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Vandoren CR194 Bb Clarinet V.12 Reeds Strength 4; Box of 10

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  • Thicker heel with longer palette for more vibration
  • Deep, rich sound with body to the attack due to the thicker tip resulting in longer lasting reeds
  • Also available in other strengths
  • Every reed sealed in 'Flow Pack' to ensure freshness.
  • Can be purchased in 10 pack (cr1925)


For the advanced player. Made from thicker cane, recommended for long facing mouthpieces. V.12 reeds are manufactured from cane tubes of the same diameter as those used for saxophone reeds. This leads to a higher manufacturing cost, as large diameter cane is more rare.V.12 reeds are thicker at each end: Thickness at the tip: .10mm (0.004 inch) Thickness at the heel: 3.15mm (0.124 inches, hence the name V.12) In comparing strengths, a V.12 strength 4 reed is almost equal to a Traditional strength 3 1/2 reed.

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