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InstaNatural Retinol Serum - With 2.5% Retinol, 20% Vitamin C, 10% Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E - Anti-Aging Serum For Face - 1 OZ

Customer Reviews

Another hit from Instanatural...loving the way my skin looks.
Have enjoyed using this serum. I do love InstaNatural products, and have had only good experience with their products. Yes retinol products are great anti-aging products, but this serum is great for anyone wanting better skin. In the past I would only use retinol products at night, but I can use this product in the morning and at night. Instanatural Retinol serum hydrates my skin, and helps my skin to retain that moisture. Noticed that my skin looks younger, and fresher. Oh this serum has an amazing citrus scent. My skin just drinks up this serum. Let me share with you a few of the key ingredients: 2.5% retinol, 20% vitamin c, 10% hyaluronic acid & fruit & plant acids.

I apply the serum to clean, dry skin. Use about 4 small drops to cover my face & neck. I gently pat it into for at least two minutes with the tips of my fingers. This ensures that serum full absorbs. Would recommend anyone of any age using this serum. Yes it's an age defying serum, but it's just amazing skin care for anyone wanting healthier looking skin. Do wish that this serum was a bit thicker, but that just a minor issue.

Did receive this product for free in exchange for an honest & fair review. The thoughts in this review are my own.

After spending thousands of dollars on my face ..
I've always been really careful, picky to choose what to put on my face . I have almost used all top line Cosmatic brands from swiss, Japan and USA. I've to say higher price normally guarantees good quality including fancy packaging , but doesn't necessary mean always work since everyone has different concerns. So after I've heard so Much good about retinol and vitamin c serum from DR. Ozi Oprah show and other beauty sources, I decided to give a try ... I've been used this serum for about 2 weeks . I couldn't tell a very noticeable difference which is normal because any products need 2/3 months to see a result. And no Cosmatic products are magic unless plastic surgery !! I'm still very happy with it , it's so easy to absorb , smell great like orange . And the company sent you email regarding all the instructions which is very nice ! Somehow I feel my dark spots are getting lighter , stil need more time to see but I could tell my skin overall is slowly turning brighter , i am buying again and definitely recommend this products to my family and friends .

I LOVE serums, add retinol and I am thrilled!!
I recently discovered how incredibly beneficial serums can be for my skin, and I’m NEVER EVER turning back! This time, I got to try this Age-Defying Retinol Serum from Instanaturals!

In case you didn’t know, I LOVE instanaturals products. So far, I haven’t found a single one that I don’t like. This is cruelty-free, made in the USA, and comes with a 100% lifetime satisfaction money back guarantee! You can’t go wrong!

Retinol has boundless benefits! Use this serum to protect against the signs of aging with our powerful Retinol Serum that helps reduce the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, dark circles, hyper pigmentation, and more! This potent blend of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Green Tea antioxidants work together to help repair damaged skin around the face, eyes, and neck.

I really love the way that this feels on my skin! It also smells so nice, like oranges! It seems like an oil, but it doesn’t leave my skin greasy at all, which is good, because for my face, grease=acne! I use this after cleansing and exfoliation, and BEFORE I use my moisturizers! Make sure to let your face dry after each and every step to avoid any flaking!

My skin feels and looks clearer, and more even toned. I would recommend this to ANYONE who’s looking for a skin rejuvenator!
I recently found out that retinol is NOT good for those with facial tattoos (like permanent makeup)…so if that’s you, I suggest staying away from this!
I received this serum for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own, and based on MY personal use. I was not told what to say, only asked to give an honest review based on my own experience with the product.

Skin feels great!
Lately I have noticed that my skin is kinda dull, and lifeless looking.

Instanatural sent me this Retinol Serum in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I have used their products before and have been very pleased with the results. This one was no exception. I have been using it for almost 2 weeks now. When I first started using the product, I only used it at night. I was unsure how my skin would react to having the new product on. It did well. So I started applying it in the morning, before applying my make-up, and then again at night, after I showered.

I do caution that using this in the summer months, you will want to use suncreen. Retinol can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, and will cause your face to burn quickly.

The serum absorbs quickly into your skin, and doesn't leave your face feeling oily or greasy. It left my face feeling soft and silky. I felt like my skin was more clear, and I had noticed that my acne scars were less noticable. The serum also helped with the dark circles under my eyes.

I was very happy with the results I received from using this serum, and will most certainly be sure to continue using it.

Age-Defying Retinol Serum
I have used a number of products from InstaNatural's and have had good luck with them. I recently tried this Age-Defying Retinol Serum. It contains a proprietary blend of antioxidants and nutrients that nourishes your skin while helping it to look younger and healthier. The serum contains Retinol (Vitamin A), which is an antioxidant that protects against free-radical damage that causes your skin to look and feel older. It is highly effective in reversing the appearance of sun damage and signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and rough texture. Vitamin C works synergistically to aid in this process of repairing and restoring damaged skin, while also stimulating new healthy skin to appear. Meanwhile, Hyaluronic Acid traps moisture in the skin to prevent further loss so you can enjoy a younger looking appearance with firmer, plumper skin.

