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Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner

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You can't hook it to a computer but you can bring images in with the USB port. Save an image to the flash drive and plug it into the machine.

YIPPEE - no more dies!
I've waited a long time for a machine that didn't require dies. It's always driven me insane that you pay a fair amount of money for a cutting machine, then you have to keep paying and paying as you buy dies. I do a good amount of my own design, so a die cutter just wouldn't (pun intended) cut it.

Not a problem any more. I make up my design in Photoshop or Illustrator, print the image, and scan the image into the ScanNCut. I scan my fabric (I'm not a scrapbooker; at least, I'm not yet), position the design where I want it on the fabric, and tell the machine to cut it. WOW - no more wobbly cuts that have to be fixed before they're appliquéd. And the ability to make any shape - lettering, silhouettes, anything - if I can draw it, I can cut it.

It took me less than an hour to get it set up and figured out. My first project was for my mom - she wanted fabric circles, pinked, in the right size to use as covers for jars of her canned garden produce that she plans to give at Christmas. I drew a circle in Illustrator, added the zigzag effect to get the "pinked" edge, and printed it. I scanned the print on the SnC (BTW, Brother knows this is a pain, and they're working on making it easier), scanned the fabric, positioned the design on the fabric, and set the machine to cut. This sounds like it must take forever, but, really, it's faster than drawing the circles on the fabric and cutting them manually with pinking shears. I had the whole bunch finished in about 5 minutes, and they were perfect - lots better than manual cuts.

I think this is a great thing - Brother hits another home run with this one.

Great for cutting fabric for applique!
I am brand new to the electronic cutting world, and I'm hooked! I recorded my first session with this machine, from opening the box to successfully cutting batik fabric for embroidery machine applique:

A few comments after about a week of using the ScanNCut:

- Not being familiar with electronic cutters, I missed the step of twisting the blade until it's extended all the way (watch your fingers!) then dial it back to the setting you want. I'm working with blade depth=3 or 4, pressure=3 or 4, and speed=2. Start low on the blade depth and work your way up. I had heard stories of cutting through the mat, but I haven't had that problem by starting light. Take time to test your settings with the test feature!

- While using SteamASeam II worked well without the paper backing on the standard mat without the high tack addition, LEAVE the back on Floriani's Appli-Kay Wonder. It is a much stickier stabilizer, and took forever to get it off the mat. So I suggest testing with the paper left on the stabilizer first! I haven't tried the product that came with the machine yet.

- Whoever suggested using non-alcohol unscented baby wipes was a genius! Works very well for removing lint and re-energizing the stickiness on the mat.

- Whoever suggested using painters tape to help secure edges -- that didn't work for me. Ended up with tape stuck to my scanning window and had to take off the bottom cover to get to it. Thank you Brother, for making that area accessible!

- I highly suggest purchasing the additional Scanning Mat. It's not just for photos. By using a mat that came with the machine, there are additional lines that the machine tries to cut. Even with cropping the design area the best I could (I put multiple designs per scan). I purchased my scanning mat from Ken's Sewing Center.

- I'm loving the cloud based Brother Canvas website too. I modify a machine embroidery design to its placement stitch and export to SVG format, convert to FCM in Canvas, save to USB, and cut out my applique fabric! No wasted paper in this process. While one block is stitching, I can be cutting out my next block.

So glad I bought it, it's taking my applique projects to a whole new level!

Wonderful Product - Reasonable price as well
Out of the box my daughter and I tried this "machine wonder" out. After a few hours of trying it out, we couldn't get over it's potential in making life easier for us. Wonderful machine for scrapbook, quilting and other craft projects.

It draws, scans & cuts out quickly and neatly. The cutting is clean and overall the machine is easy to operate right out of the box. It has terrific cutting and printing potential. We loved the ease to change directions as well. The ability to draw your own design, scan and the cut it allows you to be so creative. One of the best features is no more expensive cartridges to purchase.

The Brother Scan N Cut is.....Life made easier for crafters and design enthusiasts. There is LIFETIME customer support for this product as well.

Amazing Machine...
Update: This machine is saving me so much time cutting clipart. As the saying goes, time is money. I did a lot of cutting with this since I received it mostly in the direct cut mode which is what I bought it for. This is what I have discovered: It does not like anything pastel or flesh colored like hands (I drew a line around my clip art in another program before printing and solved this issue). You need to keep things away from the edges or it will not outline to cut. Make sure your paper is very attached to mat or it jams after it scans
I make and sell favor boxes and I use a lot of clip art which I have been hand cutting and this works perfectly to cut out my characters and saves tons of time. I do not think it will replace my Cameo but that's OK. I do like that it does not need a computer.
The mats are expensive and do not last very long...the edges breakdown and will not load. This is a negative!

