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Zenith Products Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod

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Product Reviews

Exactly What We Wanted
We bought two curved shower rods. The first was by Hotel. We picked it up locally. The parts for that rod were poorly machined and the holes for the screwed didn't line up. We returned it. We looked at the the Moen curtain rod. The mounts were plastic. So much for a more premium brand. Finally, we found this one; all the parts are metal, every thing was machined correctly and it was a quick and easy install. We are very happy with it.

I installed the mounts two inches further back that the manufacturer suggests in the instructions. I mention this because I wanted the ends of the curtain against the wall, a bit further inside to prevent any splash. It worked like a charm.

simple and wonderful
this is a must item if you live in an apartment with a small br. It literally expanded our shower area by almost one third. We are very impress, by not only the simple installation but also the solid material construction and the best price anywhere, the same I saw in a retailer which sells for 60. all the way 5 stars for OnlineShopDealer and its quality product

Great looking, great product, but doesn't fit my bathroom...
This is a great product, I'm keeping it at 5 stars because there's nothing wrong with it. it's heavy duty, it looks nice. The mounting option is secure.

I'd recommend everyone see how the DOOR opens in your bathroom before buying this though. It never occurred to me that this wouldn't work because of the door, which opens directly to the shower/tub area. If I kept this (had to end up buying a flat bar) It would have been set back about 6 inches in the tub surround so that the door could open fully when I entered the bathroom (too far of a set back to be practical, and defeats the purpose of the bar). If you've got a tight bathroom area, make sure to measure and check how your door opens. Just a word to the wise.

Very happy with product
I previously bought and installed a non-adjustable, bow shaped shower rod (reviewed elsewhere), and was unhappy with the installation and overall quality of the unit. For a second shower, I bought this unit wanting a heavier quality and adjustable so I wouldn't have to deal with trying to cut the rod on an angle. I'm very happy with both the product and ease of installation. This is not a lightweight unit ... It is very sturdy. Of course, overall sturdiness will be controlled by how strong your mounting connections are. I used the included screw-type drywall connectors and they gave me a very good connection to the wall on each end. I considered using toggle bolts (NOT molly bolts) for the added strength, but after several months of use, absolutely no slack has developed so the included screw-type anchors are working fine. (It would be easy to change to toggle bolts now if I ever change my mind.) Overall, well-built attractive unit with several compliments (a little surprising to get compliments on a shower curtain rod). I suggest you spend a few bucks more and buy the ball bearing type shower hooks (which I did). We never had a single instance of the shower curtain hanging up as it glides past the "adjustment" fitting. If I ever needed another bow shaped unit, this is the one I would buy.

Easy install, really opened up the shower!
This shower rod is simply great. The install was incredibly easy, and there was no cutting involved. It made our shower seem bigger and more open. My husband and I occasionally share a shower, and now our not-so-big shower handles two people with no problem. I don't have to worry about bumping into the cold shower curtain anymore when he claims the water, or when I'm washing my hair. Yeah, first world problem but hey - it's the little things in life, right? We bought Heavy Duty - Polished Chrome Roller Shower Curtain Rings - Set of 12 RollerRingsTM to go along with the rod and the combination really makes it feel like we're at a fancy hotel every time we take a shower. Totally worth it!

Wow! What a difference!
Easy to install....came in a huge box...adds a lot of room to the existing shower. Well made and priced right.
We put the old shower rod high in the center of the shower for a drip rod for wet clothes. Should have done this a long time ago. Very happy camper!

high quality rod low quality assembly kit
I love the look and it definitely adds more space to a tight shower and makes it look more luxurious. Only problem was installation was difficult due to the hardware it came with. If you cannot find studs to attach the rod you will need better anchors. The ones that came with the rod were plastic and broke instantly. We had to go to a hardware store and purchase metal anchors and that did the trick. Other than that I love my shower rod :)

Can't "shower" this with enough praise!
Just had this installed during a bathroom remodel. Installation instructions were clear and easily followed. The mounting hardware is so heavy duty, that I was immediately impressed. Top and bottom set screws on each end to level the rod and make it stationary after mounting. The chrome looks to be great quality. After looking at several curved shower rods, chose this one and can't imagine being any happier. If looking for one of these, check out the mounting hardware of others. I am sure you will choose this product.

Very Easy Install , Greatly Increases Shower Space
Installation: It was very simple, basically install 2 brackets, adjust the rod to the correct size of your shower, and tighten down the bolts to hold the rod in the bracket and you are done. Took about 5 minutes to install with a powered drill.

Looks: the rod & bracket look very nice, I was

Functionality: Incredible, it made our tub/shower so much roomier inside, we absolutely love it.

Cons: None.

Lots of extra room
We live in a small house, so I need all the room possible in the bathroom (since we only have 1 and its super tiny). My husband has been wanting one of this but I did want to spend $60 on a shower rod, when I decided to invest I found this on onlineshopdealer and absolutely love it. I had him install it because it looked a little tricky but I do have to say it gives us so much more room inside the shower, and it really doesn't take up any extra room outside the shower.


Technical data

  • Elegant Chrome finish
  • Easy to install - Mounting hardware is included for drywall installation and no cutting is required
  • Increases space by up to 10.5 inches when at 72-inch extension
  • Fits standard bath tub enclosures 56-inch to 72-inch


Product Description

Upgrade your shower with this curved rod that increases shower and elbow room. Increase your shower space by up to 10-1/2-inch when rod is extended to 72-inches. This high quality, durable rod installs easily in showers up to 72-inch wide with the included screw mounted hardware. The rust resistant Chrome finish ensures long-lasting, good looks in any shower. Easy to follow instructions with illustrations are enclosed. Additionally, a toll-free USA based Customer Service department is available.

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