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Skip Hop Duo Special Edition Diaper Bag, Plum Sketch

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Customer Reviews

5 stars for everything but quality
EDIT: I have used this bag daily for the past eleven months and I have to give it a fifth star back for quality, which I earlier deducted. There isn't a SINGLE thing wrong with this bag, no zipper has stuck, no seam come undone. It works same as the day I bought it and I still get compliments on it as the surface looks new. SO HAPPY.

I received this bag today, April 2nd 2013. My first impression was that the bag was slightly larger than I anticipated after looking at pictures on OnlineShopDealer. It's quite tall and wide so I'm very happy with its size!! It's also surprisingly lightweight, thankfully. It's just as beautiful in person as it is online. I looooove how it looks.

The numerous unique pockets are really handy. There are designated bottle compartments which will fit most 8oz or smaller bottles. The short, fat Comotomo bottles don't go in very easily though. There are two wide pockets on the inside great for a Kindle, travel wipes case or a woman's wallet. The base of this bag is a couple inches wide.

The front exterior pockets are as wide as my spread out hand (again, larger than I expected it to be!) They're also quite deep. Great size for thin items like diapers, travel wipes case, snacks, cell phone, nursing cover, etc. They don't have any closure except a simple dot magnet, but that doesn't bother me. There are three pen slots in one of the front pockets.

The two brown/red zippers up top were a surprise for me. The pictures on OnlineShopDealer did not convey quite how they worked. They are essentially two "large envelope" sized pockets that line the bag opening. One is shallow and one is deep. I'll probably keep my phone, keys and wallet in one of these since it seems more secure than an open pocket and very easily accessible since these important items won't fall to the bottom of your bag.

The adjustable strap is extremely smooth and easy to adjust. The stroller clips are a REAL pain to get around the stroller!! You almost need a third hand to hold the bag while operating that tiny clip. They don't get in the way of the bag opening or closing luckily (a simple hidden magnet, no sticky zippers or noisy velcro) I bought a 2pk of Think King stroller hooks and now I adore the stroller straps in this bag.

The material of this bag feels sort of like.. thick vinyl. Similar to a really thick, waterproof beach bag. It doesn't look or feel anything like a cotton material or leather. The front pockets were wrinkled when it arrived but straightened out right away with use. The interior is a gray/lavender color. The brown accents are a latte color and the strap is a slightly different color than the zipper and handle accents. The two top zippers get stuck every time I try to zip them closed one handed. The bag stands up on its own, even when fully packed.

The bag is beautiful and it's got great pockets. It's obvious they know what parents want in a bag, but the quality is only slightly disappointing. It looks great but feels a tiny bit cheap. I would gladly pay another $20 to have the zippers upgraded and heftier strap.

Overall, very happy with it if it. I'll update this review in a few months with how it's holding up.

Edit: This bag is getting daily use and after five months, it's still in perfect condition. Very pleased with it! I've traveled with it on eight plane rides, multiple vacations and WAY too many walks to the grocery store. It's held up and has been the perfect size for my now-6-month old.

I regularly pack:
-5 diapers
-wipes case
-couple of creams
-Sohpie giraffe
-small board book
-two bottles
-teether, toy, foam letters
-aden + anais blanket
-extra outfit
-paci and case
-changing pad
-phone, wallet, keys