First, let me say that I purchased mine from the dealer and not through OnlineShopDealer. The perks to the extra $100 are that 1) if i have any trouble with it (no problems yet), the dealer will handle it, we have a great Brother dealer in Albuquerque. 2) our dealer offers a monthly ScanNCut club/class for a year. I don't know what perk is better! I am a partner in a quilting retreat business. We took it to the last retreat and it was a BIG hit. Even cut wool shapes for those Kim Diehl projects! I still love my accuquilt since it allows me to cut multiple layers at one time but the ScanNCut is perfect for applique and hand piecers (drawing your 1/4" seam allowances for you). Warning....use WonderUnder. Steam a Seam doesn't work well since it's sticky on both sides (sticks TOO well to the mat). Also...REMOVE your paper after ironing the adhesive on to your fabric and BEFORE applying to your mat!! Learned some valuable lessons this weekend.

I am in love with this machine
Got this machine and couple of weeks ago and I am now using any excuse to go up to my craft room and play with it. It is a lot of fun and very versatile. I haven't tried cutting fabric with it yet, but have been having a great time cutting card stock, vellum, and paper to make home made cards.

It take a few minutes to get the hang of it, but once I did it was super easy to use. I haven't tried creating my own images yet. I hope to do that soon. But I really like how it lets you scan what you're cutting to place where you want stuff cut. I had a bunch of old Christmas cards with my son's photo. I scanned the background, drew my circle around his face, and the machine cut it out perfectly. I recycled the old cards into Christmas ornaments.

The mat does loose it's stickiness after a while. What I have been doing it putting a small amount of regular Scotch tape on the corners of the paper I'm cutting to hold it to the mat. I'm just careful to keep clear of the cutting area. The tape peels off the mat just fine.

As I said earlier, I haven't cut fabric yet but I can see how this would be very useful for applique. It isn't quite as useful for cutting large numbers of strips, squares or triangles. For that, an Accuquilt would be better since you can cut multiple layers of fabric at once. But if you were using a lot of different fabrics, I suppose you could still cut squares on this machine fine. It would take just a little more time and set up, but would still be faster than cutting by hand. Personally I can't afford both an Accuquilt and the ScanNCut, so I went with the more versatile machine.

The built-in designs are really nice - there are a bunch of shapes, as well as words. And the shapes are adjustable in size. They machine also cuts very crisply. I have scaled down some really detailed patterns and the machine has cut them out very cleanly. Overall, I have had a lot of fun with my ScanNCut and see a lot of potential for future crafts with it.

Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Cutting Machine
This is my second venture into electronic cutting machine. The 1st was Silhouette Portrait - disaster city! See my comments under that unit.

Thank goodness for Brother and the ScanNCut!! It worked as advertised right out of the box. Their online video instructions are a game savers and really make for a very user friendly device.

I've done some great projects for Christmas dinner including place settings and other stuff. The scan and cut of my own projects are spectacular and simple to do. Restored my faith in new ventures.

Would strongly recommend this machine to all of my friends. Don't tell me you can't teach an old dog new tricks I'm an 86 year old widower and looking forward to new projects on this wonderful machine.

My next project will probably be a Brother sewing and embroidery machine.

A cut above
I impatiently awaited the launch....since it has arrived I discover each time I use the machine new applications for my work in mixed media! The freedom to design my own cuttings in a variety of materials is freeing the imagination!!
The variety this machine is capable of is awesome...a real compliment to any artisan in paper, fabric or whatever will work!! Wish now I had purchased the more adaptable model that will I will purchase the additional gadgets to complete my system and expand the potential!!

...Impressive right out of the box! :)
Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner
Category: Craft Supplies

I'm not a crafty kind of girl, but have always wanted to make My "own" Holiday decorations and perhaps try piecing together a couple of small baby quilts. Where to start?

* Worlds first home and hobby cutting machine with a 300 DPI built-in scanner. Scan virtually anything - from a handmade drawing to your most cherished family photo.
* No more design cartridges or PC required. With over 600+ built-in designs and the ability to scan virtually anything, your creative freedom is no longer limited!
* Large, color LCD touch screen with on-screen editing capabilities such as rotating, welding, resizing and organizing.
* 11.7 inch wide scanning and cutting area to accommodate large projects.
* Easy to use right out of the box with a limited set up time and user-friendly interface.

