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Finaly I found some cabinet locks that don't stink
Update: Six months later and these locks are still golden. I noted that somebody indicated that they do not lock..... WHAT?...... person must of installed the latch plate backwards or something. These are less sensitive to installation than any of the others I installed previously. Frustration with door locks went from high to low with these locks.


I ended up buying these from a different retailer because OnlineShopDealer was out of stock.

This review is based upon installing and initial use. If I any problems are arise with wear and tear I'll update the review. This is a newer design as of the start of 2011.

As with any cabinet lock never store toxic chemicals or dangerous items at a level your kid can get at regardless if you have good locks or not. Keep chemicals/knives on the counter top away from the edges for a few years.

After trying four different brands (read my miserable review on another of Safety 1st's cabinet lock models) and experiencing everything from difficult installation, difficult daily use, weak materials that break, and security that my toddler can bypass I finally found a lock that I really like.

These were the easiest to install. They do not allow the cabinet to open at all (my daughter could unlock the kind that you open the cabinet a small amount and then push the hook down) which also saves fingers. They are extremely easy to open granted you need to use the unlock magnet, but it is very effective and easily disables the latch if brought in rough proximity of the latch.

One of my most favorite features is the disable. If I'm cooking and want in and out of the cabinets I can push a button and the lock will be disabled until I enable it. A few times I pulled the cheap hook models apart because I was cooking and flying around the kitchen and you forget or get mad trying to push down the plastic latch while your fish is burning and your hands are dirty. The disable feature could be a safety issues if you leave Plutonium under the sink and forget to enable the lock after cooking a gourmet meal. This is mitigated by my statement that you should never leave stuff at the kid's level that will kill them if for some reason they disable your lock (this model or any other model) and you are not around. I see all cabinet locks as a way to keep me from having to put everything back in the cabinets after my kid tears them apart, NOT a secure way to keep paint thinner at floors level near my kids.

My only complaint is the screws that are supplied could be a little easier to start. If the screws had a sharper tip (like you see used in sheet metal) one could install them with a screwdriver only. I was still able to install the screws with out pre-drilling but I've done lots of screwing and installing in my lifetime. A different screw selection could of made the process easier. That being said these were the easiest to install of all the models I purchased.

Edit: If you want to make your life MUCH easier buy a small supply of "self piercing sheet metal screws" of the proper length and buy the matching 1/4 nut driver. The screws will be a little tight in the slots of the lock, but they install much easier.



I bought two sets of 8 (9 pcs counts the magnet) so I have two magnets at either end of my kitchen. They sell a set with 4 (5 pcs with magnet) as well.

A short snubby screwdriver is needed to install on drawers.

the BEST magnetic lock system!
First, let me tell you that magnetic locks are by far the best locking system to keep kids out of unwanted cabinets/drawers. I tried all types of magnetic locks & ended up purchasing these for all my cabinets & drawers. Unlike Tot Locks that need to be drilled, these are super easy to install if you follow the guide provided (see youtube installation video). These install as easy as Kidco magnetic locks but better value! These can be installed anywhere on the drawer (top, bottom, whatever) but Kidco uses it's own weight to keep locks latched so it has to be installed on the top only. Also, kidco locks take up a lot of room in drawers while these do not. The best deal is buying these at Babies R Us with a 20% off coupon.

Fairly easy to install and works very well
I bought this product based on the one and only review with 5 stars from another parent looking for the best child proofing devices for the house. I am very pleased with the results. This is a solidly built product that is fairly easy to install. The package comes with a template for each lock that allows you to line up the holes without having to use a measuring tape. This saves a lot of time. The best thing about this lock is that it keeps the cupboard doors shut very tight. This eliminates the possibility for children to pinch their fingers or reach into the opening that you would normally get with a latch type lock system. Also, since the lock requires a special key to unlock, there's no concern that children will understand how the lock system works to unlock it by themselves.

I even installed this on our Lazy Susan cupboard with no problem.

The instructions for the template suggests that you mark the holes with a pencil and then drill. To save some time, you can just drill through the template holes right away and then screw in the lock. Since you get a template for each lock that comes in the package there's no worry that you'll ruin the template for the next lock. The first lock took a little time to install, but after that I was able to install locks on the cupboard doors in under 10 minutes per lock.

I like the installation and operation
I'm a grandparent and I needed to protect some cabinets from my visiting granddaughter, but I hate those hook type catches because you have to deal with them forever or until you remove them. These magnetic hooks have an ON/OFF feature that makes them perfect for the occasional visits. Installation is made relatively easy by the template with double sided sticky tape that allows you to properly locate the latch and the catch. My only complaint is the stick tape isn't sticky enough and the template has a tendency to come off too easily.

I could complain about install, BUT......
They're just too cool to complain about the install. I will comment on it though : )

The install SUCKS on the first one. Once you have it figured out though it's not SO bad. This is especially true if all your cabinets are the same and installed the same. All our guests can't figure out how to open them and then I hide the key in my hand and open it and they freak out trying to find the hidden switch. As for the boys getting into the cupboards....not so much anymore. Highly recommended if you can get through the install. BTW, they do give you really cool tabs with two sided sticky tape on them to facilitate finding where to drill holes/etc. They DO work very well.

Awesome child-proofing system, worth the effort to install
My ten month old son just figured out how to open up the kitchen cabinets this week, so I ordered these from OnlineShopDealer and was able to install them today.

Many reviewers have complained about the installation process, and while it takes some effort, it's not an insurmountable task. I did it by myself, though an extra set of hands might be helpful, if only to hand you supplies as you work. After you get the first one in, the rest are actually pretty simple to install. You will need a drill with a 7/64 bit to pre-drill the screw holes (there's not really a way around that part), but you can install the hardware with a screwdriver and the screws provided in the packaging without any problems. I also really appreciated the installation guides included with the locks - you get one guide for each lock that will temporarily stick to the cabinet frame and then again to the door. Don't bother marking the holes with a pencil to drill - just go right through the paper.

