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Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver - 10th Doctor - 50th Anniversary Ltd Edition with Lights & Sounds - Day of the Doctor

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4K is a long way from 1980's tv's with the pull on knob.
AS many folks know, Sony creates amazing technology and has for a long time. Yes, I'm thinking back to my sony tape walkman back in middle school in the 80's. Yes, their went the age.

This tv is no different but, obviously our price tags have gone up quite a bit. The 4k model here is amazing, which my cousin recently purchased. I own last years model, which the specs are almost identical, excluding a few minor things. Obviously, last years model is almost 2 grand cheaper.

We were comparing the two displays using a couple different blu-ray titles with the same blu-ray player and can't determine any difference in video quality. As another reviewer stated, the software seems to be a little buggy on the new model and last years model has been tweaked enough to run much smoother. To close, you can't go wrong with Sony, they have been in business for a while so, they must be doing something right. Especially, since my mom is still using her 27" tube Sony from 15 years ago. LOL NO, she won't upgrade yet, she said it still works fine. happy shopping folks, these tv's are massive so have someone handy to help you install on the wall.

Sony Beats Samsung In 4K Photography Test
As a limited but very practical test, I evaluated several of this year’s Sony and Samsung 4K displays using pristine Nikon 3300 24M pixel photographs. These pictures native resolution is 6000*4000 and were loaded onto the display at the store using my USB stick.
The photographs were taken to highlight dynamic range with with back-light sun or sky, with areas of shadow detail carefully preserved using ViewNX2 RAW processing and with a calibrated LG 2560*1600 IPS monitor.

With quality so high, anyone can instantly spot many decoding inaccuracies (which incidentally expert professional reviews miss!)
Photographs have a quantization range of 0-255 and video is 16-235, a task which any 2014 display should detect and accurately decode.
The three Sony displays (one a 1080p 850B) all demonstrated superior color, contrast and shadow detail compared to the Samsung H9000 and H8550. The 1080p look much coarser especially with the photo of the Cos*co hours-of-operation sign in the shade. The Sony’s Reality Processing was fooled and introduced a white highlighting in between the black text.
The Samsung’s movie mode looked best but still did not approach the Sony’s spot-on color. The photo’s did not come-alive in realism, as the sunlight back-lighting should have been punchy. Shadow detail went to black too quickly, as if the Samsung was decoding the JPEG’s 0-255 dynamic range incorrectly. But maybe not, as blacks can be seemingly improved at the expense of shadow detail.

Anyone should be able to replicate these findings. Several knowledgeable salesmen confirmed these findings. I’ve taken the time to document this admittedly limited test, as the forums have descended into chaos. Humor footnote: If Sony and OnlineShopDealer want to give me a free TV I’ll give it six stars!

Five Stars
Simply the best Tv.


Technical data

  • Doctor Who 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver - Limited Edition 50th Anniversary
  • Tenth Doctor David Tennant - featuring colors from the episode " Day of the Doctor "
  • Fully functional with Beige Handle and Yellow Wire
  • Limited run, this will not be available for long!
  • Blue light and official doctor who sound effects!


Product Description

Doctor Who sonic Screwdriver - 10th Doctor - Limited Edition 50th Anniversary with Special Colors - Day of the Doctor

Take this opportunity to get your hands on a limited edition 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver!

This special 50th Anniversary Edition will not be around for long. Lights up blue just like the original with sound effects from the episode! Pick one up today -

Length Extended: 8 3/4 Inches Long
Length Retracted: 7 Inches
Width:Just about an inch

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