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Skip Hop Zoo Packs Little Kid Backpacks, Giraffe

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Customer Reviews

Fake Product initially. Skip Hop made it right!!!!
I was sooo excited to order this packback for my daughter and at such a great price. However, upon receiving the item from the seller FaShion Queen, I found that it was a counterfeit product with a tag that said, "Colorful Phoenix" and not Skip Hop. Attempting to return it and get a refund now. Will update review accordingly.


I not only filed an issue with onlineshopdealer but contacted Skip Hop directly just to let them know there was a company selling counterfeits. I received a refund from the seller and much to my surprise, Skip Hop sent my daughter an authentic backpack! They did not need to do that and because of their OUTSTANDING customer service, I am an even more loyal customer and will never hesitate to buy their products. Thank you Skip Hop!!!!

As a diaper bag it holds enough for a simple outting!
I only bought this because I wanted to try a differnt bag (think out of the box) than the gigantic Jeep Weekender bag we have now. Diaper bags are like purses, the bigger they are the more stuff you feel you need to put in it! When I first got this Skip Hop pack I immediately agreed with other reviewers that it was way too small. HOWEVER, once I tried it out and put everything in it we'd need for a simple 2-3 hr outting I found that, SURPRISINGLY, everything fit just fine! Inside, I packed an extra outfit, a changing pad, a ziplock with crunchies, a ziplock with 1 stage 3 jar and 1 baby yogurt and a spoon, links with a toy attached, and a wubbanub. Front pocket easily holds two diapers (maybe up to 4), small pack of wipes and a tube of diaper rash cream. Side pocket holds only a single bottle though, so far thats the only downside. Which is why I say it's good for a short outting. I haven't used it yet so I may have to update this review in a bit. I love it right now though! Hope this was helpful!

This backpack is so cute I can hardly stand it. But be warned that it is definitely a backpack made for toddlers, not really for school-age children. I use it mainly to cart around my 2 year-old son's toys and books in my car in case I need to keep him entertained somewhere but there is not a whole lot of room in the backpack.

I love this cute little back pack. My son is 1 and we use it to carry his daily supplies back and forth to daycare and as a substitute diaper bag. He likes the bright colors and he knows it's his bag. We get lots of compliments on it where ever we go. It's the perfect size for a toddler and the straps are adjustable. It's sturdy and well made, and though it's on the small side, it holds just the right amount of stuff, (which for us is a lot since I'm an over-packer anyway). The name-tag inside didn't bleed and run when I wrote my son's name on it like most fabric tags do. The front pocket is great for the things you need more frequently like kleenux, and small toys, and it has a loop you can hook your keys onto. The side pouch is the perfect fit for a sippy cup. I so glad I got this; I just ordered the matching lunchbox and if I'm half as happy with it as I am with this backpack I'll be really pleased.

Two weeks after I posted this review, and after barely 2 months of use, the zipper for the main compartment broke. I was heartbroken. I searched everywhere for the receipt so I could call for a possible replacement, but no luck. I spent an hour trying to repair it, which to my amazement, I eventually did, but now I feel that it's fragile and I'm waiting for it to break again. So I wanted to add this warming. Do not over-pack and stretch the zipper, it's only plastic and will stretch and bend. Keep an eye on the teeth as you can see them separating and that is your warning of impending breakage.

I know this is made for little kids, but if I was the maker of this product I think that I would use a metal zipper for the main compartment as they are stronger and can take a lot more abuse than a plastic one.

I still love and would recommend this product, I'd just be a little more careful with it.

It's now been 9 months since I repaired the zipper and I haven't had a single problem with it since then. And, we LOVE the lunch box just as much as the backpack.

Great toddler backpack
My little one has had this backback for a little over 6 months. She got it for her 2nd birthday. At the time she was 35" tall. She LOVED this back from day one! She wears it all the time and wants to bring it on every outing. It is perfect for holding her toddler paraphernalia like a water bottle, sweater, sun hat, small wipes container, and a few toys.

Why I love this backpack:

Super lightweight, very easy for a toddler to carry without becoming a strain

Just enough organization with the pockets: The side pocket is perfect for her small sized water bottle (but not for a large of one), the front pocket is big enough to be quite useful for small items and snacks and the mesh portion holds in small items like sunglasses or crayons. The main compartment is roomy with an opening large enough to dig around in the bag. I could fill it with everything she might need for an overnight trip, 1 outfit of pants, shirt, shoes, socks, PJs, sun hat, sweater, water bottle, toothbrush, sunscreen, small toys. We've also used it as her carry-on and it was great easy for her to find her toys and carry through the airport.
The size limitation is good because it prevents one from overloading it and making it too heavy for little ones.

