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Samsung UN55HU6950 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 60Hz Smart LED TV

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Besides a few annoyances, this is a great TV especially for Gaming
Bought the 40 inch UHD samsung mainly because I needed to upgrade from my LG LCD. I almost decided to buy the 49 inch LG UHD but I'm glad I waited it out and got myself this one instead. Saw the 49 inch LG displayed at Best Buy and it looked horrible. I assume it's because you need to fool around with the picture settings to get the best picture. And this one, you'll need to apply the settings yourself and see what favors you the most when it comes to quality and picture. It will take a while to fool around with the settings and it's extremely frustrating mainly because of the wireless motion senor from the TV's remote. It's extremely annoying and you cannot take it off as it's unavailable. Some settings are unavailable on this TV which makes no sense whatsoever. Even after downloading the software, this TV lacks many settings.

Once settings are set to your pleasures, it's a beautiful thing to watch. The quality is awesome and it looks great. There can be times where you can see that ghostly aura around someone at times but it all depends on the movie you are watching as every movie is different than one another. Like I said, you need to fool around the settings in order to completely do your best to wash that out. Other than that, it's beautiful. Netflix on 4K even though lacking and poor choices of movies for 4K streaming, it does look really good mainly the Smurfs movie. I highly recommend if you want to set your picture settings on Netflix, that movie is the best to do so along with those other 4 movies that shows off the 4K quality such as Forest, Ocean, Flowers, and Desert. House of Cards in my opinion looks okay and sometimes suffer that ghostly aura thing at times and that can be annoying. Breaking Bad looks better than House of Cards. I wish Avengers would get the 4K treatment because that movie playing on my PS4 looks absolutely amazing. Also, this TV isn't great when it comes to dark scenes, it does not look good. Might have to play around the picture settings in order to perfect it.

Gaming is def. worth the TV alone and it's the reason why I gave it 5 stars. I don't have many PS4 games but Resogun, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, and UFC looks crazy good. Set it to Game Mode and Game Mode only plays on Standard Mode. Once you set the picture settings, it just looks great man. Even PS3 games such as Ultra SF4 and Street Fighter X Tekken knowing how they have great colors, it looks phenomenal on this TV. They run smoothly and beautifully altogether. I game a lot so this TV was def. worth it alone especially playing on a LCD for 5 years. The difference is amazing.

As for blu ray movies, like I said earlier, not every movie is the same. Avengers is nothing but spectacular. I haven't really tested out the other movies just yet but with Avengers alone and repeat, I'm not using a 4k blu ray player, playing the movie off my PS4, it looks insanely good. I would say that perhaps maybe not all blu ray movies are going to look great on this but at least some will def. impress you.

My only regret is that I wish I bought the 50 inch one. To me, this one feels a bit too small and I live in a small room but other than that, if you're looking for a bigger TV and on a budget, go for a 50 or 55. If you're looking for a TV for your living room, maybe go with the 55 and above. If you don't care for 3D gimmick garbage, this series is great for you especially if you're on a 4K budget. Only downside is you're going to have patience to mess with the picture settings to your likings. Also, the sound on this TV is really good. If you don't care for surround sound then you'll be fine. You can set except under Game Mode, Virtual sound which to me is a nice addition. Even in Game Mode, it sounds loud and nice but virtual sound is a nice touch.

Annoyances are setting the settings to your likings and that motion sensor thing on the remote. Other than that, I love this TV for gaming. Movies I will eventually get the hang of it and please, I repeat, PLEASE, if anyone knows how to control that aura ghost thing around people during movies and Netflix, please let me know how you set your settings in order to get rid of that.

If you want me to post my settings for Game Mode and for Dynamic (I use this for my movies/Netflix) then please let me know. I will post on comments and please do the same too! Thanks for reading.


Here is a video/link for the UHD. Check it out and under descriptions, I have other links on the vid where you can see movies and games too.