My dream bag :)
In a couple months I will have 3 kids 3 and under, so after years of stuffing everything in a oversized purse I decided to spend the money an actual diaper bag. I have always been turned off by them because so many of them look like either a duffel bag or an obvious diaper bag. I spent hours researching, reading reviews, and watching reviews on youtube and finally settled on this bag in french stripe. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this bag has changed slightly from the description. Rather then having two zippered envelope pockets on top with a magnetic closure, there is now just the larger zippered pocket and the main compartment zips closed rather then the magnetic closure. In my opinion, the zippered closure brought this bag from almost perfect to being my dream diaper bag! The overall appearance of this bag is absolutely perfect, it looks like a designer canvas tote but is actually a wipeable material with all the functions and organization of a diaper bag. As far as size/pockets goes, this bag holds everything I need without feelig like im lugging around a gym bag. I did a sample packing of everything I would bring on an average outing with two toddlers and a baby and this is what I fit:
Front two pockets: smartphone, sunglasses, keys, light weight nursing cover, and burp cloth. These are the key items I need to be able to grab/put away frequently and quickly and they all fit in the front two pockets without spilling over and I was able to close the magnetic snaps.
Hidden bottle pockets:a few snacks in one side (I would pack a seperate small cooler bag for a full day put) and an 8oz klean kanteen sippy cup in the other.
Back outside pocket: changing pad, could easily stuff a few more items here if needed.
Zippered pocket on top: this is my "purse" area with my wallet, brush, chapstick, travel lotion ect. Plenty of space here!
Main inside compartment: My 20oz hydroflask waterbottle, diaper case with wipes and 6 diapers, baby k'tan carrier wrapped up into a ball, a few small toys for my 18 month old, extra outfit for baby, and a muslin swaddle blanket.
Fitting all these items makes for a full bag, but it is organized and still zips closed. If I was already wearing my baby in the k'tan, that would free up a lot of space in the main compartment (which will be most of the time).
I am so glad I ignored any negative reviews. If I was bottle feeding a baby with two young toddlers, then no this bag would not be big enough... but that would be true for most diaper bags. The quality of this bag is awesome; well made and beautiful! I am a mom that brings my kids and therefore my bag almost everywhere with me, and I am 100% happy with this purchase. Thank you, skip hop!

Stylish and functional
I selected this bag because I wanted a bag that had all the useful features of a diaper bag but didn't look like one. I have one of the first generation of SH Duo bags and it's been great. It's very durable and withstood years of being dragged, dropped, and spilled on. 8 years later, it's still in use but I also need a bag that's nicer looking and just as durable. So when I saw that SH came out with this...I had to get it.

It has hidden zippered pockets on the side of the bag for bottles (or for whatever you want to use the pockets for). I love this because I don't have to worry about the bottle cover getting knocked off when the bag bumps up against things. I can also use the compartment for other items I need to access easily.

The material looks like canvas/fabric but it actually has a wipeable coating. Thank goodness because we are prone to spills, dirt, and stains. I was going to spray it with Scotchguard until I realized that it didn't need it.

The handle/strap is made of a leather-like material. It's not plastic-y or anything. It seems to be durable and makes the bag looking stylish. I think that it will withstand normal use. Another person noted that it doesn't have the padded shoulder strap like the other S-H Duo bags. This bag does NOT have the padded shoulder strap. I believe the intention of this bag was to look less diaper-baggish so a lot of the bulkiness and ruggedness (ie mesh side pockets, padded shoulder straps, etc)were not part of the design.

This bag can pass for a nice modern tote bag. I think it's perfect for the Spring/Summer. It feel it has the same quality and functionality as other Skip Hop Duo diaper bags but it's much less diaper bag looking. I would highly recommend this bag to anyone who wants style and does not want to give-up function.

functional and chic
I ordered this bag through Layla Grace, as it was a better price than OnlineShopDealer. I have researched, bought, returned, and continued to research baby bags! I even waited for this on back order, and it came in when my baby was already a month old, using an old oversized purse for the interim. I wanted something that didn't scream diaper bag, could double as my handbag, and also wouldn't be too embarassing for my husband to carry around. This bag met all of my requirements! Initially, I was hesitant to buy another Skip Hop bag, because I was disappointed in the Skip Hop Chelsea. It was around $80+ and looked very cheap. I returned it on the same day the order arrived at my house. This bag is NOT cheap looking. It comes with a nice changing pad, although I do wish it came with a matching case for diapers/wipes, too. The bottle pockets are insulated and flush to the sides, no bulging out and somehow not in either. It could use a small zipper pocket on the interior for small items like chapstick, but there is a shorter zip pocket that works for that purpose. The adjustable strap doesn't come off, but hangs nicely. It's just the right size to fit over the stroller handle bars (we have a Bumbleride Indie) so we have easy access to the bag. Overall, very pleased with the bag and so glad I found it!

