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Kimberly-Clark Scott 01804 1-Ply Multi-Fold Towel, 9.2" Width x 9.4" Length, White (16 Packs of 250)

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

You get what you pay for
Kimberly-Clark produces one of the highest quality multifold paper towels. Even with damp/wet fingertips, these towels pull easily from the wall dispenser without pulling apart. They have good absorption and (IMHO) are much more durable that the towels produced by Georgia Pacific and their many forest product subsidiaries. The case lot is 4000 single towels in 16 packs of 250 towels. For me, this comes out to 0.011 cents (US) per towel, including tax - that is only a small fraction more than I would pay for the Marcal towels at COSTCO (per towel at COSTCO is 0.0102 cents).

Think paper towels.... think Kimberley-Clary.

Found the strongest towel
These are strong and absorbent ..we tried cheap ones and when you pull one out you get a torn piece..not with this brand

Great paper towel
Excellent paper towel for the money. Great value much better quality than some other brands in the market. This carton will last me for some time.

Kimberly-Clark Scott 01804 1-Ply Multi-Fold Towel, 9.2" Width x 9.4"
Have used these for years. But, this is the first time I'm ordering from OnlineShopDealer.

Yes, it may tear when I pull it out of the dispenser, but my hands are wet. Not a problem. If your hands are wet, and there's a new pack in the dispenser, the towels will be tight and may tear. Can't expect anything different. Does it make the towel junk? I don't think so.

Decent product. Great price. What a great combination!

Kimberly-Clark scott
I like this one better then the cheaper one I got from some please else. thank you for having them.

As expected
They're paper towels, they dry your hands! Only need to use 1-2 per drying and they come apart pretty easily.

Scott Multifold Paper
This brand is great! I love it, does a better job than Georgia-Pacific Signature 21000. Scott brand lasts longer and they hold up very well.

Great product, great price!
These Scott brand paper towels were a great price and quantity compared to others I looked at. Customer service were prompt to answer my questions.

Softer and more cloth like than the typical hard scratchy towel
I bought these for my kids preschool. Pleased with the purchase. Much higher quality and softness than what we are all used to using at public restrooms. Price was same as or cheaper than costco for whatever they carry.

Scott multi-fold towels
The quality of this item met my expectations. They fit our dispenser perfectly. We
like their absorbency and their softness.


Technical data

  • Folded paper towel for single-use general-purpose cleaning and drying
  • White towel is made of pouches of loosely packed paper fibers for absorbency
  • Single-ply paper helps reduce waste
  • Multi-fold design facilitates stacking and unfolding
  • Unfolded towel measures 9.2" x 9.4" (W x L)


Product Description

The Kimberly-Clark Scott 01804 disposable white folded paper towel comes in packs of 250 towels, is made of pouches of loosely packed paper fiber for absorbency, is one ply to help reduce waste, and has a multi-fold design to facilitate stacking and unfolding. The paper towel is suitable for single-use general-purpose cleaning and drying applications in office, commercial, and residential environments, among others. The unfolded towel measures 9.2 inches wide x 9.4 inches long, and is compatible with many multi-fold dispensers (sold separately). This paper towel is manufactured with a chlorine-free process. The paper contains 60% recycled fiber with a minimum of 40% post-consumer waste content to meet EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste in paper towel products. The towel has Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Mix certification, which ensures that the wood fiber used to make it comes from a combination of FSC-certified forests, controlled sources, and post-consumer waste. It complies with the Ecologo hand towels standard CCD-086 for resource and energy conservation and reductions in harmful emissions when compared with other hand towel products.

Kimberly-Clark manufactures products for personal and health care, industrial, and laboratory applications under the brands Kleenex, Scott, WypAll, Kimtech, and Kleenguard, among others. The company, founded in 1870, is headquartered in Dallas, TX.

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