I was worried when I ordered these that they would not install well since our cabinets have no center dividers (they are two doors, side-by-side with no center wood piece), but the locks are actually quite versatile and can work with the locking mechanism pointed up or pointed to the side. Just keep in mind that each door and drawer will take a single lock, so count accordingly. The package I ordered had eight, so I have four cabinets (with two doors each) finished and installed.

I ran out of locks before I could try these out on any drawers, but I'm ordering more and will update this review if things go awry.

These locks are so fantastic!
I ordered 36 of the other child locks and they are complete junk compared to these! I don't have children, but if I did I would want these locks. I have these locks on cabinets on a rental property that I keep some of my personal items in. They are not just for child safety. They are great because the locks are hidden and people cannot figure how they open. The secret is in the magnetic key. This brand's key is very strong and works even through thick doors. The other brand has a weak key which is hard to open the locks. The other amazing feature is the push button to keep the lock open when you don't want to lock the cabinet or drawer. The other brand has a poorly made red handle that never stays in place and the cabinets lock when you don't want them to. The Safety 1st brand solves that problem with the pushbuttons. I use these in 3 homes now and I love them. Do not buy the other brand, only buy the Safety 1st brand as they are the best built, and work the best. Very strong and sturdy on even some of the hardest cabinet doors to lock. Installation is a breeze also.

If you have the money and time, look no further! These rock!
I purchased this to keep my 1 year old out of all our lower cabinets. They have worked flawlessly!

Pros -

Completely baby proof - Without a key, they can NOT be opened. It also keeps fingers from getting squished.

Disable feature - You can disable the locking mechanism. Baby asleep? Need to empty dishwasher? Just disable and open without key.

Extremely adjustable - They provide some wiggle room when getting the positions just right to ensure a tight and secure fit.

Reusable - Sadly I installed one of them in the wrong location. I was easily able to remove and reuse everything. Even the templates.

Secure hold - If you install them properly, they have no wiggle room and can take a 1 1/2 year old yanking on it.

Pictured directions - Being able to see the parts and placements REALLY helped.

Cons -

Pricey - Worth it if you can afford it.

Longer initial install time - The first few took a while to figure out. Once I had about 4 or 5 under my belt, I started moving through them pretty fast.

Instructions kinda confusing - Instructions were almost too detailed. A bit overwhelming, but I figured it out.


I installed a total of 16 of these things so I feel I have a good grasp on setting them up. Here are some tips:

1) Set aside enough time to do them all at one time. I wouldn't want to do these 2 at a time. You get in a rhythm after a few! Keep going.

2) PLAN WHERE YOU WANT THEM BEFORE YOU START DRILLING! The first set I installed weren't where I wanted them to be. Be sure to put them all in the same spot so you'll remember where they can. You cannot see where they are once you install them and close the cabinet.

3) Have both a power drill with small drill bit and phillips screwdriver. You will need the power drill and drill bit to make the initial install holes. Then you'll use phillips to install the screws. You'll want to hand tighten the screws.

4) Tighten the screws just enough for the pieces to hold their position. Then test it out. You will want to slide each piece into just the right place before really tightening them. If you're patient, you'll get a lock that both falls into place with a normal close AND that doesn't give any slack.

5) Be aware that if you are not careful, the locks will move around as you screw them tight. Hold them steady to keep them in the right place.

6) Buy extra keys if you need too. We have one for each of the 3 rooms we have these locks installed. We purchased 2 8-piece sets and 1 extra key. Totally worth the investment. Keys stick to anything metal... Higher up on a fridge is a really good place for the kitchen one. Just be aware that they are extremely powerful and could scratch a surface if you just slap it up there.

I would buy these again and highly suggest them to you if you are in the baby proofing business!

Just what we were looking for
I'm no carpenter but a drill, tape, screw driver and some common sense made installation go smoothly. It does command some time I'll admit but As a mom I appreciate the complexity of this deterrent for my child :) I also like that he cannot open the doors enough even to smash his fingers like with the push down lever type locks. Also really appreciate that it can be left unlocked too as I fly around the kitchen prepping meals for the week on Sunday afternoons. Key does not actually have to touch cabinet just get very very close so doors don't get scratched! While we're discussing aesthetics, love that these locks are not visible!

Well worth the piece of mind for kid safety & adults with Memory issues
We used them to lock the knife drawer, medicine cabinet, spice cabinet & arts & crafts supplies for peace of mind. They are wonderful & discrete. I love that they can be self locking or locked open. We typically unlock them all in the morning & then click them back to auto lock before bed, except for the medicine cabinet, which always stays closed & locked. In a pinch we used a magnetic vehicle hide-a-key box to unlock the cabinet I locked the 'key' in. Replacement rare earth magnets (the unlocking key) are not cheap. These were not the easiest to install, but much more secure than latch tabs & other styles of cabinet locks. They worked equally well for drawers & cabinets. Not just for kids, they are discrete and work for keeping anyone, including adults out of drawers & cabinets. My Grandma just thinks the drawer is stuck & looks elsewhere and we know she's only taken the Medications she is supposed to have each day.


Technical data

  • Includes 8 locks and 1 powerful magnetic key
  • Disengages for periods of non-use
  • Fits most cabinets and drawers


Product Description

Keep cabinets and drawers off limits to little ones with the Complete Magnetic Locking System by Safety 1st. Simply install the lock inside a desired cabinet or drawer, then use the powerful magnetic key to open when needed. They key is easy to store high up and out of reach from curious children. This item includes 8 locks for a variety of destinations and a magnetic key to fit them all.

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