are on and I end up losing a color or they end up dirty on the back


  • Easy to write: you can write on them with a ball point pen or pencils and doesn't leave any ink behind, the index tabs are thin enough that you can see writing through them
  • Mini and suitable size: 4.5 cm by 1.2 cm, suitable as bookmarks or reading tags, parts, measurements, charting, etc.
  • 2 Different sticky notes: 1 set is flat sticky notes, the other set is arrow sticky notes, 250 pieces in total
  • Removable and translucent adhesive: you can apply them to highlight something specific on a page, the transparent part won't cover up information
  • 5 Vibrant colors: 5 colors including red, yellow, blue, green, orange, it will be helpful in keeping you organized


eBoot 2 sets neon page marker page index tabs fluorescent sticky note for page markers, 250 pieces

Quick note sticker
With these neon page marker, you can open up to the marked page easily, no matter how many pages you are turning, will remain stuck in place.

Don't rip the paper
You can apply them to highlight something specific on a page, books or notebooks, and with the removable and translucent adhesive, they will not rip the paper when tear it down.

Index tabs colors: red, yellow, blue, green, orange
Index tabs size: 4.5 cm by 1.2 cm
Suitable for organizing, referencing and indexing notebooks, files, books, planners and so on.
Quick note and stick them to anywhere you need with the neon index tabs.
Removable adhesive and the writable part is transparent so you can see through to text underneath.

Package includes:
1 Set flat index tabs (125 pieces)
1 Set arrow index tabs (125 pieces)

Kindly reminder:
If you write on these page index tabs with liquid or gel pen, please keep it dry before touching, otherwise it may smudge.

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