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Product Reviews

Pays for itself in 6 months.......
With two young girls who seem to go through bath products like water... this little baby has already paid for iteself by cutting down on my shampoo, conditioner and bath gel bills! I used to have to by bath products every couple of weeks, and the kids (5 & 8) would go through handfuls of product when using the bottles they came in-- now they pump enough to do the job and we waste much, much less. I had purchased an inexpensive dispenser from Lowes for the girls' tub area-- but after only about 2 months the springs in the pump began to rust and everything that pumped out was yucky rust colored- so I replaced it with the Genuine 'Dispenser' brand (same brand I have seen in hotels) and I have had one Dispenser more than a year with no problem, and two more for nearly 4 months and am very heppy with them. Now, we have one in every shower and tub in the house. Truly a great product!

Clutter is GONE!!!!
I received the product and installed it with absolutely no issues. I have no problems with it staying on the wall. The 15oz containers work extremely well and I am glad I did not get the 10oz (would have been to small for our use). Make sure you follow the initial directions with pumping the bottles after filling and you will be good to go. I have filled all 3 containers and placed my wife's 4 bottles of shampoo, 6 bottles of conditioner and who knows how many Cucumber, melon, apple/strawberry body wash bottles she had sitting around the shower. The clutter is all gone. I hope you enjoy it.

After four years of use, still works great!
I purchased this in 2008, and didn't really expect it to still be working flawlessly four years later, but it is. The adhesive is even still stuck to the tile. The only issue we had was operator error - we dropped one of the bottles, full, on the floor, RIGHT on the valve (after filling), and it cracked one of the plastic bottles. This was easily fixed with some silicone after cleaning the bottle out thoroughly.

I'd definitely buy it again, and plan to buy one for my other bathroom!

Great brand, was in color that I wanted
I wanted something in satin color to match my bathroom trims, and this soap/shampoo/conditioner dispenser met my needs. I've had it now for a year, and the build and quality has still held up remarkably well. The dispenser part itself far exceeds similar dispensers that you might pay less for at places like Walmart in terms of its performance of dispensing its content quickly. You get what you pay for, and to me, this product was worth it.

Awesome dispenser!!
I've only installed my dispenser 2 days ago, but so far I'm loving it. Everything is so neat and tucked away and I have eliminated my shower clutter. I was very careful in following the instructions on how to install this dispenser, so hopefully I've done everything right and I won't encounter any problems in the near future. I did wait 24 hours to fill the dispensers as per the instructions. I also can see why some people find the mirror a bit flimsy, but honestly I've just been extra careful with it during installation, I actually removed it all together until everything was dry and ready for use. Make sure you use the double sided tape as well as the glue and you'll be in good shape. My biggest pet peeve is shower clutter and I hate those stupid shower shelves that end up all rusty and gross, so this is a great solution for me. Each of the three dispensers are a great size too so its going to last me a while. I think its awesome!!!!!

Great Find!
I love that my shower is completely organized now. The only (very) small thing I would note, is watch the thicker soaps. The one body was that I put in the dispenser plugged overnight, so there were times it affected the stream. This is more the creamy soaps, not the more translucent soaps. But a great product. I wish the mirror was completely fog free, but it's easy to clean to make fog free. I love it!

Soap dispenser
This is second dispenser for our household.....the first is working well after 5 years, needed another for bathroom addition. Very reasonably priced, very easy to install ( I am a mechanical putz ) , blends well with our brushed nickel faucets, etc.

Great Product
This is a great way to get the clutter out of the shower and provide a nice way to get just the right amount of shampoo each time.

One unexpected benefit is it makes it faster to clean the shower. No bottles or "bottle scum" to clean up.

Installation can be a little tricky. Make sure you follow the installation instructions. The double sided foam tape is only there to hold it long enough for the silicone to set up.

Suits us...
Replaced an old one by same manufacturer that had just pretty much worn out. Liked it so well we got this one that has the extras - mirror, razor holders and small shelf. Much more useful than first one which only had three dispensers. Easy to mount. Old mounted same way and stayed up nearly 20-25 years.

My favorite shower accessory
I've had similar products in the past, but this one is by far the most flexible. I especially love the hooks for my razor and nylon pouf. The liquid containers are smaller than on my earlier unit, but hold enough so I only refill every month or 2. The mirror doesn't fog, but is not terribly useful to me.


Technical data

  • Eliminate shower bottle clutter
  • Top shelf holds extra bottles and shower items, fog-resistant mirror perfect for shaving in the shower, soap tray plus hooks to neatly hang razors
  • Mylar coated labels identify your liquids neatly
  • Installs in minutes with two way tape and silicone or screw option (included) on any tile, marble, plastic or other wall surface
  • Quick easy installation: No Tools Required. Installs in minutes with two way tape and silicone or screw option (included) on any tile, marble, plastic or other wall surface.


Product Description

The Ulti-Mate Dispenser III, provides a perfect solution to eliminate bathtub bottle clutter and costly spills. Originally designed as a multi-shampoo organizer designed to eliminate bathtub mess. The Ulti-Mate Dispenser III allows you to organize a variety of shower liquids used in the household. Liquids are stored in 15 oz. refillable chambers hidden behind an attractive shell that easily attaches to the shower wall with silicone glue and two-way tape (included). With a fog-resistant mirror perfect for shaving in the shower and a soap dish plus hooks to neatly hang razors The unique top shelf holds extra bottles and shower items. With one or two strokes of the pump, just the right amount of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, liquid soap or shower gel is dispensed ensuring there is no excess which would otherwise go down the drain. The Ulti-Mate Dispenser III allows you to buy your favorite liquids in bulk to save money and reduce plastic consumption, which in turn will reduce the impact of all those empty plastic bottles in our landfill sites. Installs in minutes without tools using silicone and two way tape (included).

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