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OxGord Leatherette Bench Seat Covers Universal Fit for Car Truck SUV Van, Red

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Customer Reviews

Installation tip- use pliers to get wires off old battery - you will need to attach these wires to new battery
I got this battery to replace the battery in my home's Verizon FIOS unit. I looked into buying it directly from Verizon, but the price quoted was 2-3 times more expensive than buying it here. I wanted to pass on information about how to physically change the battery once you buy it. It may be obvious to some, but I'm posted for those who are nervous about doing this themselves.
1. Open cover of FIOS Battery Backup Unit.
2. Pull out battery. It will be connected to the unit by only a wire harness. You will need to reuse this harness with the new battery. If you pull the old battery out, you can easily see where to disconnect the wire harness. I just yanked the battery out and the wire disconnected on its own.
3. This was the hardest step for me-- disconnect the wire harness from the old battery. I tried tugging, but couldn't get the wires off. I ended up putting the battery down on a flat surface, grabbing a pair of pliers and pulling the wires off the old battery. I did the black wire first-- I just grabbed and pulled and it slid off. For the red wire, I had to use the pliers in a spot on the wire ABOVE the plastic piece-- again, I just gently tugged and the wire disconnected from the battery.
4. It took about 2 seconds to reconnect the wires to the new battery. You just slide the connectors on the battery terminals. Easy.
5. Put the battery back in the box and reattach the wire harness. Easy.
6. FYI-- Per Verizon, you do not need to cut power to the unit to replace the battery. My unit actually came with a sticker that told me that. I was able to literally just walk to the box, pull the battery, switch around the wires, and then put the new battery (with the old wires) into the unit. The whole process took about 3 minutes (because I had to find pliers).

My old battery only lasted a little over a year. I'm not sure how long the new one will last for. I think my battery probably ran down during a past power failure, so I'm not upset about having the replace it. I'm thrilled that the annoying and formerly mysterious chirp is now gone from the basement.

Quick update as of 8/20/2012: The battery is still going strong.

Great replacement
I bought this to replace the battery in my parents alarm system. Plugged it right in and it worked wonderfully. May take a while to charge, but it has been working great. I saw reviews here about people complaining about the Amp Hour rating 4A/h vs 5. I don't believe they understand the rating. It is for how long the battery will run, not how much current it will put out. Anyhow, having more amp hours means the battery will last longer when the power goes out. Hope this helps. By the way, great price!

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Verizon battery
Battery was quickly shipped and arrived before I expected. (Thank goodness, as the darn power box constantly beeps demanding a replacement.) It was much easier to replace than some of the comments led to believe. I'm not handy at all and, with the instructions on the inside of Verizon's power box, the unit was exchanged in a matter of minutes. The contacts did not require any tools to unplug or reconnect the new battery. My only regret is that this is Verizon's power equipment and they should take care of the replacement without cost to the customer!

It fits! It works!
The box holding the backup battery has very little extra room. My main concern with purchasing a replacement battery would be whether or not it would fit. Many replacement batteries listed their dimensions as being slightly bigger than the original.
This battery fit perfectly, and (after 4 months use) it is still working fine - no sign of causing any problems or running down. It's still too early to tell how long it will last, but I'm completely satisfied.

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This battery was a perfect match to replace FIOS battery back-up and half the cost of purchasing it at Radio Shack.

Worked perfectly in my home alarm system and it arrived well packaged!

Length:: 2:48 Mins

I have purchased several of these styles of batteries from OnlineShopDealer in the past and I used this one in my home alarm system as a backup power source. One thing that I immediately liked is the way this battery arrived packed. It came in a cardboard box lined with high density Styrofoam and the battery was wrapped with bubble wrap that was taped shut. It was in perfect condition. One battery I had purchased from another supplier came in a US Mail envelope and it looked like it had been rolled on the ground all the way to my home. I was shocked that it wasn't broken and leaking.

This battery arrived in perfect condition and its voltage level was 12.92 VDC. It was the exact physical size as the battery I replaced in my home alarm system and the installation took about 10 seconds. This is a good battery and it worked perfectly in my alarm system. I rated it at 5 stars.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation. A review was not promised to the supplier in exchange for the sample but I stated that if I provided a review that it would be fair and honest.

Excellent replacement for Verizon FiOS
This is my second time purchasing this battery for my home as a power backup for my Verizon FiOS phone.

These batteries last for about a 12-16 months. For the price, it's an absolute no brainer to purchase them. If you try to purchase them directly through Verizon, I think they try and get you for around $100...which is just absolutely ridiculous. Sure, that $100 covers the battery, and having a technician install it into the backup box.

The install couldn't be easier, you open up the box, remove the leads from the old battery, and slide it onto the new battery. You might want to have a pair of needle-nose pliers on you just to make sure you don't cut your fingers when you try to pull off the leads as they are secured pretty well on the battery.

After installing the new battery, close up the box, and forget about it for at least the next year!

Big savings for alarm system usage
Often found in security systems for backup during power outages. Check yours; my system uses two, and that can get expensive if you buy from your alarm company (roughly $35 each plus a service call).
So two of these from OnlineShopDealer, delivered to my door, was about what one would cost before service charge.

But who wants to wait 3-5 days for new batteries when your old ones set off the "low battery" warning? So buy what you need about every five years and replace it before the low-battery warning.... the savings are well worth it.
And yes, my first set of these lasted five years without leakage or other issues.


  • Bench Seat Cover - 2 Piece Set. Does not open up to allow 60/40 Benches, cup holders, or integrated seat belts.
  • Perfect addition for Larger vehicles like SUV or Van owners who require an extra Bench seat.
  • Protects your vehicle's seats from every day wear and tear with a comfortable leatherette fabric
  • Simple installation - no tools or professional experience required


OxGord brand bench seat covers are made from a durable Leatherette material, and are designed to fit most BENCH seats. It can be installed under the headrest on vehicles with removable headrests, and some vehicles with armrests may need to have them removed and reinstalled for a semi-custom fit. These seat covers come with elastic straps and hooks that will snug and secure it under the seat. There is no better way to protect your vehicle.

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