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Sauder Pogo Bookcase/Footboard, Soft White Finish

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Loved it-excellent customer service from manufacturer
I am usually pretty happy with everything I get from OnlineShopDealer and rarely write reviews. I had to post a review on this. I ordered the first one and it arrived in excellent shape, my husband put it together pretty quickly, looks great and will hold a ton of stuff. We ordered another one a couple weeks later to add more storage space and I was so sad that the top part arrived cracked and chipped. I was thinking how on earth am I ever going to ship this 80#+ beast back to onlineshopdealer etc etc? I had a thought of calling the manufacturer, sauder. The 800 # is printed on the instruction booklet. I called them at like 8pm and was directed to go to thier website. People-literally about 5 mouse clicks resulted in Sauder mailing me FREE of charge, Free of hassle a replacement for the top portion that was cracked. I completed the online request on Wed and got confirmation that it had shipped today. I am so impressed with the simplicity of the requesting and receiving the replacement piece I just can't get over it. Nothing is that simple. But this was. So my new replacement piece will arrive in a couple days, and i'll be able to put it together no worries. So just know if you order from here, and your piece happens to be cracked, you can get a replacement piece for free and in short order from Sauder. The thing was packaged very well and our first one arrived w/o a mark! Anyway, just wanted to share--super cute storage piece, looks great, and the customer service from Sauder knocked my socks off!

great bookcase
Purchased this bookcase for my daughters room and it is perfect. Great size and color. Holds more books and toys than I thought it would. Very reasonably priced and great quality! Thinking of getting another one.

Our family room looks adult/mature again! This holds all my son's toys and books with style. We are very happy with the quality and look.

Seriously love it!
Perfect for my baby's gorgeous bedroom. It took me about an hour to build while my baby napped right next to me. Totally worth the investment to store her books, toys, blankies etc.

Love it
I put this together in about an hour and a half and that's with 2 kids and a baby interrupting me. It looks great in our toy room. The book shelf hold a lot of book and the cubbies hold a lot of toys. Thus just makes the room look so much better rather having a bunch of toy bins all over. I fit 33 DVDs on one side of the bookshelf part. It could be doubled up if you wanted.

Perfect size and sturdiness especially if you have an active toddler who likes to climb on everything in sight :)

Wonderful Product!
I wasn't sure what to expect when we got this. However it has exceeded my expectations! It is very sturdy and heavy. Not something my kids can tip over. I LOVE how much space it has for toys as well as books and puzzles. I would definitely recommend this to a friend. My only complaint is that it doesn't come in other colors as I would like to get one for my sons room.

Don't listen to negative reviews....seriously.
I was a little hesitant to purchase this because of the few reviews saying things like the screws were too long, the product came damaged, the wood looks cheap because it's fabricated wood, and how it took some people four hours to assemble it.....only to have the top pull right off when moving it. Seriously, NONE of those things were true in my case. Everything was perfect. It looks great, it's heavy and looks just like the photos. I'm a women with a small set of lady tools and was able to put it together, with ease, in one hour. The instructions were extremely simple. All this makes me think that either A: the bad reviews are from competitors, or disgruntled past employees, or B: they didn't read the instructions and are incapable of assembling anything, or C: they just had a bad experience.
Decide for yourself! I'm happy!!

Fits our needs and good quality for the price
Easy assembly, very sturdy so I'm not afraid of my daughter pulling this over, and it's cute. Great purchase, I'd buy again in a heartbeat. FYI: Off-gassed for ~1 day, then had no smell that I could detect (and I'm very sensitive)

looks great
This item looks great and was very happy with it. The directions are not the best but if you have put together furniture before its pretty easy to do. It took me about an hour put together which it wouldn't of taken that long if I hadn't accidentally put a shelf on wrong. This is pressed wood but I have had no problems with it and it looks so nice in the kids playroom! Great addition to our storage!


Technical data

  • Cubbyhole storage for books, toys, etc.
  • Storage bins feature ID tags
  • Ideal for playrooms

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