Channel SegaSaturn617

EDIT 2: July 14 2014

Settings I have it under for movies/Netflix

Picture Mode: Dynamic
Backlight: 20
Contrast: 90
Brightness: 48 (I'm not very big on brightness unless the movie is dark but it's the reason why backlight is at full 20 out of 20)
Sharpness: 16
Color: 42 (too much color represents orange faces and such)

Color Tone: Cool
Digital Clean View: Low
MPEG Noise Filter: Low
Auto Motion Plus: Off

Settings for Game Mode:

Picture Mode: Standard (only settings allowed for Game Mode)
Backlight: 20
Contrast: 92
Brightness: 45
Sharpness: 72
Color: 45

Color Tone: Standard

Everything else is set automatically by default. Here are the Advanced Settings for it:

Dynamic Contrast: Medium
Black tone: Dark
Color Space: Native

So there are the settings I have it under the UHD. A lot of blu rays such as Kick-Ass 2, The Raid 2, Avengers, Elysium, and newer movies just look phenomenally great. Just a great UHD TV altogether. Well worth the 1k I dropped on it and def. worth waiting for at the time too. I was able to take off or at least control the ghostly aura thing around people and so on under these settings. Auto Motion Plus is recommend off to avoid that. Unless you like that Soap Opera look on your television but if not, avoid it at all costs.

Please avoid the TCL troll. He or she is raving about TCL televisions and going off with BS stuff. Please avoid as he's a total troll with nothing to do but to bother reviewers.

Like I said, the reason why this gotten a 5 out of 5 because it's a great gaming 4K TV. I game most of the time but testing out with my movies, it looks great. Time Warner Cable though, utter trash as that cable provider is way behind with anything to do with cable TV technology. Absolute garbage and you may have problems if you have this TV mainly static type sound which is annoying. Had to reset the cable box for it to get back the sound to normal. Regardless, it's a beautiful 4k if you're on a budget. GO FOR BROKE!


People still saying this isn't a good gaming HDTV. It's, it will look great on your PS4 just the way I am enjoying my games on it especially Destiny. Ignore them, they probably own some other brand TV and just want to hate on my review.

As a card-carrying member of the PC Master Race, I'm very satisfied.
I am a "PC Master Race Elitist" to the fullest and I basically wanted a 4K display, whether it be a TV or monitor, that can do 4K at 60hz. I already had the 39" inch Seiki TV which was a TN panel that can do 4K but only at 30hz. Being a member of the PC Elitist community, it's well-known that 30hz is unsatisfactory so I had to upgrade to 60hz in 4K; hence, this TV is a good choice for that upgrade.

Now, for full-disclosure, I originally was going to buy the new Vizio P-series 4K TV at 50" for the same price as this Samsung's model but Vizio P-series, which, in all honesty, would be a better choice than this, STILL doesn't have an actual release date of this particular edition and I wanted a new 4K display sometime before my birthday which is in September, so you snooze... you lose, Vizio.

Now let's get into the specs, shall we: This is a VA panel, not an IPS, however its color reproduction/viewing angles are great especially with "UHD Color" turned on. In addition, bear in mind, with a VA panel over a IPS panel, its response time is going to be quicker which is a benefit for PC gamers. It has all the SmartTv functionalities, but once again, I am a PC Elitist so I really don't care for the aforementioned functionalities.

The Smart remote controller is great; it's responsive and intuitive and it has a built-in mic for your voice commands. Speaking of which, given the fact this is my first SmartTV, I don't know is this true with all SmartTVs or just this particular one; however, you can't do all the voice commands unless you are connected to the Internet. Ditto, as a PC Snob, I already have a Dual HD Tuners with Windows Media Center integrated into my gaming rig with Xfinity's app on my Google Chrome browser for live cable thus I basically do everything on one HDMI source; however, Xfinity doesn't have all of its cable channels on their online service, like the Weather Channel, so I have to go to the HDMI source that has the input from my cable box and instead me just saying the simple voice command of, "Weather Channel" into the built-in mic on the Smart remote, as how it is when connected to a network, I have to use more voice commands to actually get to the Weather Channel.

Now alot of PC gamers may be hesitant to buy this TV solely on the fact that it doesn't have a Display port. They are under the misunderstanding that HDMI 1.4 can not push out 4K@60hz and since their graphic card(s) only have HDMI 1.4, DVI-D and Display port, they feel the only way for them to achieve 4K@60hz is only through their Display port, which this TV doesn't have, so why should they buy it?

