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Scene It? Twilight Saga Deluxe

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Awesome Game for the Saga Fanatic!!
This game is Awesome!! Me and my daughter are major Twihards and we have a blast not only playing this together, but with all her friends. There are so many movie clips, puzzles, and you can also do your own charades with this game. Overall, it is a great game for tweens, teens, and even Twimoms like me!!

Scene It Twilight Saga Game
I purchased this game for my daughter's 12th Twilight Birthday Party, she was so excited when it came. Good quality. It does take some time to play, you have to pause the game throughout, but all in all, had a blast, we will keep playing it.
Make sure to have at least an 1.5 hour to play the game.

My wife LOVES it!
I should point out that I am completely unfamiliar with the series, and will be relating what my wife, her cousin and her mother say about the game. I should also note that they are HUGE fans. In the week that I got the game, they have been over twice to play. As a point of reference, my mother-in-law was last here about a month ago and my wife's cousin hasn't been over in months. I wish I could say it was my charm and devilishly good looks.....alas, that is probably not the case. As a non-participant, I can tell you that they get very excited. Seeing some clips, the video look great, everything is clear, and it seems pretty easy to play. Of course they know everything, well, my wife's cousin does, and she makes it look easy. My wife finds it the most challenging....but they love it, and it's a great excuse for them to get together. It's not that my wife's cousing runs away with it, she still finds it challenging. I should also mention that my wife is not really a "game person." And for her to enjoy a game so much is pretty impressive to, if you are a fan, I think you must buy this. My wife agrees. My mother-in-law agrees. My wife's cousin, well, her birthday is comming up, and she is very clear on what she wants....this!

Great game! Challenging for even the most die hard Twihard!
I've seen each movie and read the books multiple times, and one great thing about this game is that it's still a challenge to win! Super graphics, intelligent questions, and a fabulous overall appearance make this game it quite a treat. I love it!

Great game!

It has long and short modes both of which are excellent! Mini games includes puzzles, questions answering and putting scenes in order... As with all Scene-It games it does include clips of the actual movies...

On Par with other titles
Very 'Twilighty' (lol)
Encourages everyone to let loose and just have a good time

I will say this is more geared toward the girls just like the movies but deep down everyone should get a kick out of these along with the movies!

Really fun game for Twilight fans
I'm a fan of the Scene It games and if you're a Twilight fan, this game is for you. I've seen the movies numerous times and read each of the books a few times too, so this game didn't really stump me but it is alot of fun to play. I recently played it with a bunch of women at a party - the people who had only seen the movies once or twice had kind of a hard time and the few of us who were major fans knew all the answers, so you definatly have to play with people who are at the same knowledge level with the series. So, definatly a very well done game but I'd say the ONLY down fall is getting the right group of people together to play. I also played it with a few family members who had seen the movies but were only moderate fans (hadn't seen them many times like I have), we played the 4 of them on one team against me and it was a close game, lol. I really like how (with all the scene it games) there are numerous different types of questions and puzzles such as "what object is missing from the scene", name the characters who's voices you hear, name the character who's "power" this is, what's the next line in this scene, etc. Overall I'm very happy with it and it's lots of fun for Twilight fans.

Big fun for Twilight fans
As a major Twilight fan, I was very excited to receive this game, and my opponent knew I would beat him in no time. While I did indeed win, I admit that some questions really stumped me, either because I was having a "brain freeze," or did not know the answer ("Name the Actress").

I think they could have created better game pieces, but the Fate cards are fun and the questions and activities diverse. (I particularly liked the "bonus" game where you answer questions to determine whether you're a werewolf or a vampire). The questions were evenly spread across all three films, which was also a nice touch.

This was our family's second Scene It game--the other being a Disney game--and while the gameplay was exactly the same, the menus, music, and voice-over were much more mellow, subdued, and ultimately more enjoyable and relaxing. Although not introduced, I am pretty sure that the game's narrator is supposed to be the character of Carlisle, though clearly it's not the actor providing the voice.

Twilight series fans only ~
Yes, this is a product that will only appeal to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. Should this be a deterrent to buying this game? No, of course not! There are a lot of different Scene it? games out there geared towards different subject matters so there are plenty of options that will appeal to most. This version will be loved by all of those who love the movies and the books alike. There were plenty of options and so much to do that it could be played many times without worry of repetition. This would be fabulous for a slumber party, no doubt about it! If you're looking for a gift for your loved one who also happens to be a fan of the series, this will make a great one!

Great game for the Twihard!
My wife is a Twihard and absolutely loved this "Sceneit?" game based on the three Twilight movies. If you don't like the Twilight movies obviously you won't like this game. For the die hard and even casual Twilight fans I think you will find it a lot of fun. You don't need to really read the books to have fun with this game in my opinion, just need to have watched the movies. Overall a lot of fun.

scene it
great game!! loved it very much. need one for breaking dawn!! loved it loved it loved it love it love


Technical data

  • Exciting new game features content from all 3 films, including the summer 2010 release, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
  • Experience the ultimate trivia game that features all new clips, trivia and on-screen puzzles from this blockbuster franchise
  • Includes: Game DVD, Flextime Game Board, Shuffle Play feature, 4 Collectible Metal Tokens, 160 Trivia cards
  • Also includes: 20 Buzz cards, 1 Six-Sided die, 1 Eight-Sided Die, Instruction Sheet, New Enhance Gameplay


Product Description

Whether you are with Team Edward or Team Jacob, you will love Scene It? - The twilight saga Deluxe Edition! Hosted by Twilight's Dr. Carlisle Cullen, Scene It? - The Twilight Saga Deluxe Edition features tons of clips, trivia questions, and on-screen puzzles from Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. You'll act, draw, and describe iconic Twilight Saga movie clues for even more ways to get into the action. With new mini-games and engaging group activities, you'll go beyond simple trivia and immerse yourself in the Twilight Saga!Contents Include: 1 Gameboard, 1 DVD, 160 Trivia Cards, 20 Fate Cards, 1 Category Die, 1 Numbered Die, 4 Collectible Tokens, 1 Reference Card and Instructions.Note: DVD player and TV required to play.Note: DVD player and TV required to play.

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