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Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Stemware Forte Collection Red Wine/Light Soft Whites, 13.6-Ounce, Set of 6

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Product Reviews

Tired of breaking reidel?
If you have ever wondered if the right glass can enhance your enjoyment of a good wine, try these. I had a nice collection of riedel stemware and they were amazing in form and function, but I guess I am stone-fisted. I have broken at least 3 hand-washing them. I even wondered if my singing might have contributed. Don't get me wrong, I try to take good care of delicate things. I even do microsurgery so I can have a light touch when necessary, but come on! After breaking my last glass, I opted to give these a try. I bought the big bowls for my big reds, some smaller bowls for my pinot, and the taller version for my whites (rarely used,but nice to have when needed). The larger proportions and less than optimal geometry were a concern, but that has been more than offset by their durability. I have owned these 18 glasses for more than 2 years now and despite our bumps, clinks, even a few shocking knock overs onto the granite counter-top, they have survived. The glasses perform well with a range of different wines and their durability surpasses anything I have experienced. Well done on a great product!

Well going on 7 years from the date of purchase and I have broken 3 of my original 18. What is more amazing is what they have endured over the past 7 years. Hands down the best stemware I have ever owned and not just for their durability. I use them almost daily and they have forever replaced the wedding crystal that seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Wine Spectator Just Called This Best Glass
James Laube from Wine Spectator just named this glass as his only tasting glass and he tastes all his wines in this glass.

He probably just tripled sales of this glass for Schott Zwiesel much to the chagrin of Riedel who has a duplicate for about $5 more per glass. Hence only one left :-)

This is a great glass just like the Riedel.

For years my "go to" glass has been the Burgundy glass and you can drink any wine in this glass - it is so versatile - like the "bread knife" of glasses - if you could only have one it would be this one.

Great wine glasses
This glasses are large, provide substantial surface area for your wines. Make sure your cupboard shelf is tall enough to store them. They are strong and elegant. I have put them in the dishwasher with no scratches or cracks. A valuable, useful purchase.

Ordered a set of six of these to give four as a gift to a friend and fellow wine lover.
Although I presently have more than enough Miller Rogaska Crystal Wine Glasses and some beautiful cobalt cased crystal hock wine glasses & champagne flutes, I really enjoyed the thin Riedel glasses I once had and some similar thin Danish crystal wine glasses. Unfortunately they were just too delicate and after breaking two or three I was too afraid to use them and they were too much of a trauma to wash with worry they break. I gave the remaining glasses to a couple friends who own a fine wine and spirits store. I wish Schott Zweisel had come out with these terrific durable and elegant glasses years ago when I first purchased my Riedel. They would be my choice for wines, champagne & brandy if I was buying new glasses to stock my bar. I'm sure sales & demand have increased since the article in Wine Spectator. If you want elegant affordable glasses that are a pleasure to drink from and which will feel like Riedel and Spiegelau but without the price or worry about using and washing them, then get at least one set of these terrific glasses. You will enjoy them.

Excellent Zin and Riesling glass
I have been a give lover of the Schott Zwiesel stemware (or as I call them, Schott glasses) and own a couple other styles. I added this style to give me a better glass for my Zinfandel wines (I am a Zinner) and the wife is a lover of Rieslings. The wine characteristics are brought out with the right glass, and this is a good glass for zin and Rieslings.

We take them to our wine club's wine tastings. These are what we drink from at home, so that is what we use for tastings, to know exactly how the wines will taste.

The Schott Zwiesel stemware will outlast the lead crystal (Riedel) stemware. I have often bumped the glass, had it tip or have bumped it against the faucet while cleaning. Each time I do that, I remember that if I had a lead crystal glass, it would have broke. I figure I have not broke several glasses by using these glasses.

I recommend these fully.

Elegant but not overpriced!
These glasses look really expensive and you can use them daily without worrying about someone breaking them. (They are actually quite resistant). I have received many compliments. Great buy.

makes every wine more fine and secure
I have bought the Cabernet-style tritan glass for myself and for gifts: we couldn't be more pleased with the elegant shape (tall!), the thinness of the bowl and the stem, the material being lead-free (titanium), the break-resistance (survived a tip-over onto marble perfectly, but of course didn't expect it to from a yard-long drop onto stone). Makes wine an occasion; and even simpler wines taste better.