Zippers: The leaf shaped zipper pulls on the owl design are nice and big so little hands can still open the pockets easily.

Padded straps: The straps are lightly padded and the appropriate width for little shoulders AND if the parents end up having to carry it, the straps extend enough for an adult to wear it (and look super cool :-P ).

Owl Design: Too cute! Middle school girls comment on my daughter's backpack all the time saying how cute it is on her. It is fun without being sickly sweet like a branded pink princess character backpack. The ears of the owl tend to bend downward and not stay up like in the pic. All of the designs are adorable, I had a hard time deciding between the fox and owl.

**Cleanability: I recently noticed some random gross dirty blotches on the backpack. I put it inside a large mesh laundry bag and washed it in my front loader on normal. I hung it to dry with the zippers open. The next morning it was bone dry and looked as good as new!!!**

Construction: This is a quality children's item. It is fully lined and the details are sewn on, not glued, so even if she picks at the eyes and nose they are not coming off. The entire back is lightly padded, even if hard toys with corners are packed away they won't poke her through the back fabric. There is even a name tag sewn on the inside. The polka-dots are painted on and they show no wear after 6 hard months and a spin in the washing machine

Durability: I think that this backpack won't be toast until after she outgrows it. She is really hard on this little owl and it is still in great shape but I know the corners will be the first area to fray but that won't be for a long time.

I would absolutely buy this again. The price is great for a wonderful little backpack for toddlers. It is expensive enough to get great quality but still cheap enough that I don't worry about her messing it up- not that she could because it cleans up so easily.

2 year old's favorite 'toy'!!
My 2 year old is obsessed with this back pack--she refuses to take it off!!!

We've had it about 2 weeks and i'm impressed with its quality. It is small... the perfect size for a toddler. **This back pack is not large enough for folders and wouldn't be appropriate for a kiddy attending grade school or even kindergarten for that matter.**

Does the job and we are all very satisfied with the purchase!

Cute and the right size
I fell in love with this penguin bag the first time I saw it. Since I have 2 kids, I decided to get 2 designs for them to choose... my younger son chose this and he love it too. It's cute, it's colourful and most importantly, it is made of materials of great quality. The size is just right for a 2 year old and it fits a change of clothes, his diapers and water bottle.

Great bag and great price!

This backpack is a little big large for my 24 month old but the straps are adjustable and I can make it pretty snug for him. It's so cute and I know he will grow into rather quickly. The fabric is nice and durable and the zippers are sturdy yet easy for my toddler to use. We will be using it as a travel pack for him and he loves "packing" his own fun things in it already. The pocket on the side is big enough for just about and standard bottle or sippy cup.

I actually love it so much I'm considering buying another one so we can switch them out if he wants to. They are a good price and I think worth every penny.

Can't be any cuter, but definitely for toddlers and not preschoolers
I bought the Dog backpack for my 17 month old based on the previous reviews and I'm happy I got it for him now. The size is perfect for him, it has a snack pouch, the colors are super vibrant, well constructed, and he loves carrying it around making dog noises. Really satisfied with this purchase!

Great first backpack for a toddler!
I bought the dog backpack for my two year old son. He's about 35" tall and it's still slightly big for him, but at least it will last him a while. It's absolutely adorable and it's perfect for short trips. It holds a few diapers, some wipes, a toy and a snack with no problem. One of my favorite features is the cupholder on the side for sippy cups. I was initially a little worried about the material because it is so light in color. I figured it would be filthy in no time, but to my surprise, it wipes clean very easily. I looked at a lot of toddler backpacks before I bought this one and I'm happy with my purchase.


  • For 3 years and above
  • BPA Free, Phthalate free
  • Roomy main compartment
  • Insulated pouch for snacks
  • Adjustable mesh bottle pocket


skip Hop products meet or exceed all applicable standards for product safety in the markets we sell to. This includes physical/mechanical standards, as well as recent legislation regarding chemicals and minerals such as BPA, lead and Phthalates. All parties involved in the manufacture of Skip Hop products are required to follow these guidelines, and all tests are conducted by registered independent testing facilities. The Zoo Pack is the little kid backpack where fun meets function. Whimsical details and durable materials make this the perfect on the go pack for kids on the go.

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