What I like about this InstaNatural's Age-Defying Retinol Serum was that it contained 3 different key ingredients that I had in the past used 3 products for. This contains the the Vitamin A, C and Hyaluronic Acid. It was easy to use and you just needed a small amount to distribute over your clean and dry skin. My skin just soaked up the serum. I could use it both in the morning and at night while I slept. If your skin is sensitive you may want to just use it at night to start with.

What results did I see? Softer skin, less wrinkles, firmer skin and yes younger looking skin. It didn't happen overnight but with daily use. I am sure I will see more improvements with more use.

Am I ever pleased with my purchase!
I am a new fan! I have been using this for less than a full week and am already seeing improvement in "smoothing out" deep wrinkles. I came across this product by accident, and decided to try it based on the positive reviews, and the fact that the company promises a refund if you are not satisfied. I realize that refund policies are not always honored, but with OnlineShopDealer's return policies and the risk of negative feedback online, I felt confident in ordering it. Am I ever pleased with my purchase! Truthfully, I really thought the price was too cheap for it to be any good (maybe, I should not write that because they will raise the price)! It feels very soothing on my skin, and I have noticed that it even quickly heals minor blemishes, which was not a stated benefit. At first, I was concerned that it might irritate my skin because of some of the feedback, but that is not the case - and, I do have very sensitive skin. I don't know how much the wrinkles with continue to "smooth out" but I will definitely keep using it to give it time to work its magic. I intend to try some of their other products that might benefit my skin. When I finish this first bottle, I will update this review with the results that I have, or have not, had. So far, so good.

Highly Quality for an Affordable Price With Reliable Results.
I love using new skincare products, and have been using new skincare products ever since I got into skincare years ago. I used to be a massive makeup junkie, but I have learned that without a reliable, good skincare routine, you can't achieve the best results with the way your makeup looks.

This Retinol Serum InstaNatural moisturizes and essentially feeds the skin of such nutrients that I have never experienced before in a Retinol Serum. The quality doesn't compare with the price tag this vile of Retinol Serum carries. We all should be paying several hundreds of dollars for this extensive overall quality, yet we are only paying under twenty five dollars. If you can afford to invest the money in this specific Retinol Serum, order a few bottles because I don't think we will ever find another Retinol Serum with such superior quality at such an affordable price.

Pair with the Retinol Moisturizer and you'll be bound for a perfected skincare regime.

Great serum!
I love this serum it is not to thick and it goes on smooth and it is not sticky it also absorbs fast into your skin and makes your skin look more radiant and you will see in about 2 weeks that it is working I am very glad that I got to review this serum as always wash your face first the you use a toner and then you use your serum and then your moisturizer that is the correct order to use your products I am a big fan of serums as they do work and are a life saver if people used serums first they would not need that botox which is poison that is being injected into your face I say try this serum before you go and spend all that money and feel all that pain I do recommend this serum and the company does a good job answering questions and communication and my serum came to me in one piece they did a great job with packaging it very happy with the serum

So awesome!
I received a wonderful Retinol Serum from Instanatural in exchange for an honest review. This product is great! I've tried several kinds of anti-aging products but this one really stands out because of the Retinol serum! The product has a gel-like consistency and comes with a pump top so it is super easy to use! This serum doesn't leave skin shiny like a lot of other serums witch is really awesome. I've had no issues or complaints about this product and really enjoyed using it.

Since I am only 25 I don't really have any major aging issues with my skins but the experts always say that you should start an anti-aging regimen early for the best results. I would totally recommend this serum to anyone looking for a good anti-aging product.

I love serums, especially vitamin C
I love serums, especially vitamin C. I am not normally a huge fan of retinol, I always feel like its something for aged skin and I am still in my twenties. I have been using this serum in place of my regular vitamin c serum for about two weeks now and am happy with the results. My skin feels tighter and looks great, youthful and radiant. The serum absorbs quickly and has no unpleasant scent.


  • 2.5% Retinol Protection - Protect against the signs of aging with InstaNatural's powerful Retinol Serum that helps reduce the appearance of sun damage, deep wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and more.
  • For a Smooth & Even Complexion - Soften blemishes, clear pores and remove dirt, grime and dead facial skin with a combination of Witch Hazel, Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid that leaves your face feeling clean and renewed.
  • Supercharge Your Skin with Powerful Antioxidants - InstaNatural's potent blend of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Green Tea antioxidants work together to help repair damaged skin around the face, eyes and neck. Apply day and night for best results.
  • Offers Superior Hydration - Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, with moisturizing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Organic Jojoba Oil. Provides long-lasting hydration for softer, youthful-looking skin. Made in USA - Cruelty Free.
  • Manufacturer Guarantee - InstaNatural is proud to back their products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy, no matter where you buy the products. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, please contact InstaNatural for a refund - no questions asked.


Our Age-Defying Retinol Serum has an abundance of antioxidants and nutrients that will help your face feel firm, youthful and renewed. - Packed with 2.5% of Retinol that protects against free-radical damage, helps reverse the appearance of sun damage and the telltale signs of aging. - Powerful antioxidants that trap moisture to prevent future loss so you can enjoy a more youthful appearance with firmer, plumper skin. - A versatile serum that can be worn under makeup and is also friendly to sensitive skin for daily use, day or night

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