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Organize It All 3-Tier Wall-Mounted Spice Rack - Chrome (1812)

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Product Reviews

Looks classy
The spice rack looks excellent. I highly recommend it if you're going with a wall hanging rack. I put it up and it looks great and at much lower cost than a lot of other racks. This rack is deep enough to fit large spice containers or even condiment bottles.

A quick note on installation:
The rack didn't come with any hanging instructions. It comes with 4 long screws which are likely best if you're hanging the rack on a substance such as solid wood. It also comes with 4 anchors and 4 shorter screws for use in walls made of soft substances such as drywall. It, however, doesn't have instructions for what size hole to drill for the anchors. I started small and moved up until I found the right size, so here are some instructions for future buyers who choose to use the anchors.
1. place the rack on the wall where you would like it. If you have one, use a level to make sure it is level. Use a pencil to mark the holes or something hard to put a small divot at the center of each of the four holes. Remove the rack from the wall.
2. Use a power drill and a 1/4" bit to drill 4 holes at each of the places you marked. drill deep enough to fit in the entire plastic anchor. Most likely, you'll drill through 1/4 to 1/2 inch of drywall and then hit empty space on the other side.
3. Push the anchors in as far as you can. Use a hammer to hammer them in the rest of the way.
4. Put the rack back over the anchors and use a #2 phillips screw driver to hand drive the 4 screws into place. Put them each in loose at first. Then tighten each. You shouldn't need to crank them down too hard.
5. Put your spices in your new beautiful wall rack.

Neu Home Gourmet Spice Rack
I had just wanted a spice rack to put inside my pantry - one that was sturdy presentable, and most important, cheap! This one works great - doesn't get dusty like the wooden ones do, holds even my larger bottles of spices. I had ordered two, but I may order another two since other small cans and bottles fit - like vienna sausages and vinegar bottles. Very heavy, durable, quality product for the price. Would recommend.

Spice with class
This spice rack fit my narrow cabinet door perfectly and it looks amazing. I love it.

Perfect space saver and organizer
I am very pleased with the product. Sleek and efficient! I will say I'm not a big fan of drilling holes in my cabinets, although I thought it was great that the product included two options in hanging the rack. I, instead, opted for (3M) Command Damage-Free Hanging strips with hook. You just have to make sure you buy the strips that are strong enough to hold the weight of the rack (it can be pretty hefty). The rack fits right over the hook, and I haven't had any issues with needing to mount more of the rack to keep it in place and not swing back and forth. Just a suggestion for anyone else not so handy with the power drill. :)

Perfect Choice
I was looking for a well made, good looking spice rack for a smaller cabinet door. It was perfect.
What I like about is that the shorter spice bottles don't fall out, is well made, and looks classy.
It was easy to install.

Very pleased with this spice rack
This spice wall rack is attractive and comes with hardware for mounting on solid wood doors. Since I installed on hollow-core pantry doors, I went and got more suitable hardware from the local big box hardware store. Originally, I ordered two racks but then ordered two more because they work so well. Each of the 3 shelves has approximate interior dimensions of 2 3/4 inches by 10 3/4 inches. That's enough room for 6 regular spice bottles per row, or 18 total. Everything about this spice rack suggests quality, including the shiny finish, rounded corners, and heavy-duty construction.

Great spice rack for tight spaces
This is a wonderful product and fits well in narrow spaces. I love it!

Great Spice Rack!!
My husband and I have been looking for a wall-mount spice rack for a long time; 4 years and 3 apartments later we finally found one! I love this spice rack!! It is high quality and easily mounted. It weighed more than I expected and the wire is thick. I have a lot of spices so I bought two and hung them side-by-side for a larger look. I think they would also work vertically on a really skinny wall, on either side of a window, stepped, or inside a cabinet. I am very pleased with my purchase and so excited to have more cabinet space for other things! :)

Awesome product! I wish I had space for two of them. It totally freed up space in my cabinet and is so much easier to find the spices I need. I was worried it looked plan in picture, but in reality it looks very sharp! I researched alot and the measurements were bigger then others so I chose this one. I was right it has a ton of Space! You can fit small or large spices and I can even fit some small box items that I use regularly. I highly recommend! The mounting system worked pretty well. It would have been easier if someone else held while I marked the holes, but I got it none the less. The anchors work well and it held in the very sturdily, it gonna move at all!

Very pleased
I am very pleased with this high quality, low cost spice rack. It took a little while to arrive, but the price is great and the quality is high. It is not at all flimsy and comes with two different sets of hardware. One is a set of anchors and screws in case you want to mount it on drywall (as I did). Another is a set of longer screws if you plan to mount it directly into solid wood. My fiancee loves it so much that we're ordering another one. The only downside is that we can only fit about 17 spices onto it -- which is why we're buying another one to place on the wall beneath it.


Technical data

  • Keep all your spice jars together and organized the way you want
  • Sturdy steel-wire construction with open design and fine chrome finish
  • Mounts inside cabinets or cupboards or right on the wall
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Measurements: 18.25 by 11 by 3.25 inches


Product Description

Place the Neu Home Organize it All 3-Tier Wall-Mounted Spice Rack on your kitchen door or inside a cabinet or cupboard for easy access. You can organize your spice jars in any order you like, and keep them together for convenient cooking. The sturdy steel-wire rack features a fine chrome finish to accentuate your kitchen d├ęcor. The open design lets you find the spice you need at a glance. Spice jars sold separately. 18.25 x 11 x 3.25 inches.

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