Okay, I'll try it! *into My Shopping Cart it goes* :)

A few things, among many, I liked about the Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner after using it for a variety of projects, over the past few weeks, involving fabric and paper:

Impressive right out of the box! One gets a Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner, 1 Standard cut blade holder (turquoise) with blade installed, 1 Deep cut blade holder (purple) with blade installed, 1 Standard Mat 12" x 12" (turquois and purple), 1 Low tack adhesive Mat 12" x 12", iron-on fabric applique' contact sheet (white backing), high tack adhesive fabric support sheet (light blue backing), Spatula, Touch pen (stylus), small accessory bag, AC adapter, Power Cord, Operation Manual, Pattern list, Product Registration and Warranty, Quick Reference Guide and a Basic Quilting Guide -- Making a Quilt.

A seemingly sturdy, stand alone (needs no computer or Internet connection to operate) unit, made to go-the-distance, the Brother ScanNCut is light weight and a snap to move from place-to-place. AC adapter plugs into back of unit with no wobbling detected. Power Cord plugs into AC adapter and then into wall outlet. A simple Flash drive (not included) plugs into USB port, for storage and transportation of saved patterns and scans.

The very detailed Operation Manual is easy to read and follow, making learning the bells-and-whistles of the Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner a lot of fun. The graphics are good sized, detailed, clean and clear. I didn't need a magnifying glass to see what was being identified or described. It took awhile, for Me, to read through the entire Manual, but, once finished, I felt empowered to unleash My creative side with a thorough knowledge of what Brother ScanNCut could do.

Whether one is standing or sitting, in front of the machine, the Large, color LCD touch screen is height adjustable for one's viewing pleasure. The screen colors are amazingly bright and vivid, the text is easy to read and follow, the touch buttons and up/down arrows are very responsive and fast!

Navigating the screen with my finger tip, but the (included) Touch pen (stylus) works very well, and is wonderful for dragging a pattern around the screen and welding it to another, presented no difficulties. It was kind of nice to be able to travel around the informative LCD screen to the next step of whatever process I was involved in without any difficulties. When in doubt, I simply pressed the Home button, cuz that's the way I roll. :)

The On/Off, Home, Tools, Feed In and Start/Stop buttons are slightly raised and located around the outer edge of the Touch LCD Screen. A simple press of the button delivers a very fast response.

Although a bit daunting, at first, manually adjusting the height of the blade, locking down the blade holder on unit and setting the blade pressure via the tools button on LCD screen (per project) and running a test (to make sure adjustments are correct) require minimal effort. The more ya do it, the easier it gets! :)

This particular machine comes with 500 one point cutting patterns, 100 quilting designs and 5 Fonts to play around with. The scanner can scan printed patterns and images or original hand-drawn illustrations -- then one can save them to the unit's memory or a Flash Drive, and use them anytime.

Made lots of, My very own, paper/fabric decorations for the up-coming Holidays. Paper/fabric consistently adhered to mats and blades cut super fast without too many hiccups. Edges of Cutouts were consistently sharp without paper or fabric getting shredded, hung up or blade not cutting as it should. Sometimes, though, a particular paper I wanted to use refused to stick to the mat. Paper may have been covered with some sort of slick residue -- I have no idea. Switched paper, problem solved. The machine is a little noisy (when cutting), but nothing I can't get used to.

Lots more to talk about, but I'm off to buy a set of pens and pen holders for this machine -- as one can also use it to Draw Patterns on material which can be used to create quilt pieces -- My next project. *smiles*

Does the Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner sound like what you may be looking for? Would make a Wonderful Gift. :) Highly Recommended! --Katharena Eiermann, 2013


Technical data

  • Through Sunday, September 21st, 2014, save $30 on the ScanNCut with an instant rebate, applied at checkout. Discount will be applied after order is added to cart. Only applies to items shipped and sold by
  • Worlds first home and hobby cutting machine with a 300 DPI built-in scanner. Scan virtually anything - from a handmade drawing to your most cherished family photo.
  • No more design cartridges or PC required. With over 600+ built-in designs and the ability to scan virtually anything, your creative freedom is no longer limited!
  • Large, color LCD touch screen with on-screen editing capabilities such as rotating, welding, resizing and organizing. 11.7 inch wide scanning and cutting area to accommodate large projects.
  • ScanNCut Canvas, the cloud based web application easily converts .SVG files to .FCM files. It is free and easy to register! Go to


