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Sterling Silver Mother's Heart Birthstone Locket, Small

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

Just gave this to my wife for mothers day a couple weeks back. Very Nice she loved it. She liked being able to pick which birstones to put in it. She got several compliments when we were out and she was wearing it. Very nice.

I purchased this necklace for my nieces and nephews to give to their mother for Christmas in 2010. The pendant and chain are of good quality, and the weight and styling is very appealling. The necklace comes with a complete set of birthstones, and I was able to fill the locket with the birthstones of her 3 children as well as that of her late husband. There was plenty of room in the locket for 4-5 of the birthstones. The birthstones were also of a good quality, and cut in a manner which makes them shimmer in the light. The presentation box is great for a gift, and although I did gift wrap the necklace (mainly to keep the contents a secret until Christmas), you could actually present the necklace in just the included box.

The gift recipient was happy with the necklace, and immediately posted pictures of it on Facebook; bragging that her children had gotten her a nice gift.

this is an absolutely beautiful pendent. its smaller then expected so it only fits 4 stones. good thing my mum only has 4 kids and one of them are twins. my mum loved it so much she wears it everyday! this is a great present for moms and i totoally recommoend it

Love it!
My husband let me pick my own present for christmas under the guidelines that it had to be a necklace, so I picked this. Absolutely beautiful design! It's small but just the right size for me. The only minor issue I've had is getting the gems to fit right so it'll close all the way, but that's nothing difficult & it's a one time issue.
I love this necklace & I wear it almost everyday!

Perfect for mom's and grandma's
We gave this to my boyfriends mother for Christmas this year. She absolutely loved it! It's inexpensive, but the quality isn't cheap. I'm going to get one for my mother. I definately recommend it!

Perfect Gift for a Mother!
My husband gave this to me for Mother's Day. Although I have six children, three of them were born in July so I was able to use the February, June, July, and December birthstones. If you have more than four birthstones to put in the heart, you need to get the bigger necklace and order one or more sets of extra birthstones. The necklace is very pretty with a nice sturdy box chain of the perfect length. A very nice inexpensive gift for a mother, grandmother, or other woman in your life!

Very nice.
I am very happy with this item. Some of the reviewers wrote that the locket would not stay closed. It stays closed fine if you close it properly, then insert the chain throgh the opening, and that makes it impossible for the locket to open. I like the quality and appearance of the locket and the chain seems strong. The chain is a box chain which I like because my hair has a tendancy to catch in other chains but not my necklaces with box chains. This locket is a gift to my daughter-in-law and I think she will like it.

Very nice!
I thought this locket was lovely. I like it very much. I was afraid at first after looking at the photo on here thinking the stones may fall out if the locket were to pop open. But I just recieved it and the necklace is what keeps the locket closed. I'm very happy with it. It is beautiful.

Very pretty
I just got this necklace as a Christmas gift from hubby and I love it! Not sure what other people fussed about but to me it is just perfect. The size is not big but yet not small either. You have to take the chain out of the locker in order to open it, which is good because it won't open unless you take it out of the chain, so I'm not sure why some people complain that it opens. Overall is is a great gift for a mother. Highly recomended!

I was very pleased with the appearance this product. The one downfall was how it rests on the neckline when wearing it. It kind of sticks out more on the top then on the bottom and I think because of that the necklace will flip around a lot more frequently. It is very lovely and I love how it came with all of the birthstones to fill however we choose.


Technical data

  • Crafted in .925 Sterling Silver. The Locket Depicts Mother-figure and Child at Clasp
  • Locket Measures 3/4 Inch L x 3/4 Inch W
  • Comes Ready to Wear on 20 Inch L Sterling Chain
  • Locket and Necklace Proudly Made in America
  • Lifetime Warranty on Jewelry


Product Description

A great gift for mothers, grandmothers, sisters, godmothers and aunties, this touching sterling silver heart-shaped locket features a loving mother-figure and child at the clasp area to serve as a reminder of those held closest to the heart. The filigree detailing on the locket allows the included Swarovski crystal birthstones to shine through. Lovely locket can display up to 5 of the included 12 birthstones (one for each month). *Note: Many customers find it easier to load the crystals into the locket by removing the locket from the chain and then using tweezers to place the crystals in the locket. Load the crystals towards the center of the locket and snap the locket into place then place back on the chain to secure the crystals within the locket. Attractively gift boxed and ready for giving. Our jewelry is proudly made in America with US and imported parts. We do our part for the environment by crafting our jewelry from recycled .925 sterling silver. Loving Family GIFT BOX is made in China.

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