Well guess what PC brethren, you are in luck because Nvidia, I don't know about AMD, has a new driver out now, 340.52 driver to be exact, which will allow you to achieve 4K@60hz, it will just has to be at 4:2:0 RGB (color compression). Bear in mind, 4:2:0 RGB is the same color compression that's on a Blu-ray disc and HD Broadcast so it's not bad at all and unlike Display port, when using your graphic card's HDMI 1.4 output you would be also able to transmit SOUND; but if you are a real die-hard for a Display port data transmission instead of a HDMI one, this TV does have a One Connect port for Samsung's Evolution kit, which is basically a hub of different 4K-supported ports; therefore, Samsung, in all likelihood, will probably come out with a newer edition of their Evolution kit with a Display port built into it, perhaps Display port 1.3.

But for clarification's sake, this TV does have 4 HDMI 2.0 ports that can achieve 4K at 60hz at FULL RGB (4:4:4).

As a PC gamer, one potential drawback to this TV is that it doesn't run on any resolution between 1080p and 4K so resolutions like 2k(2048 X 1152) and 1440p(2560 X 1440) won't display.......remember folks, this is a TV not a MONITOR; but don't fret too much PC aficionadoes, because CONTRARY to what you probably read over the internet, there are single GPU(s) that can achieve 4K gaming. Now with Nvidia's driver (340.52), you will be able to achieve 4K@60hz with Nvidia's high-end cards. For example, I am personally using the 780ti "Kingpin Edition" and I am achieving 4K@60hz with games like Injustice, Ultra Street Fighther 4 and Mortal Kombat with FULL SETTING ON MAX.....yes, you heard me correct: FULL SETTING ON MAX on each game.

It's worthy to mention that I haven't even OVERCLOCK this 780ti KINGPIN EDITION, yet I am achieving 4K@60hz with Nvidia's 340.52 driver. The only game where it dips around the 50's is on DeadFall Adventures and that's because that game is very graphically-intensive and also I have on "Framerate Smoothing and V-sync". My EVGA's Precision X overclocking bios has my Core and Memory clocks at zero percantage for their offsets yet I am still achieving 4K@60hz.

So this TV not being able to do resolutions between 1080p and 4K shouldn't be a problem if you are rocking cards like 780ti's, Titan's or AMD's high-end cards.

Concomitantly, you could always just do 1080p at 60hz, and also 1080p@75hz if you go into the "CRU" on your GPU's control panel, with this TV if your graphics card can't handle 4K.

Native resolution on this TV is 3840 X 2160 at 60hz (standard 4K), its Maximum resolution is 4096 X 2160 at 60hz (Full 4K).
And that's pretty much it, I hope my review gives you alot of knowledge on whether you buy this 4K TV or not.

PS. If you buy this TV and play Injustice on the PC in 4K with everything maxed out, I challenge you to comment on this post and tell me that you aren't a "graphic whore" henceforth.....I challenge you.

BLU Ray discs look 3d on this TV without the idiotic glasses. Every image is crystal clear and POPS ...
BUY THIS OR SOME 4K TV. Watching this TV is a revelation and has altered TV watching for me forever. The difference between 1080 HD tv and 4K tv is just as dramatic as the difference between standard def tv and 1080. BLU Ray discs look 3d on this TV without the idiotic glasses. Every image is crystal clear and POPS off the screen with a depth on the soundstages that is absolutely incredible to look at. On this TV, images are so clear and well-defined that it is a lot like watching a live play, with actors on a stage, from a front row seat. Wait til you see old black and white movies off Turner Classic at this resolution - the actors look like full-bodoed 3d PEOPLE and not just moving pictures. There is a depth in the images I am watching now that you have never seen before, not even in the movies on the big screen. This TV is amazing and well worth the price if you can do it.

Don't listen to the naysayers talking about the lack of 4k content. Who cares? Apparently, what they do with existing content is to reprogram it so that when it appears on the screen, it is not full 4k HD, but it is WAAAAAY better than 1080. The improvement is obvious and remarkable. Sports broadcasts are another highlight, with clarity and detail that make it look as if you are IN the park or standing by the green watching Rory putt. You don't need "real 4k" to see real life on your screen. Its here.

Oh, and I am just some schlubb from outside of Philadelphia, not a schill for Samsung. This is just a great product. Period.