Product Description

      No more design cartridges. No PC required. ScanNCut will forever change the way you think about cutting machines. Welcome to a whole new world of innovation, with the world’s first home and hobby cutting machine that comes with the magic of a built-in scanner…a built-in scanner that will revolutionize the way you craft and create! Only ScanNCut can take an image, photo or hand drawn sketch, scan it, and allow you to precisely cut the shapes or outlines you want. With its breakthrough built-in scanner, ScanNCut raises your creativity and skill set, allowing you to create a signature project that is yours alone. Now the only thing limiting your cutting creativity is your imagination.

• 300 DPI Built-in Smart Scanner
• Easily Cuts a Wide Variety of Material

• Lightweight Stand-Alone Machine
• Lifetime Customer Phone/Online Technical Support

Scan and convert to cut data.

The secret to ScanNCut lies in its 300 DPI built-in scanner. Never before has a home and hobby cutting machine had the capability to scan virtually anything – a handmade drawing, a magazine clipping, cherished photos, and more – to create endless cut designs and save to the machine’s memory. Say goodbye to expensive, clunky design cartridges and say hello to creative freedom! As a bonus, you can use ScanNCut as a home scanner to archive pictures, documents, and more – and save to your USB for use in your computer.

Using the technology of the 300 DPI smart scanner, scan in your design and save it as a cut or draw file for use. ScanNCut will create cut lines automatically, and then (within minutes), hand drawn elements can grace the pages of your art work as a cut element or drawing with the assistance of the pen draw feature.

Yes, you can cut fabric! It’s so easy.

Basic shapes, intricate designs, borders, quilt patterns, fonts and more are all available at your fingertips with a single touch on the bright, easy-to-use color LCD touch screen. This wide variety of built-in designs is both easy to access and mobile for when you’re on the go – never leaving you without designs to work with! Simply select a design, and then have it cut out on your material of choice. For even more variety in your creations, scan an image to create a one-of-a-kind design.

Cut precise fabric shapes with ease! ScanNCut offers a variety of accessories that make fabric cutting and creating beautiful quilt and appliqué projects quick and simple. Pairing the erasable draw function (pen and pen holder sold separately) with cutting, this machine offers the unique feature of drawing your seam allowance, and also provides precise sewing guidelines – making sewing, quilting and appliqué projects easier to create than ever before.

Creative Embellishment.

No more fussy cutting! Relax, and let ScanNCut do the work for you. With just a few simple steps, this unique cutting tool will scan your material, create the outline cuts, and allow you to select your design straight from the surface to cut out. This revolutionary feature will eliminate the hassle out of hand-cutting designs from your favorite papers and fabrics!

Have you ever dreamt about adding custom drawings to your crafting projects? ScanNCut gives you the ability to change your cut file – whether it’s from a previous scanned image or a built-in design, and replicate the design into a drawing in virtually seconds! With 6 drawing pens and 2 erasable pens (available for additional purchase), you can now take all your sewing and crafting projects to the next level.

      Developed with the advanced, cutting-edge technology that Brother™ is known for, ScanNCut is truly an incredible innovation in electronic die cutting machines, giving artists the freedom to make truly unique, one-of-a-kind creations with the push of a button. Check out some of these great features you’ll be sure to admire:


Select from the wide variety of built-in designs or from your gallery of scanned images to build your own unique cut designs. Use the welding feature to combine shapes, hand drawings, fonts and more directly on the large color LCD touch screen. Combine detailed or intricate cuts in seconds to simply group designs into one piece prior to cutting.

Scan to USB

Can you believe it? With ScanNCut, there is no need for a clunky stand-alone computer! With the 300 DPI built-in scanner, scan virtually anything into your machine to be saved as a cut file. As a bonus, you can use ScanNCut to scan important documents, files, artwork, photographs (and even your child’s favorite drawings), and save to your USB to be used for future use. USB not included.

Seam Allowance & Sewing Guidelines

Have you ever struggled with piecing together your fabric when working on various sewing and quilting projects? ScanNCut gives you the ability to add a seam allowance in ¼” increments to assist you in piecing together fabric pieces for your quilts, clothing and more. But wait, it gets better! You can even utilize the erasable pen (pens available for additional purchase) to create sewing guidelines on your designs to assure virtually perfect placements of your stitches.

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