Excellent Value, Excellent Bag
Before my first child was born, I bought another (more expensive) diaper bag that got great reviews from others, but I hated it. I finally decided to try a different bag, and I have absolutely loved the Skip Hop Duo Essential Diaper Bag for the following reasons:

1. The space and organization. I can fit 4 diapers, a pack of wipes, a pack of table toppers, snacks, water, a change of clothes, a few toys, plus my own wallet and other accessories. The pockets make things easy to access, and I love that there is both a shoulder trap and handles.
2. Easy to clean. I spilled coffee all over the inside and outside of my bag. I put it in the washer on cold/delicate and let it air dry. It looks as good as new.
3. The price. This bag was less than half the price of the Ju-Ju Be bag I purchased first (and didn't like). It even comes with straps attached for fastening the bag to the stroller; you don't have to pay extra.
4. The appearance. I have gotten many compliments on this bag. Most people don't know that it's even a diaper bag.

Fashionable and Functional
So far I love this diaper bag! They pretty much thought of it all with this one. The material can easily be wiped clean and it seems to be very durable. I love that it came with the straps that hook to your stroller. So many other diaper bags you have to purchase those separately! The strap is long enough to carry cross body and it has lots of pockets to store everything. The only negative thing I have to say about this bag is that it did not come exactly as described. The bag I received has one big zipper pocket for the main part of the bag (most reviews said it was a magnet closure) and instead of two zippered pockets at the top of the bag mine only has one. Overall I really love this diaper bag... the description of the product should be updated though.

Great diaper bag
Like one of the earlier reviewers, I first bought a Skip Hop Duo Deluxe in black so that both my husband and I could use it. With baby #2, I felt like we each needed our own diaper bag, and I was ready to get something that was a little more fun! This bag is slightly smaller than the regular Skip Hop Duo, but not by much. The side zip pockets fit my Phillips Avent bottles, although they are hard to zip/unzip one-handed. I hope these zippers loosen over time. Watch the price on this item, I watched it for two weeks before finding a day when it was over twenty dollars off of the list price.

Great bag!
The only thing that surprised me was the material. I was expecting it to be canvas but instead it was a material that you could wipe down which I think is better anyway. Great look as well!

The perfect diaper bag
Fits all the baby's needs and looks great on mommy! It has the perfect amount of space. I would recommend it for mommy's that don't have to carry as much anymore.

It is very nice very good quality, stylish and comfortable. Recommended. I loved it because it meets all my requirements.


  • Main compartment has zip closure
  • Wipeable fabric
  • Adjustable stroller strap & rolled handles
  • Hangs neatly on a stroller and can be worn over the shoulder
  • Nine pockets, including a personal zip pocket and two (hidden) insulated pockets


About the Duo special Edition

This modern design boasts all of the features of the classic Duo with a contemporary pattern. As with every Duo Diaper Bag, a changing pad is included for on-the-go convenience. Magnetic closures on both the exterior bottle pockets and a zip on the main compartment ensure everything stays in its place. An interior bottle pocket and two side pockets keep diapers, bottles and parent must-haves organized while out and about. Plus, the wipe-clean surface helps protect against any small spills or dirt that may come your way.

Each Duo Special Edition features:
  • Main compartment has zip closure
  • Wipeable fabric
  • Adjustable stroller strap & rolled handles
  • Hangs neatly on a stroller and can be worn over the shoulder
  • Nine pockets, including a personal zip pocket and two (hidden) insulated pockets

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