Very Pleased With Mine
Very pleased with this set. Excellent picture, user friendly controls. I'm especially enjoying the ability to get Internet on one screen while watching TV on the other---and switch back and forth. Needed a router signal booster, as the TV is downstairs and the router upstairs. It cost only $25.00. Not Samsung's fault. We now have three Samsung TV's. I've had no problems with any of them and am happy with all of them. I'm convinced they're the best make---for typical residential consumers, anyway. A little glitch I had was having to get some kind of a special program to share the pictures and things in my computer with the new Samsung because my computer is an Apple MAC and the new TV is set up to do this sharing with PC's. I'm told it's a minor matter. Can't speak to video games as I don't do them. Everything considered, I give it 4.5 stars---the MAC/PC issue being the only flaw. Incidentally, the free Samsung technical support was also excellent. The guy spoke clear American English and gave me as much time as I wanted.

Five Stars
like it 60 htz at 4k makes a decent gaming moniter

Five Stars
nice TV

Five Stars
but the smart controller didnt come with it

Excellent gaming, low input lag, great picture!
Just got the 40" today and am so far quite impressed. It's mainly used for Xbox one gaming and I'm experiencing very low input lag and no motion blurring whatsoever. I checked out 4k Netflix through the smart hub app and 4k looks amazing through the minimal content that's available currently but I didn't buy this set to watch shows or movies that's what my panasonic 65 zt60 is for. While I'm absolutely blown away by the picture quality of the zt60 after seeing 4k in my home on this Samsung I'm starting to think about selling my zt60 and getting a 75" ultra HD from Samsung or Sony but I don't know if I can give up the amazing picture on the ZT. I am going to seriously consider it though. Anyways I'm still messing around with the settings to dial them in on the 4k Samsung and the picture keeps getting better the more I tweak things. The magic remote works very well once you get used to it and the quad core processor makes switching from apps and settings, etc. very fast. The blacks are pretty impressive for an led set much better than the local dimming LG LM7600 that the Samsung replaced. I'll add updates if anything new comes to mind or if I experience any negatives but so far none to speak of. 5 out 5 definitely. Very good product from Samsung who I said I would never buy another TV from after my last Samsung (5 year ago LCD) had nothing but problems but this set has made me start to reconsider that so far.

Amazing picture quality
Picture is amazing and system is easy to navigate.

Amazing 4K TV
Update: Samsung support sucks. OnlineShopDealer please replace my 45 day old useless TV

Update: After 45 days of use, TV is now giving me issues, where is lowers the volume and then a few seconds later a humming noise appears and then the TV automatically reboots itself and it continues to do so. I have tried unplugging the TV, resetting the settings and the issue still occurs. Pretty disappointed as the TV is great and since it was 15 days after the OnlineShopDealer 30 day period, now I have to deal with Samsung. I would prefer if OnlineShopDealer would just replace the TV since it is relatively new. Hoping I don't have to go through hoops and misery to have Samsung replace, I do not want an attempted fix, I want a replacement.

Amazing TV, love the picture quality and features. Purchased the 40" for my bedroom and I am so happy with my decision for this model. Always been a huge fan of Samsung TV's (I currently own 4 in my house). I haven't tested with an actual 4K content, but playing HD movies via my desktop and Blu-Ray movies via PS4, looks phenomenal, although I still need to tweak the picture settings a bit more, but using the default settings looks amazing already. Definitely make the purchase, if your hesitant. I am already considering purchasing a 75" for my living room .... oh happy days.


Technical data

  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz (Native); 240 Clear Motion Rate (Effective)
  • Backlight: LED (Edge-Lit)
  • Smart Functionality: Yes - Voice Control & Motion Control (camera accessory sold separately)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 48.8'' x 28.3'' x 2'', TV with stand: 48.8'' x 30'' x 10.8''
  • Inputs: 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 Component In, 1 Composite AV In
  • Accessories Included: Smart Touch Remote


Product Description

•Refresh Rate: 60Hz (Native); 240 Clear Motion Rate (Effective) •Backlight: LED (Edge-Lit) •Smart Functionality: Yes - Voice Control & Motion Control •Inputs: 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 Component In, 1 Composite AV In •Accessories Included: Smart Touch Remote

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