Great Looking Glass -- Dishwasher Safe!!!
These glasses are fantastic. I use the burgundy for red or white -- glass snobs, just chill out -- and they are just great. I'll be honest, I'm not real fussy about glasses, but what works about these is they have a good size that feels right in your hand but isn't hard to drink out of if that makes any sense. But the biggest plus about these glasses is however they are made, they are really strong. I thought my wine guy was crazy first time he showed me these glasses and banged the side on his granite tasting counter. The advantage to this is these glasses are dishwasher safe. For me, the one thing I AM fussy about is having a really clean glass. And no matter how much hand washing I did, there were always spots and cloudiness. I sound like a commercial from the 70s about dishwasher additives I know. But it's always bothered me at home and when I go out that wine glasses are rarely crystal clean. Well this changes that. Our wine glasses go right in the dishwasher and come out spotless and unbroken. Don't get me wrong, these glasses aren't bullet proof and they can break. We've broken a couple dropping or jamming in the dishwasher too tight. At 10 bucks a stem, I don't mind and the benefit of super clean glasses far outweighs that. I still have my 40 bucks a stem big beautiful glasses, but you know what? They're dusty in my breakfront from lack of use!

beautiful, sturdy alternative to Riedel
There are plenty of reviews written on the behalf of Schott Zwiesel that speak to the affordability (my price was a little over $6/stem) or to their uniqueness (titanimum oxide and zirconium oxide vs traditional lead oxide), so I'll just say that as a man with a sensitive palate and deep appreciation for wine that I am in no way disappointed with the Claret goblet. Treat the product as crystal and use microfiber towels to dry and you should have pieces for a very long time.

I also picked up the Tritan champagne flutes, red wine glasses (which I use for my white wines given the appropriate sizing and angles), burgundy glasses, white wine glasses (for dessert wines), Brussels pilsner (seriously the best beer glasses I've ever had), Paris collection whiskey, Paris collection collins, Paris collection long drink (used as everyday glasses), and finally the Mondial collection brandy snifter.

We went 100% Schott Zwiesel in our kitchen and couldn't be happier.

We love these glasses
We love these glasses, though they are definitely breakable. Initially order 12 so that I would have 4 extra to replace any broken glasses about 4 to 5 years ago. after going through the extra four, I ordered another six pack as backup glasses for any future breaks.

This are made for young pinot, but we've found that we love these glasses for all and white. We don't even use our set of white wine glasses anymore and only use our big Cabernet glasses when opening a mature Cabernet. The height is perfect as well, as they fit on a shelf in out old 1960 era kitchen cabinets where most other glasses require a special storage location. And the fact that they can be placed in the dish washer is a great feature. We drink wine daily and these things have stood up to countless washings and have only broken when placed into the dish washer improperly that caused the base to get caught on the ceiling of the dish washer.

Highly recommended these wine glasses!


Technical data

  • 6 Each Forte collection stemware; for use with light red, light white and tasting wines; 13.6 ounce capacity; 8-1/2 inches tall by 3.2 inches wide
  • Made of Tritan crystal; non-lead material composed of titanium oxide and zirconium oxide.
  • Each bowl is perfectly sized for the appropriate wine; soft tapered bowl focuses wine essence to the pallet
  • Diswasher safe; do not force bowl tightly over dishwasher rack prongs. If hand washing, do not twist stem and bowl while holding tightly.
  • Made in Germany; suggested wine varietals: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Rose, Riesling, Soave, and Chablis


Product Description

schott zwiesel Cru Classic Crystal Schott Zwiesel – The world’s best crystal glass

Built on a 130-year tradition of the finest German glassmaking, Schott Zwiesel is the most durable, most beautifully designed and best-manufactured glassware on the market.

Completely lead-free and manufactured using the most environmentally sensitive technology available, Schott Zwiesel crystal glass is the leading choice among wine connoisseurs the world over. Its sculpted bowls and finely edged rims enhance the fullest appreciation of every vintage.

Schott Zwiesel crystal glass has added titanium for strength and added zirconium for crystal clarity, making it dishwasher safe for years of enjoyment. The elegant designs match every taste and cover the full spectrum of beverages.

For any occasion, for everyday or when serving company, Schott Zwiesel crystal glass is sure to impress.

Schott Zwiesel Forte Crystal About Fortessa Tableware Solutions, LLC

Fortessa Tableware Solutions, LLC. is a leading designer, developer, and marketer of quality tableware for high-end restaurants and hotels globally, as well as for the luxury consumer market.

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