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Buy VideoSecu Day Night Vision Outdoor CCD CCTV Security Dome Camera Vandal-proof 3.6mm Wide View Angle Lens 480TVL with Bonus Power Supply 1Z0

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VideoSecu Day Night Vision Outdoor CCD CCTV Security Dome Camera Vandal-proof 3.6mm Wide View Angle Lens 480TVL with Bonus Power Supply 1Z0

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Customer Reviews

I recommend this to anyone!
What a steal! It's great to have an internet-abled blu-ray player without spending an arm and a leg.

Pros: Set up was incredibly easy. I love the "Netflix" button on the remote. Makes it easy and quick for my kids to get a cartoon going. It was packaged perfectly. I like the remote, too. I think I'm switching to using it for everything and retiring the cheap-looking remote I got from Comcast.

Cons: This doesn't come with an HDMI cord or LAN cord. I had both, so it didn't bother me, but if you don't realize it, you're in for disappointment.

High quality functional device
This is a great introductory item at a low price. You won't eleven notice it is a factory refurb.

This machine does exactly what it is expected to do. You don't get anything fancy in this box but you also aren't paying for anything fancy.

This is a sony refurb but there is no way to tell. It is a perfectly functioning device.

If you have a second room that you want a blu ray player in then this is what you need. This player is very pretty for something so cheap but it doesn't look it.

I am probably being too hard on this by saying that it is a 'second room' device. I'm sure a majority of people would even do very well having this as a primary no frills device. This is perfect for so many people.


Great picture
Easy to use
internet content
Attractive discount player
Able to stream Sony Content
Perfect as a second player


No wifi
No 3D
No Divx support
No 4K upscaling
1 HDMI port

Great item. There's really no way to tell it was a refurb.

Like new
When I opened the box, I couldn't even tell this product was refurbished. It works exactly like a new one, and it worked the moment I tried starting it up. I would recommend this to anyone looking to a great product who just wants to save money.

Sony at refurbished price
Love, love, love blu-ray. I admit, I was among those who thought that blu-ray was all hype. When I purchased the Harry Potter Wizard's Collection, I realized that I needed blu-ray, but I wasn't willing to spend a ton of money... my solution - SONY. Since the early 1970s SONY has never let me down. A same-year, but refurbished Sony at less than half the price of new fit the bill! Love it!

Basic - but just what we needed
Our TV has built in internet apps... we don't need the DVD to deliver Wi-Fi.... this DVD is basic, with the addition of Blue-Ray.... just what the doctor ordered. We purchased an OnlineShopDealer basic HTMI cable to go with it - and we're set. We saved a little being it's factory refurbished... which I've never had a problem with when buying TVs, Computers, Routers, Camera etc.... same warranty......

Works great!
Best blu-ray player I have ever used. It loads fast and has lots of apps for streaming movies and TV shows.

I love this blu ray player
I bought this at target for $50 on a special at holiday time 2013. I loved it. I use it to stream netflix and youtube mostly, it worked like a charm. The blu ray player I admit doesn't get a lot of use, but when I do it works nicely. In june 2014 I had a power surge and it killed the unit, so I tired to get the same unit on onlineshopdealer but they wanted like $100 for it. I saw they had a refurbished one same model that was fulfilled by onlineshopdealer for $50 so I figured I would give it a shot. I never buy refurbished items, ever! In my mind its broken and they fixed it to dump the product. Well to my surprise, the blu ray player arrived in about a week and works better then the original. The picture is clearer, the menu had a software update & the remote works better ( the other one the buttons that stick a little, but not on the refurbished one ). I am completely happy with it. I also bought a sound bar which got fried too, that was refurbished. Ill keep everybody posted on that. I just want to say, sometimes you really like an electronic device and it breaks, its almost impossible a year later to find the same thing, so if its from onlineshopdealer and its refurbished give it a shot. Also the price was great. What the worst thing that can happen, if it doesn't work send it back, its onlineshopdealer they take it back no issues.

Good as new
The blu-ray player looks good as new and included the remote, instructions, etc. No issues with playing blu-rays or streaming video through the apps (Vudu, Hulu, etc). Great deal!

Awesome Blu Ray Player from Sony
Although the world is moving towards Netflix and the like, there are still benefits to having a dedicated Blu Ray player. First of all, the video quality of streaming still can't match that of Blu Ray. Second, not everything is available on Netflix, especially the new releases. Third, there are still some who want to own a collection of their favorite films.

With all that said, this unit is especially versatile because it comes with Netflix and OnlineShopDealer Prime built in. Once you plug in your ethernet cable for internet connection (this is not wireless but I knew that when I bought it) access to Netflix and OnlineShopDealer Prime is simple. If you've ever owned a PS3, you should be quite familiar with the menu system. The cool thing about this unit is how well it integrates with your HD TV. For example, once you turn on the unit, the TV automatically switches to the appropriate HDMI input. Pretty cool.

If I have to raise one complaint with the unit, it is that the volume is somewhat low. Its minor but it should be noted. Otherwise, this is an excellent Blu Ray player.

Highly recommend for disc playing as well as online content.
Love this thing. My last BD player was kind of dumb. It played discs and netflix and that was it. This has OnlineShopDealer, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Pandora, etc., and Sony Online of course, YouTube (which links up to your youtube profile so you have all your youtube settings in the app such as watch later, history, subscriptions, etc.) The quality of the disc playing is very good as is the streaming content. I really like this thing. The remote is nice to use as it is shorter than most but all the necessary buttons are there. The player looks nice and has actually buttons on it as well. I recommend this player and the refurbished price was awesome.


  • Outdoor/Indoor security and surveillance weatherproof CCD camera
  • Build-in 20 Infrared Leds security camera, 0 Lux. Night vision
  • 480 TV Lines. Small size, discreet installation
  • Built in f 3.6mm Lens for wide view angle
  • Bonus power supply 12 V DC, bonus security decal


This infrared dome camera is designed for outdoor and indoor environment. The weatherproof dome assembly is a versatile, cost-effective, integrated surveillance solution. Its compact size of 3 1/2 is unobtrusive, providing a high quality CCD sensor and a precision lens in a sleek, attractive housing. It provides you sharp images with color at daytime and black/white at night. The camera rotates manually 360 degree and tilts +/- 90 degree for maximum angle selection. f3.6 mm lens for wide view angle. Brand new In Box. With its quality images, simplified installation and attractive cosmetic appearance, this professional dome is an ideal surveillance solution. Bonus 12v DC 500mA power supply and security warning decal included.

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